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Israelis peaceful?? hardly

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Israelis peaceful?? hardly

Israeli lynch mob hunting for Arabs -
how nice is that.. hunting down arabs.. for being these people live and work in israel and are not Hamas members.
did you see how they particularly go for taxi drivers???? because a lot of em are Arabs....
ok Zionists try dancing yer "Hasbara Hoopla" to wangle yer way out of these videos....
cheering missiles 1
Israelis cheering during airstrikes -

I think you are right. As

I think you are right. As Holy Juice, they should be role models for peace. Instead, it does seem they are not peaceful at all! It does seem like there is an element of warmongering, materialism, heavy duty capatalism, RACISM, FULL FLEDGE GENOCIDE to exterminate those who have nothing to do with their wolf holocaust, and there seems to be a very high degree of hypocrisy coming from the holy juice in israel and its government. Peaceful, far from it. How do a type of people who are tend to have chararcterisitcs of materialism, capatalism, and genocide tend to be peaceful. That my friend is an oxymoronic assumption... If the Holy juice can go about exterminating little babies, children, women and the elderly in palestine, what is to say that they will not to any other people when these other people have nothing to do with thier supposed holocaust? Prime example is palestine. These dogmatic extremist terrorist do not know how to get along with other people and that by their very actions is extreme racism, the mark of the beast!!!

I am sorry, but these holy juice, so called chosen people (hitler thought its arsenal were chosen special things too), he went down in flames. But Israel and its people are complacent and do enjoy teh spoils of genocide at the expense of their so called souls. Where is the spirit of Israle or its peopel? I think most of these Israalite are simply cattle, brainwashed, racists, and indoctronated to behave like a materialistic capatalist state. Jews who live in Israel, as holy people, lack spirit and swim in decadence and a distorted mental illogical filth...Palestine is a testement to who they are and who they are does not paint a holy or spiritual picture, more like the opposite....

The mark of a good state and people is how well they get along and treat other people that are different from them. Right now, Isreal does not bear the mark of a good people, but the mark of the beast. And so through their beastility and treatment of people that look diffrerent from the white zionist in Israel, it must be noted that they should be particularly watched from every conrner of the earth because Isreal has no honor, runs cold with other people, runs different and their political behavior is full of disgust, dishonor, and a beast like capatalistic beast mentality. Are Jews materialists and capatalist? Hell yea they are and based on that mentality and behavior, it must be noted that its not about being chosen as holy, but chosen as somethng totally different from what they present themselves to be. Granted, we do not include all jews as being inherently evil, but if you are complacent to genocide, in their name, than its not holy jew at all, but a bunch of hyenas exterminating for the candy from those who can't defend themslves. Palestine has the full right to defend against invaders masquarading as holy when its exactly the unholy!!!

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