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NOVA - Ghosts of Machu Picchu

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Nova examines the ruins of Machu Picchu and tries to unravel what happened there.

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Who built it, and for what? Mysteries from a lost history of mankind. Some say that the official history given to us is a lie. But today as a researcher I know that new bearings point to ancient civilizations described in the annals of the ancients and mystery schools of Egypt. Even the Bible atest to the existence of a race of giants in the Earth, both anti-diluvian and post-diluvian.
Also mention multiple races in other lands and "lost continents". Why the official academic insistence in denying or being oficially blind to our past? Examples? Just almost recently late Dr. John Mack went thru hell in Harvard where he was professor because of his research in alien abductions. He was almost destroyed by the "academy".

I started watching the debunking video. At around the 7.30 min mark he talks about stone-cutting. Archeologists do not know how they made the "scoop" marks in the stone. They think they made them with pounding stone, but it is not easily done even on sandstone. Take some hard stone and stat pounding on sandstone and try. I do not support the ancient aliens theory at all, but I also do not believe the standard story about stone and copper tools. I think there has been more zivilizations on this Earth that we do not know anything else about then some large weathered stone building remains. That has been built upon again at later times. What tools or methods they used is still unknown. This debunking video is just about as sure of itself as the Ancien Aliens series is. I believe in mankind and its genious innoventions. No one knows how they built the large ancient monuments around the world. It is all theories.

I think there has been several advanced civilizations on this planet. Ice ages and flooding have totally destroyed everything under the ice. There has been times in the Earths history with much more Co2 in the atmosphere. Life on earth loved it and was much bigger than today when we actually are running low on Co2. I think they had some way of making stones soft. Maybe with some now unknown chemical made of plants. Plants which may not excist today. But I do not know. Just like mainstream science that does not know. Sadly I do not think we will ever figure it out. What is interesting today is that archaoelogists today are starting to dig deeper than they did 10 or 20 years ago. They find several feet of nothing before they start to find stuff that should not be there according to mainstream science. The Topper site in Allendale County, South Carolina is one such site.