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NOVA - Lost Treasures of Tibet

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"NOVA travels to the Mustang region in Nepal where a small group of Westerners are working with local townspeople to preserve murals on monastery walls.

The program:
- explores the village of Lo Monthang where the way of life has remained the same for the past 500 years.

- discusses Mustang's importance as a last stronghold of Tibetan culture, which was mostly destroyed when China invaded Tibet in the 1950s.

- focuses on the preservation of paintings on the walls of a monastery in Lo Monthang.

- explores the dynamics between Western preservationists and the citizens of Lo Monthang.

- examines the importance of Buddhism in Tibetan culture and the key role the monasteries play in town politics and education.

- documents techniques used by visiting specialists to preserve the monasteries and their paintings.

- shows the technology used by locals to repair the monasteries.

- compares the Renaissance periods that took place simultaneously, yet independently of one another, in Europe and Tibet. ,"

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