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The Only Drupal 7 Torrent software on the planet is complete

...except for the bugs, of course. The bugs are mine

This module was built on a dual screen 16GB memory quad core 3.34GHz i7 box that ConCen donors paid ~ 57% of. I chippen in for the dual huge monitor/boss video card that could drive two monitors without choking.

Oh, and help on how to use everything! Why are coders always waiting until the end to write the helpy bits?

Anyone who knows how to install Drupal 7 and a simple module can now run a fully functioning torrent handling site as butt fuggly as this in no time!

OK, jokes aside, now that the hard work is done, it feels like I'm standing on a mountain. The rest will be easy because instead of building a module, all I need to do now is install and test them. There are dozens of excellent modules which are going to make adding and editing content much easier. Other modules will allow us to share political cartoons, quotations, song lyrics, and whatever else you guys can think of.

If it's a Drupal 7 module and you want it on ConCen, let me all know, I'll look at it, test it if it passes the smell test, and if it plays nice with other modules, it'll happen.

Same thing with themes. Post a link to a Drupal theme you like. There's a module which allows a user to switch themes. Sound familiar? If there are enough good themes, and the theme switch module makes it past testing, then personal theming will be back!

What about forum and comment posting? Want a WYSIWYG editor with embeddable pictures, sound or video? There's modules for that too...


RSS Feeds for Torrent Files - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

You are most correct sir. Only slightly less important than a good search.

I noticed the new updates totally broke the already inadequate rss.xml

Talk to me about your dream ConCen feeds (info, format). I can make it happen now. Get really technical. I can hack it.

Would you like a custom feed capability?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, I need to remind you that the standard site will always be handled by Drupal for a bunch of reasons. But that can be customised if necessary to provide extra info for torrents (which are just nodes that have lots of extra info). As you know, a good XML parser will ignore fields it doesn't know.

Then there is of course the torrent feed, which is being produced but unpublished because it's broken ATM. It's a conflict over what info Drupal thinks is available to anonymous users vs. logged in.

There are 2 feeds on the site: <- just torrents <- everything

Let me know if they're still broken. They look fine now from over here.

I don't know much about it, but thanks for doing it.