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Islam Rising: A Call to One World Ummah (Domination) (2009)

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This fast moving presentation powerfully unravels the complexity of Islam as not only a forceful Political Constitution, but an overall, engulfing legal, economic, military, dietary, social and religious system of life. Four forty-minute (approx) programs reveal Islam's founder and prophet Muhammad, his teachings, Islam's 1400 year blood-thirsty history, Islam's contemporary threat and growing impact in the West, and its plan for world domination - Ummah. Renowned authors, authorities on Islam, and former Muslim terrorists, Kamal Saleem, Walid Shoebat and Zachariah Anani present eye-opening information. Three women: former Muslim and Author Nonie Darwish, Arah journalist and Author Brigitte Gabriel, and former convert to Islam, Author W.L.Cati, convey their rich and sobering perspectives. Lecturers and Authors Dr. Ron Carlson, Dr. William Wagner and Dr. Peter Hammond explain the Qur'an's teachings on holy "jihad" war, abuse of women, children and "infidels", polygamy, slavery and cruel and barbaric requirements towards Jews, Christians and all who will not submit to allah, Islam's moon god.
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Ummah is a hebrew word that means "tribe/nation/people/community"
it has never meant "domination" even in an Islamic context.

Nobody is saying Ummah means domination.

Ummah = Community
One World Ummah = Domination

If the community encompasses the entire world, how is that not domination?

it's an Arabic word not hebrew.... means community, which means a nation with common ancestry

into it more if i was you.
it's a Hebrew word adopted into Arabic. that's a simple fact
The plural is Ummot as we can see in the Hebrew of the U.N Ummot Meuhadot = Nations United
check out your local Torah for details ;)

I think they are implying that the community = domination.

what they are implying.
it's using the word outside of it's context and shoe-horning it their world view. same old same old
any one religion can pick at any other religions and always do.
all organised religions are just the same shit with a different wrapper.
while they are fascinating in a comparative sense.. none of that is for me thanks

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I have it on good authority that three is the magic number at which point they start to manage drama themselves.

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