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NOVA - Holocaust Escape Tunnel

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For centuries, the Lithuanian city of Vilnius was one of the most important Jewish centers in the world, earning the title "Jerusalem of the North," until the Nazis destroyed it. About 95% of its Jewish population of Vilna, its name in Hebrew and Yiddish, was murdered and its synagogues and institutions were reduced to ruins. The Soviets finished the job, paving over the remnants of Vilna's famous Great Synagogue, for example, so thoroughly that few today know it ever existed. Now, an international team of archaeologists are trying to recover this lost world. They will excavate the remains of its Great Synagogue and uncover one of Vilna's greatest secrets: a lost escape tunnel dug by Jewish prisoners inside a horrific Nazi execution site.

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Even today it so hard to think how something so sinister as the Nazi Holocaust came to be. What humans can do to humans and justify it is out of this world. There are holocaust on the run today, energetic and quite alive. No eyes to see, no hearts to feel. We may thank the imperial powers, old and new for the contemporary social and massacres of today. They do not call it
"Holocaust any more"; they are called "humanitarian crisis", "collateral damage" and "political correctness". Perhaps you can throw-in "climate change", "immigrant crisis" and "white supremacy". Oh! almost forgot: you may throw "works of the devil" in the milieu!