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Important: As of now, really old torrents will no longer work!

If you are still seeding torrents that use the URLs...

...they will no longer work. Your torrent client should return an error like this:

"Invalid announce! Use only please"

Up until now, I was cleaning and redirecting the old URLs to the tracker which lives on port 6969 only. Unfortunately most clients don't handle redirects properly, so were sending garbled requests to the tracker, slowing it down.

If you get that error, you should be able to edit the URL in your client, or if you can't you can just download the new torrent file.

The correct URLs are...


The UDP version is preferred if your client supports it. If your client doesn't support UDP, I strongly suggest that you upgrade it immediately.

You can find the new torrent file by using the search feature. You can now search by info hash to make sure you have the right replacement torrent.

Currently there are thousands of hits a day from old URLs. Time for some house cleaning!