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Mind Control with Rhythm and Sound [HD-720p] (2013)

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Mind Control with Rhythm and Sound [HD-720p] (2013)

In this little video you will learn how the psychological effect of subliminal and non subliminal words and phrases may be amplified by using the tools of rhythm and sound. In other words: Music is being used together with suggestions in order to make them seem more attractive, to seduce you more effectively and to make the Luciferian deception more convincing. In witchcraft the use of subliminal phrases or subliminal archetypes in conjunction with rhythm and sound is also called "a spell". Most modern songs contain such spells: love spells, death spells, sex spells, murder spells, suicide spells and so on. Occult practice is rampant these days, in the end times, but this dark art is well hidden behind a veil of positive and seemingly harmless appearances, behind the veil of attractive and seducing songs. Cyanide is being mixed with chocolate to make people willingly swallow it and even enjoy it while being poisoned. It can be compared to vaccines which are being sold as something benevolent and helpful but in truth the mercury and aluminum in them ruins your health. Let's call these subliminally infected and rhythmically charged-up songs "psycho-occult vaccinations".

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