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Full Signal (2010)

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Full Signal: With over 3.5 billion cell phone users around the world, thousands of cell phone towers popping up in people's neighborhoods, children's schools and neighbor’s rooftops, people are starting to feel the effects. A rising, scientifically-backed concern about the health risks can no longer be ignored. Speaking with leading scientists, activists, and the businessmen who hold the decision in their hands, Full Signal captures a battle to take on the mobile phone companies. This crafted documentary cracks open the debate surrounding the global health risk they pose.


yet another clueless bunch of bollocks by someone with no clue about RF, RF signal propagation, Inverse Square law and anything else to do with RF.
Speaking as a licensed radio amateur of the MM1 vintage of licenses, this shit makes me sad that people can be so sadly idiotic as to believe this shit in spite of the preponderance of real evidence , testing , trials and real research into this stuff that shows this whole thing as fantasy.
and much like the rest of the videos posted here about RF these guys haven't a fucking clue about it.
These fucking morons who are burning cell towers need their balls booted into space for this nonsense.

For sanity.. look at thus guy, He has NO horse in the 5g race. Just a very experienced and knowledgeable man of MANY years experience in electrical/electronic engineering, also having fully served his time in about 3 other technical apprenticeships.
As Clive says.. the power level with the inverse square law means the power transmitted is milliwatts and with the beamforming tech and much better and smarter power management along with the fact .. for example that 60 Ghz can barely pepentrat5e a fucking window never mind something like the human body.
You'll hear Clive go on about it with wit, charm, intelligence, patience and humour.

and for brutal Aussie mocking video on it
Dave from EEVlog an internationally respected Aussie electrical and electronics engineer
Then a gentle and excellent explanation from Techmagnet

Now by no means am I an uber expert.
I was trained as a Radio Operator as a soldier and after i got out did my full R.A.E license and in those learned about the strictly enforced power limits on transmission.
As for 5G altering DNA..... wrong end of the spectrum for that folks. Big Clive demonstrates the spectrum and shows where things are on that spectrum.
RADIATION ...............................Visible light...................TV Radio etc......................microwave/2.4ghz wifi...................5Ghz Wifi ........6ghz and up is where MM Waves live and they are quite far removed from the nuclear end of spectrum and is power limited at it's point source(transmitter) and the inverse square law means that when you double the distance from that point source the power drops to 1/4 of it's point source power.
the level of what seems to be willful ignorance and willful disinformation is pretty fucking scary.
This 5g stuff is fucking insanity.
I am gonna post this every time i see this madness.
But oh you say.. we can't believe the experts... except for the "experts" spouting this shit?
Dunning and Kruger have taken up residence it seems

I'm licensed too but I'm a newbie. I don't know what to believe.

around this is pretty colid. remember about RF power limits and the inverse square law and you can actually work out the Rf power at each distance yourself.
Also you should know about wavelength and signal penetration.
5ghz wifi has pretty shit signal penetration and above that it's pretty damned dire.
The science is testable, repeatable and well known.
is it Foundation Licence, Intermediate Licence or the Full License new licenses you are on?. i did mine in ther 90's so got my Full R.A.E but if it's changed here it might have changed there too.
Just look at your coursework materials. Ask your instructors.. they'll keep you right

In the US we have different licensing. I have a technicians license.

Well Mr pax I suggest you look into resonant frequencies.

Study Rifing and Bio-resonance - bio-resonance is the electrical form of homeopathy, which is enoguh to make any well-brainwashed sciencist shit a brick as it is.

There is a LOT we don't know and absolutely no financial incentive for it to be properly studied.

This lot was interesting

oooooh.. brainwashed scientists.. everyone that is qualified to debunk that shit is brainwashed eh?
So ALL the people who are trained to know this.. ALL of them from scientists to electrical and electronic engineers, Radio amateurs.. everyone.... all talk shit.. but your suggestions are???? .. wow
Gimme a link to this "Rifing and Bio-resonance"
show me some good solid peer reviewed science on it please
it'd be interesting to see what frequencies they claim can pass through the skin and what they claim the treatment actually does.
Hopefully it's not a variant of curapulse(tm). Pulsed shortwave energy. I have experience of that personally ;)
i await you showing your working ;)

550c wrote:

In the US we have different licensing. I have a technicians license.

just speak to your instructors bud. they will know all the facts about it. As a license holder , you'll know that there's very little amateur about it with regards to training, technical knowledge and safety. seems like the US system is much like the Uk on with technician being the same as foundation. your general is our intermediate and Amateur Extra instead of Full license. they will contain the same coursework pretty much but with legalities such a where and how much along with what frequencies you can sue and such like for your locality

Watch the "Rise and Fall of a genius" documentary on Rife.

EMF can be used to heal or harm. Just EMF noise is harmful, to some level.

You need to understand the "peer-review evidence base" is heavily funding-biased and ignores natural or unprofitable cures.

solid science then.. testable, repeatable and link me to your evidence, please present it.
if you're so sure then show me the science , show me the evidence, show me their numbers and the frequencies. I am interested to know and if you are soooooooooooooo sure then presenting it shouldn't be a problem eh?
Yes EMf can harm or heal but the often the poison is in the dose and the frequencies claimed to be used.
so please show your workings.. show me evidence that has actual science in it.
big claims require big burdens of proof... if you have faith in your argument then you should have no probs in this
ta muchly

the facebook/daniel dzitski link I posted above

not been on facebook since 2014 .why the fuck would anyone , especially conspiracy minded people use that site?
gimme a link to something not on facebook and i'll have a look.


Wish I had the discipline to stay off it

The post is mostly stills from this video

"I'll forgo my resume....."
Never a good sign. i would love to know her qualifications, where she got them, what her relevant work experience is and what papers she has written.
I have no idea who she is. so how can i take her word?
this is me not being a dick. this is me wondering whop this bint is who has forgone stating her resume.
who are the group meeting?
Are they an official group?
what areas of expertise specifically are these people in?
what qualifications and experience do these people have?
are they respected by their peers?
what reputation do they have?
From this i just have no clue. It's just people talking and thus far.. nothing technical as they seem to having problems with a conference call.
they seem to be barely able to do the presentation. over 11 minutes 45 seconds in and they just figured out screen sharing......... not a good look
Is there anything else where people do state their relevant qualification and experience?
Wow, she doesn't even knows that 3G and 4G are , by design, part of the design of 5G.
this is well known. They are needed due to the utterly shite signal penetration of higher frequencies such as 5Ghz and above. Ever noticed your 5Ghz wifi signal doesn't work as well as 2.4Ghz through walls?
Anyway.. going onto the actual presentation. I'll send this video to my pal SArah. she'll thank me for something to do as , she#s got MS and on high risk lockdown so she's bored as fuck.
Genetics are spot on her thing, she has an MA IN medical molecular genetics from Edinburgh uni. So i'll consult her on that stuff as i am no doc and only got my regimental medic courses done in the army so i can say whether she's talking shit or not. Sarah will though.
lol they can damage my sperm cells all they want.. I have done my bit for the perpetuation of the human
humour aside, as i said, i'll get someone who has the knowledge to be able to judge this properly.
She has no horse in the race and does buck against convention if she believes the evidence to have merit. she's surprised me a few times.
I just have nowhere near the knowledge to be able to judge that at all.