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Illuminati Unmasked: Everything u need to know about “New World Order” and how we will beat it.

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Illuminati Unmasked: Everything u need to know about “New World Order” and how we will beat it.

Illuminati Unmasked -
Everything you need to know about the “New World Order” and how we will beat it.
By Johnny Cirucci

Johnny’s blockbuster book that ties together everything you ever needed to know about the “One World Order” from its inception in Babylon through to its near completion, today.

Those who wish to see it done have co-opted the United States at every level of government. Johnny shows you who “they” are and how they did it…which means you will also learn how they will be beaten.

Barack Obama’s shocking ties to this Mystery Religion—and it’s not Islam.
How American politics have been rigged and who has the power to control every level of your government.
All of America’s external threats—illegal immigration, pandemics, terrorism— orchestrated by the same people.
Who was really behind 9/11 and how they have far worse planned.
America’s top leaders from both Parties bow to this secret power.
The worst days in America can all be traced back to them.
American Patriots have been framed and murdered by them.
Assassination is their specialty.
Hidden history uncovered! The Communists and Nazis owe them their origins.
“Another lone gunman” lie with a twist you’ve never heard: the real story behind Abraham Lincoln’s death.
The chilling reality of “mind control”: LSD, satanism and the CIA…and who is behind it all.
The death of the dollar and destruction of the Middle Class: all carefully planned.
The “Alien Agenda”: a coming world deception completely controlled by them…—with help from another realm.
Signs that a nation you never would suspect is secretly fighting the New World Order and proof that Resistance is Rising!

After 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, Army and Army National Guard, Jonathan Augustine “Johnny” Cirucci began to question why the American government appeared to be more dangerous to the citizenry than any enemy he’d ever fought or trained for, why educators, news reporters and even scientists were spreading lies and harmful propaganda and no one had the answers that made any sense. Having written for his college paper and blogged afterwards, Johnny became a detective of history to find out for himself. The results of his work were his first book Illuminati Unmasked. He has continued to sound the alarm across the “truth community” in interviews, his talk show Resistance Rising, his web site, public presentations, instructional videos and the book you now hold.

Two of his 4 books are also here: Eaters of Children and Romans of Mass Destruction