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The Giants: The Extraordinary Story of Bob Brown and the Forest (2023) [h264]

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The Giants explores the intertwined fates of trees and humans in this poetic portrait of environmentalist Bob Brown and the Forest. From a seedling to forest elder: the film is a masterclass that draws on Bob's 50 years of inspiring activism, from the Franklin campaign for Tasmania's last wild river, to today's battle for the Tarkine rain forest. Told in Bob's own words, his story is interwoven with the extraordinary life cycle of Australia's giant trees, brought to the screen with stunning cinematography and immersive animated forest landscapes.



Looks like another another rare find from our selfless, long term ConCen Canadian contributor - :-)

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Is it worth the heat creation of my CPU unit to download all that??

THINK of the carbon and trees :-0


This version is only 1.85GB:

Yeah, I'd definitely recommend getting all the new documentary releases that nibs/ConCen is doing that are all x265. Other sites have the full size, but as you noted, they are very large! Depending on the film, I sometimes like to get the x264 versions for fuller quality. But I think ConCen right now is the only place you can get scene x265 releases...

Trailer looks up my documentary alley actually.... (((thumb icon))) - [ not jewsish thumb]