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No Chemtrail Sky - Clouds Over England in 1969

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No Chemtrail Sky - Clouds Over England in 1969

I’ve always been intrigued by those strange cloud formations called chemtrails, but I was never quite sure whether this was just in my mind or whether it was for real.

After all, the suggestive power of the group mind is enormous, and when many people see something then we have the tendency to also see it - even if it's not there. Just think of the UFO phenomenon with so many false positives.

But do we see it now because it hasn't been there before or because we just haven't paid any attention to it beforehand?

There is no doubt in my mind that the elite is immoral enough to spray us with poison, but the mere fact that they have no moral inhibitions isn't necessarily a proof for chemtrails.

The real problem lies in the fact that we cannot really remember how the sky looked like before the age of chemtrails, if they do exist at all. Either we don't remember the natural sky simply for the reason that we haven't been alive before the chemtrail-era, simply because we have never known a sky free from chemtrails.

Or maybe we simply have never paid any close attention to the sky, because it's rather boring, just clouds and birds and some planes, and unless you're interested in meteorology or maybe ornithology or air-shows, you couldn't care less.

But with the possible advent of chemtrails, people's interest in the sky above has increased dramatically - now they do watch the sky very carefully and they wonder if those strange cloud formations have always been there before or if they are a novel phenomenon.

Personally, I simply cannot remember how the sky looked like 20 years back in Switzerland where I live.

Therefore I've asked myself, what we can do to solve this riddle in an unbiased and fair way.

After all, this isn't about proving that chemtrails exist or don't exist, this is about truth only.

To solve this problem, I have been looking for quite some time for an old film showing many cloud formations, a film in color and a film that was shot well before the possible chemtrail phenomenon.

If chemtrail-skies are really just the outcome of normal cloud formations or the effect of some contrails, then this would mean that back then the sky looked the way it looks today.

But if on the other hand chemtrail-spraying is being done to fundamentally change the meteorological system of planet earth, or changes the meteorological system as a side effect of some other unknown purpose, then we could deduce from this that the sky would have to look very different today.

I have chosen the classic movie "The Battle of Britain" done in 1969. Obviously since the film is dealing with air-fights over England in World War II, we can see a lot of sky there.

In World War II there were no contrails, of course, since they had just started building the very first jet-planes but they did exist in 1969 when this film was made.

This film is an excellent source since it isn't dealing with clouds as such, it never intended to show us clouds, clouds are just there as a side effect so to say, and therefore there's no hidden agenda here.

It's rather unlikely that in a film of 1969 there are subliminal suggestions relating to cloud formations. In 1969 the elite and their movie makers weren't as insane as they are today.

Of course the story line of the movie as such is pure propaganda. You know, good versus evil.

It's probably fair to say that even the most ardent supporters of the chemtrail phenomenon will have to admit that back in 1969 there were no chemtrails present in the sky.

Therefore I've run this film through my image processor and created around 7500 screen-shots. From these screen-shots I've selected those images showing the sky or clouds.

Now bear in mind that I didn't merely choose those pictures I liked, I've also chosen pictures showing an ugly sky or strange clouds, basically I've chosen everything having any relevance.

I haven't included any pictures of chemtrails, because this torrent isn't really about chemtrails as such. You have seen many of them before, or sadly enough, you just have to look out of your window.

The idea behind this project is to give you back your lost memories of how the sky used to look like, to give you a frame of reference to make your own unbiased evaluations of the sky above your head in present time.

Let us use the past to evaluate the present.

Isn't it sad that we have to resort to old movies now to remember how the sky once looked like? Personally I've found these pictures to be rather shocking, it felt like seeing something very familiar and yet very unusual at the same time, something long gone like from an old painting.

And when have you seen one of those deep dark blue skies the last time? Do you remember?

And as far as I know, in the US it's even worse than in Switzerland. But we do have chemtrails here, I can assure you. Talk about neutral countries...