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Netti pots

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Netti pots

any particular recommendations on whether to get ....
premixed saline in bottles
the multi packs of "netti salt"
Big bag of salt without anti caking agent
big bag of finely powdered pink himalayan salt
the sterilised sea salt solutions


I don't see the benefit
haven't seen any science
probably something Gwyneth Paltrow would like

What are you wanting to fix? Probably vitamins will do a better job.

oh dear

getting petty. there's much proven bebefits in clearing your sinuses, especially with allergies and such.
have a look at these lovely lovely links that show the evidence.
it's evidence nice?


just trolling.

I would go for Reishi and Chaga instead, that sort of thing. Whole food Vitamin C like Camu Camu etc. Blackseed Oil.

Much better to leave the body to work these things out for itself, give it what it needs to do so. It creates a balance according to your body chemistry, the last thing you want to do is turn that balance over once a day.

Big time pink Himalayan salt,

Big time pink Himalayan salt, so many benefits, iodine....avoid the rest, especially sterilized

much health

the advice

my doctor gave was to use a netti pot once a day for a week to clear the sinuses then do it once a week as a maintenance sorta thing.
I have had a fair few people say about the himalayan salt due to the minerals also naturally present in it.
the sterimar(sterlised sea water with added minerals) that i was first given did do a bit but the doct reckons that regular irrigation of the sinuses is what's needed to get it cleared then maintain.
I'll give the pink salt a go and hope it doesn't turn me gay like a frog! :P

prime delivery is insane,
got some manuka honey nice and fast... uv disinfection wand... yada yada yada...

manuka honey

is fucking delicious but pretty expensive.

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