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Help! I need money!

I hate to beg for money from the ConCen members, but these days I'm so broke that when my computer hardware breaks, I can't afford to replace it.

I use a tablet as a substitute for a laptop, so it's my ConCen monitor when away from my workstation. The battery started swelling up; it got to the point that it cracked the back of the case, but it still worked. A few days ago it got so bad that the screen shattered! WTF?

I hate to come across as a whiny loser (too late I fear), but I really do need another tablet. Can you guys help me out by collectively donating enough to replace it? Oh yeah, I'm out of money to run the site too...


all i can do was sent, hang in there!

Much Health

Much appreciated! WooHoo!!

I have also sent a few dollars over Paypal. I hope some more members do the same.

You're the best!

sent some bucks bugger grips.
might manage more when i get back home

Thanks for the bugger grips!

Hi, how much do you need and how much have you received so far?

... but not enough for the next few month's server fees.

Maybe I can help you out if you just give a hard figure -- one month server fee costs CAD $50? $100? $150? I have no idea.

... $60 per month.