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I am Stanley Bolten

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I am Stanley Bolten

I am Stanley Bolten, the coordinator of the operations to help get the story out about the Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill because he literally has no voice while he is being politically (not physically) gang-raped by the corrupt elements of our Federal Government. He is barred from using the internet until he is getting his conviction overturned. He is being threatened multiple times by Ex-Attorney John Scott Coalter. Mr. Coalter is making hints that he may dispose of the discovery packet of evidence so that Brian will be completely barred from proving his Innocence. I heard that Eric Blair is on here, so hopefully he can investigate Brian's FOIA Appeal and make a post on ActivistPost regarding Brian's case.

Anyways, I am Stanley. I am here to protect the interests of Brian and be his representative on the internet, posting things that I believe will be in the best interests of him. What else can I say. USWGO used to be on here and promote his articles. He used to interview people and get the truth out. After he was raided by police, he shut his website down and disappeared off the internet. I won't let him go down in vain.

I want Justice for him. I want him to be allowed to prove his Innocence, he deserves his Constitutional rights that he was entirely deprived of. I feel that he was not served Justice but was served a load of bullshit. Sorry for my language but that is the truth.