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The biggest conspiracy website after Concen!

Stallman is an embarassment

He acts like he's the father of the free software movement, but he never was. Source code was always freely distributed with computers until creeps like Bill Gates and his enablers at IBM broke that convention with the PC.

While he comes across as anti-fascist due to his ant-corporate stance, he's actually an extreme totalitarian.

He is a global warming cultist and a Branch Covidian. He believes in very strict laws that punish those who disagree with his extremist views.

He thinks there should be a law against approaching people without wearing a mask. Seriously. I'm not making that up.

I used to think he was merely amusing until I found out his stance on pedophilia. That makes him a dangerous creep who needs to go away.

oh yea
fucking toe cheese eating ballbag!

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