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Insider's Collection - Illuminati Whistleblowers?

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Insider's Collection - Illuminati Whistleblowers?

What would you add to this collection?

These are, in my opinion, the most credible, closest sources to the actual illuminati. Maybe they're not, I'm open to evidence or opinions if insightful.

The story is consistent though - perhaps because they inspired each other, or use the same sources. I think these are essential viewing/listening though.

1967 - Myron Fagan's "Illuminati"
This was originally 3 actual double-sided vinyl LP's.

1968 - Dr Lawrence Dunegan recalling a talk by Dr Richard Day - "The New Order of Barbarians"
4x hour tapes

1997 - A. Ralph Epperson "The New World Order"
7x 90-minute epic VHS videos!

2009 - Alex Jones interviews Aaron Russo - "Reflections and Warnings"
1 hour video

2012 - Edward Griffin - "The Quigley Formula"
Lecture - "A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves."

cool links. i started the

cool links. i started the last one and will work backwards from there. griffin’s a good speaker. thanks for shaking


I might actually recommend working through in chronological order. Although Griffin is kind of out of place.

i would use the charts of people that lack vaccinations... their lineage and themselves and that's it, you have the basis for your next population
this is all probably highly classified internal database stuff
especially because this could be used to discriminate for people that should be your friends

There's a quote I saw online that left a very strong impression for whatever reason and therefore remembered:
"We were told that there was a great smallpox epidemic coming to the land and all the children must be vaccinated. My grandfather used to say that the white man’s vaccination makes you blind and if you are to look after the cattle you must not go to the trading store to get your vaccination. Inspectors used to come and check each child for signs of vaccination. Our grandmother used to give us great pain in order to save our spiritual eyes. Grains of maize would be heated up and pushed against the skin of the child, and so when the schools inspectors came he saw the blisters and assumed the child had been vaccinated…and I noticed that school children in mission schools who had been vaccinated for smallpox or measles could not see spiritual entities at all. A flying saucer would fly through the sky at great speed and be seen by many men & women but the children who had been vaccinated would see nothing and I noticed this hundreds of times."—Credo Mutwa (the reptilian agenda video pt 1

I know very little of the sources mentioned here, but there's probably essentials needed everywhere...Since people have their own "conspiracy preferences" of people they resonate with, there should probably be different all depends, I guess. It has to be something that would help make sense of it all, I prefer a non-conspiratoral worldview these days and the fuck-ups I've encountered are especially funny this way, with this mindset...justifying certain things with simple explanations and being considerate of the possibilities, i.e. "there's a lack of conspiracies on the personal level, people are just tired, worn-out and slightly more stupid compared to the past, making random sh*t going awry much more likely..." For me, Dr. Greer's stuff is definitely up there in the Top 3 at the very least...It does depend on the interests and the capacity of your target audience and has to be catered to as such.

I heard him get like...sniper red-dots pointed at him while camping. Well, Dr. Homer Simpson, maybe it's the extraterrestrials, sending their human agents via consciousness-based technologies to beam back the laser pointers YOU pointed at THEIR ships...maybe, instead of interpreting them as saying "Hi" this way after you had done that, it was actually more of a "spontaneous combustion" as opposed to what YOU think it was...

Maybe add this:

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