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Harish Johari - Sounds of the Chakras (1990)

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Harish Johari - Sounds of the Chakras (1990)

HARISH JOHARI (1934-1999) was a painter, sculptor, and composer of Indian music. He authored twelve books on Eastern spirituality, including Ayurvedic Massage; Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine; Breath, Mind, and Consciousness; The Birth of the Ganga; Dhanwantari; and Tools for Tantra. He also produced several audiocassettes of mantra meditations, including Sounds of Tantra, Chants to the Sun and Moon, and Sounds of the Chakras.

This cd is perfect for anyone who understands the chakras and is familiar with meditation. Respect it as a set of vocal tuning forks. It will greatly improve the effect of a chant meditation for the chakras. Reiki practitioners may find this cd a compliment to their energy work.

Dive deeply into the deepest occult mysteries of mystical India.

Johari Harish is an initiate and an accomplished artist, a musician and a magician, a master of hindu tantra and a psycho-acoustic chakra-worker - if there ever was one.

This is a gem originating from my ultra-private inner-circle collection.

I've ripped these timeless sounds from an old audio-tape with the help of a tape-recorder I've bought recently just for this tape and some others of similar quality.

Be amazed at how much sound-quality was still hidden in this ancient tape.

Don't blame me if your kundalini explodes!

This is for mature people only!

This is not a toy!

You WILL have goose pimples!

This isn't meant to be listened to casually, but rather in a sincere ritualistic context.

specs: 1 tape, 60 min. approx.

technical: There is some empty space at the end of the two flac-files. But then space is never empty - it is FULL!