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Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting by Gabriel Suarez [AK-47 gun survival]

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Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting by Gabriel Suarez [AK-47 gun survival]


The AK-47/74 series of rifle is one of the most prolific and useful weapons on earth. Close to 100 million have been made in various parts of the world and anyone's chances of encountering these weapons is high. This special course will take a close look at the Kalashnikov Rifle System and teach you to fight with it in both the standard "urban rifle" engagement as well as in the Close Range Gunfighting matrix. This material will have you appreciating the AK platform like no other rifle. It is too simple to be "tactical".

Best-selling author and maverick combat shooting instructor Gabriel Suarez has embraced the Kalashnikov rifle system for its utility, accuracy and ruggedness. In this original Paladin Press production, Suarez teaches you the "caveman simple" skills you need to operate the AK rifle platform and win in a combat environment.

Gabe Suarez is one of the most prolific and controversial weapons and tactics trainers in the world today. He has taught this material all over the world to interested parties including to members of the US Marines.

Suarez addresses the common myths about the AK and explains why it is one of the best weapon choices for urban and close quarters combat. He teaches you about the AK fire control system, proper use of the sling, zeroing the AK and ready/carry positions. Then you will learn about ambidextrous use of the rifle, snap shooting, CQB shooting and the use of the rifle in movement. For information purposes only.



In 2005 Suarez International legitimized the Kalashnikov Rifle as a viable fighting rifle and first choice for American citizens. Soon after that we began teaching classes titled Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting (something every copy-cat school seems to be doing now). A little while after that, the first DVD on the subject came out from Paladin - Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting. "We have never seen anyone run a rifle like that before", were comments often heard.

I can promise you that what we do in this DVD will make any rifle training you have done before seem like a church picnic. Following on the material presented in the first DVD, we add advanced displacement methods, enhanced gun handling to help you run the AK faster and better. We show the incorporation, full speed, of the Pekiti Take Off with a rifle, full speed shoulder transfers, full speed transitions on the run, and a section on the ballistics of the popular AK rifle rounds.

This one will move your AK Combat Skills to a whole new level. For information purposes only.


3) textbooks:

AK-47 US Army Operator Manual.pdf

Gordon L Rottman - The AK-47.pdf

Guns & Ammo - Complete Book of the AK47.pdf

Gunsmithing Made Easy - B Towsley (2006).pdf


comment: I've found this on TPB and I am reseeding this for you concenners on my high-speed seedbox. The AK-47 books and manuals have been added by me. Even if you don't own an AK-47 this training may be quite useful. The AK-47 is an extremely reliable gun and therefore very suited for survival situations. Even a dirty and old AK-47 will go on working and it can be repaired very easily by simple means. If you want to build your own gun from scratch, then the design of an AK-47 is preferable because it's so simple and has very few parts only. Even gunsmiths in Afghanistan with tools like in the Middle Ages can repair one. Sorry guys that we have to deal with guns now, but that's the new reality now, and ignoring reality won't make it any better. Remember what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany - and they didn't have any guns, but we have the NWO-Nazis now.