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Is it down?


nibs HACKED!
ah shit!

such a reliable group and a constant source of hi quality docs.

rakmeister HACKED!

its back up

post Dec 21 2014, 06:25 PM
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As you may have noticed from the post on twitter the MVGroup server was hacked and backdoored.
As far as we gathered this was done to make the server another zombie in a Spam-Botnet.

Security advises you should always follow:

Don't post any personal details in this (or any) forum. This includes things like when you sign up. You can change your email from your profile.
Don't reuse passwords. Create a new password for every service you use. You can use password managers or free application like KeePass to store and create secure random passwords.
Consider using tools like TorBrowser and proxies when browsing the web. Seedboxes help you with downloading torrents without exposing your IP in the bittorrent swarm.

Any other suggestions or discussion below:

Tools and sites:

TorProject provides the Tor Browser to navigate the web and leaving very few traces. It's not fast though.
KeePass is an open source project which acts as an encrypted password storage. With the cloud extensions you can even share your passwords among many devices (Laptop/Smartphone/PC/etc). It helps you to create safe passwords and reminds you to change them (if you configure it so).
Torrentfreak (Update 2014) made a listing of various Proxy and VPN providers and asked them about their customer privacy.

I will update this list as you post your comments and suggestions

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