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'Nina' - NHS medical receptionist speaks out on Covid vaccine adverse reactions

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'Nina' - NHS medical receptionist speaks out on Covid vaccine adverse reactions
Published by James Delingpole on May 15th, 2021.

James talks to the receptionist of a large NHS medical practice.

She tells him the true shocking story about adverse reactions to the 'jab'.

Please note - Nina's name has been changed and her voice has been altered to protect her identity.

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My friends and family do not know of anybody that has gotten coronavirus, yet. But we do know of somebody who got the blood clots from the AstraZeneca vaccine! I don't know what that says - it's apparently rare. But it certainly makes me think twice...

In the UK they have the Yellow Card system which is used to record Covid Vaccine adverse events (same kind of thing as VAERS).

The UK Column have been looking at Yellow Card data for a few months now, noting that it was very difficult to report on. So, they created their own front-end which pulls out the adverse event data so it’s easier to read and query.

I know that just because a report is logged in Yellow Card does not mean the jab is responsible, but I think the numbers suggest something definitely isn’t right, and the alarm bells should be going.

But there is no talk about this in the UK mainstream media and from what I can gather no real investigation into any of these reports.