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Joe Rogan JRE #1757 Robert Malone

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This is the full interview that Joe Rogan had with Dr. Robert Malone.

It is a must see for everybody.

Please seed and send this to everybody you know

Quality is HEVC/AAC 1074x720


The most important interview with Dr. Malone.

How to you rip/download viedeos or anything from spotify? Id like to have all the episodes he has done since he joined spotify.

I can give you good instructions for the Mac, if it brings you joy.
You'll need a lot of disk space and a fat CPU and ideally you'll know how to use the command line.

I am looking forward to someone breaking the Widevine, it would be good to be able to simply download the files. There are various tools that may already work, just I haven't looked into and also they need windows.

All pre-Spotify Rogans are on bittorrent btw.

On the latest OSX Monterey use quicktime player to record the screen from Spotify. In the menu, choose new screen recording and select the area of your choosing.
The file becomes very large for 3h, ca 20GB (.mov). So run the file in handbrake and make a HEVC/H265 file 720 and your'e below 1Gb,
If you have a 4K screen it is no problem to make a 1080 file if you think that is necessary

What I suggest is setting the screen to the resolution you want and doing the whole operation full screen, makes it easier to grab.

I use Soundflower to route sound Output into sound Input.

I forgot to mention that. Good comment

Thanks for this!

Also, if I may make two small codec observations (which is hilarious since I am the least knowledgeable on this topic):

1. I recommend 264 not 265
2. HEVC does not stream well over the net, so I can say from experience that is not web-friendly.

My setup is this: Seedbox --> Plex --> me eyes and ears
I have to pay for a super expensive seedbox to run HEVC through Plex over the web.

shouldn't stream any differently... are you sure it's not just that it needs a -movflags +faststart ?

I can only note that I tried several different Seedbox companies before I selected one (they all offer some kind of refund within a limited time), and the one I am with is the only one that had the processing power to let me play HEVC files on Plex.
Something is up with that dang file

Yeah I don't use plex.

I agree x264 is more widely supported. I can play 1080p x264 easier than 1080p x265 on my 2015 macbook. 720p x265 is fine.

It is very easy to recode the file to x264 using Handbrake.
Download link:

Ok, im not a tech savy and I have old Windows 8.1 with i3 processor. Only solution ive found is to do Screen capture with OBS, but its just not practical.

I finally upgraded my computer. It feels good.

As for JRE, for the foreseeable future the entire archive remains for free on Spotify. There are older archives of his pre-Spotify shows on various torrent sites as well.

On the other hand, I just read this article about the Malone interview: YouTube takes down antivaxx Joe Rogan interview with Dr Robert Malone which likened vaccines to mass psychosis

why do people still listen to this obvious sellout and coward?? he used to be the posterboy for exposing the FAKE moon landing. he then gets a 10 million a year podcast and renegs everything he has ever said against the obvious fraud moon landing. he is even on camera in his question everything show saying he would lie to his mother about the truth of things..............stop supporting these ass wipes and luciferians please...............peace out

Give me NASA's budget, scientists, and a few books on rocketry, I could put you on the moon. On the 3rd or 4th try, for sure.

Joe Rogan is one of few honest operators. His opinions change and he says why.

I thought this was quite good criticism of Rogan, at least grounded in reality.

zoopenhoff wrote:

I thought this was quite good criticism of Rogan, at least grounded in reality.

Many thanks for sharing this. Very thought provoking. Both Joe Rogan and James O'Keefe are in agreement that we need to question big media influencers just as we question the morals of big company CEOs.

In the Joe Rogan/Malone video, around 13:54, Malone says that he was de-platformed from LinkedIn for pointing out that the Chairman of the Board of Thomson-Reuters also sits on the Board of Pfizer.

And while James O'Keefe talks about "big media", and Joe Rogan talks about the "tech narrative", Malone blows it wide open when he says:

"It’s not tech. It’s the horizontal integration across all major industries now under the control of common funds, all of these industries, the harmonization of the tech censorship, the interests of Pharma, big media, et cetera, and governments all being harmonized in their messaging globally. I mean, I travel a lot. I see the same. And I have physicians coming to me all the time about what they’re experiencing. The same playbook is going on every continent."

* * *

JRE is the real deal.

I used to think the one area he was weak in was comedy, but then I found this clip:

Good review of his comedy: