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"This Months Astrological Events"

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Interesting reading.

-quote :
...."This Months Astrological Events"..."Sun in Leo" 22nd July to 21st August 2008....Destined Events that WILL change all our lives...From today 22nd July 2008 until 31st August, the planets of Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun all conjoin - they all meet Saturn (planet of destiny) in Virgo and then move to square Pluto (planet of transformation and change) and then all move into star sign of Libra (sign of love, compassion, compromise, fairness and justice).

This will cause a set of destined events to occur in all aspects of our lives; if indeed we are not living the destined life we should be living, then events WILL occur that will make situations occur that WILL CHANGE all our lives to enable everyone to live the life we came to this world to live. This is going to be and exciting Summer of "destiny" ! .......

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Comment: Holy S..T!!! :no: