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Frontline - The Power of Big Oil (2022) [1080, x264]

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Apr. 19, 2022 / 1h 25m

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In an epic three-part documentary series, FRONTLINE investigates the decades-long failure to confront the threat of climate change and the role of the fossil fuel industry.

Part One charts the fossil fuel industry’s early research on climate change and investigates industry efforts to sow seeds of doubt about the science. Part Two explores the industry’s efforts to stall climate policy, even as evidence about climate change grew more certain in the new millennium. And as leading climate scientists issue new warnings about climate change, Part Three examines how the fossil fuel industry worked to delay the transition to renewable energy sources — including by promoting natural gas as a cleaner alternative.


the only reason why they want out of oil is because they cant get a monopoly on it. because Russia and the Arabs have it and they have the audacity to make money.......!
also as the descrip says - "even as evidence about climate change grew more certain in the new millennium" - I have never seen any evidence!
I saw a docu on discovery where they showed the summer north pole melt and presented it as if its a decades long melt.
I saw Al Gore make laughable docus about sea level rise and then buy a house on the beach.
I also saw how chemtrails cause water condensation at higher temps thus causing rains to fall near sources of evaporation leaving major inner-continental parts to drought and they are setting up to sell water to farmers like on a fuel pump which will increase food production cost and we will soon all live in containers eating cricket paste...........
thats what I saw..........

Even though it does feature the full behind-the-scenes story of how Al Gore and friends tried to pass a carbon tax bill in Congress, and lost, I found this 'The Power of Big Oil' documentary quite interesting and insightful. It is replete with documents and scientific studies funded by Exxon, primarily, and has interviews with the actual scientists involved from all sides. There was enough documentation in the documentary that it is more like watching a lawsuit against Exxon in court, but anyways.


also as the descrip says - "even as evidence about climate change grew more certain in the new millennium" - I have never seen any evidence!

But surely you cannot deny the dramatic increase in global weather abnormalities like wildfires, heat waves, droughts, floods, hurricanes etc? That is pretty much evident to anybody who is paying attention at all to what has been happening in the world in the past several years.

For example, in my area alone last year there were 3 separate declarations of national Emergency due to unprecedented heat waves, wildfires and floods (later in the Fall). The worst ever seen in recorded history for all 3 of those situations.

It is all reported here:

“For decades climatologists have been warning the world about the impacts of climate change and while we have slowly and increasingly been experiencing those impacts over the past decade, this year was much different — it was a huge wake-up call for everyone, experts included,” said Global BC senior meteorologist Kristi Gordon.

“This year’s weather events, coupled with the fact experts have a much better understanding of how our changing climate is increasing the frequency and intensity of these weather events, has really changed the conversation. Climate change is no longer a thing of the future, nor debatable. Climate change is happening now, around the world and we in B.C. just experienced the devastating impacts firsthand. “

I don't know enough about the burning of fossil fuels and what it is alleged to do to the planet and its climate, but increases in abnormal climate events are indeed happening and I have experienced that myself last year, so I don't question that at all, although I do notice and recognize that doubts about man-made global warming are fairly popular amongst conspiracy theorists...

Well bro what can I tell you. I personally where I live have not seen anything abnormal all my life. Sometimes it rains a little bit more. Some times it rains a little bit less. Sometimes the winter is shorter. Some times its longer... But nothing to say that there is any kind of anomaly. The only thing anomalous is the gradual decrease in rains. - Thats pretty much a fact. I remember it raining for weeks in spring and fall when I was young and now its like it rains 5-10 times per year.
I definitely think they are playing the HAARP over at America steering hurricanes and stuff... trying to convince people its true.
Wildfires and droughts are definitely related to chemtrails.
I think the whole thing is 99% hype. Supported with tons of fake evidence and propaganda and misleading stuff.
And even if there is "climate change" you can bet it has nothing to do with oil and carbon. Its the Sun and deliberate geoengineering programs.

I remember hearing credible testimony from Lt. Col. Tom Bearden back in the late 1990s stating that there was clandestine weather manipulation going on in the U.S. and other parts of the world. He talked about this on the radio and then received a death threat and had to stop talking about it. He was basically suggesting there were, back then, and would be more in the future, weather wars and weather manipulation. Now why the military would want to essentially destroy massive amounts of the Earth and wildlife, along with some humans and our cities and towns, is beyond comprehension. Because the natural world is suffering the most when it comes to these weather events, such as what happened the other year with the crazy wildfires in Australia which killed billions of animals...

"ManBearPig" is the sixth episode in the tenth season of the American animated television series South Park.

The episode is notorious as an allegory for climate change denial because Trey Parker and Matt Stone were initially unconvinced about Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth. In apologies for their treatment of the issue at the time, Al Gore and ManBearPig return in the sixth and seventh episode in the 22nd season of South Park, "Time to Get Cereal" and "Nobody Got Cereal?", in which the boys realise that ManBearPig does actually exist and apologise to Al Gore.

While I have you here here is a quick lesson in ACTUAL science:
Carbon causes green house effect and increase in temp. This causes increase in sea temp. This causes increase in sea evaporation. This causes decrease in sea temp and increase in cloud cover. Clouds are white and reflect sunlight which causes decrease in air temp. Clouds cause rain which makes deserts green. Also carbon increases plant growth. This increases oxygen. This causes increase in animal life.
War on carbon is war on the entire biosphere.
Increase in deserts, decrease in plant and animal life, are all symptoms of LOW LEVEL CARBON!!!
Millions of years ago there were volcanoes that released tons of carbon and so the world was lush, watered, and could support huge dinosaurs.

You operate on 3 levels - physical, metal, spiritual. - Each subsequent level requires more rest and more OXYGEN!
You want to find the "kingdom within"? Open a window. Do BREATHING EXERCISES!
Millions of years ago people were giants. Giants physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Thats the SCIENCE. The rest is just corporate interests.

Jackie Chan karate chops again! ;D

So you guys are arguing that fossil fuels are damaging our environment, and I am old enough to notice how our environment has been negatively affected. Still, my main point of cutting the cord of oil /gas has been that it is a limited resource coming from far away lands enriching them hard to imagine. Oil and gas is rather "ancient" technology by today's standards; and it baffles my mind why anyone would be opposed to newer sustainable energy solutions that would help your local economy by creating new job opportunities and keeping your hard-earned money locally. Europe is struggling to release itself of bloody energy delivered by Russia; just imagine for a moment that Europe would be primarily utilizing sustainable solutions... I would suspect that Russia would have been out of Ukraine by now if that was the case. And that is today's news, but you can read about the first blood oil baths from the '50s. Iran's democratic government was destroyed by an alliance of the UK and USA to help the UK's oil companies keep control of Iranian oil fields, which in the end US oil companies took control at the expense of the creation of an extreme religious government. Who can forget Irak? And there are more examples of tyranny of governments actions to keep supporting petrodollars. It is time to embrace 21st-century new technologies and stop supporting 19th-century bloody warmongering technology.

First of all there is no evidence to prove that oil is a "limited" resource. Peak-oil has been a failing theory for decades. Some say that the oil is produced by process in the Earth.
Second - green energy products require massive mining of rare-earth minerals which also enrich other countries... And also cause pollution while being mined - nothing "sustainable" about them. Furthermore are you aware of the massive problem of recycling solar panes? They are pretty much nu-recycleble.
Third - there is nothing bad in seeking to develop more modern technology. The problem is that this is not done in the framework of a free market where the new tech will be implemented when it is sufficiently effective and cheap enough to be a viable replacement. Instead carbon-nazi propaganda is used to force perfectly good power plants to shut down which use the latest filters which release nothing else other than carbon and replace them with much more inefficient and expensive green projects. And those green project contracts are given to companies who are in bed with the politicians. The whole thing is just a scam to shut down the currently working energy system and have the taxpayer lift the bill for a complete replacement of it in the process of which a minority of people will make massive profits. When they dont have anything new to sell you they tell you that your old stuff is bad and you must trow it out for new.
Fourth - they did Fukushima with HAARP because nuclear goes outside their carbon propaganda. Immediately after Fukushima Germany declared shutting down all nuclear power plants by 2030 or something like that - problem, reaction, solution - the result is the cause... and all this is causing the massive crunch of the economy and widespread poverty. You want to be poor to save the trees from carbon? I DONT!
Fifth - "bloody energy from Russia" - ahahahahhahahah! What? Is the oil and gas mined by slaves or what? Whats bloody about it? ahahahaha!
And what the hell does Ukraine have to do with Russian energy in Europe????
This is the only thing Ukraine is about:
Nothing more than that! Split the Soviet Union. Create hate. Divide and conquer. Fund the proxy war. And when Ukrainians and Russians kill each other US will come to occupy the oil. Nothing new under the sun.
And one day when they push you further to WW3 and Russia cuts off all your energy and wheat and what not you will wake up one day and realize that it was nice charitable Russia which was taking care of you as if you are their adopted sons. And you bit the hand that feeds. And then you will cry.
The only thing "bloody" here is America's mafia tactics where they racketeer everyone who is not paying their annual tribute to the Don. And when they dont pay US makes a coup and starts a war in the name of violated human rights. And nobody is allowed the make money and work independent of the US empire.
Please watch some actual news -!

Talking about tech of the future- its nuclear, or even fusion. This is tech which produces massive amounts of energy - completely clean unless illuminati make a 10 magnitude earthquake somewhere... - and the best part is that its a centralized power source - 1 plant feeds whole cities and you never see it because its somewhere out of sight.
Unlike solar panels and wind turbines which litter the fields and the mountains. Instead of growing crops you have panels. And the turbines are a catastrophe for the birds which are constantly found dead at their bases. - not that anyone cares about them. And replacing the worlds energy system is a massive project which requires massive production, its like a second industrial era. Nothing sustainable or clean about it. Sorry but they lied to you!
The carbon propaganda is pushed by the most dirty politicians, bankers, and even the Vatican. And theyre not just pushing it, its their NUMBER 1 AGENDA! If you think these people have your best interest you must be new here................


Oil and gas is rather "ancient" technology by today's standards; and it baffles my mind why anyone would be opposed to newer sustainable energy solutions that would help your local economy by creating new job opportunities and keeping your hard-earned money locally.

Yes, you're right and that is a very good point to bring up!

"‘The world should be worried’: Saudi Aramco — the world’s largest oil producer — just issued a dire warning over 'extremely low' capacity.

The global oil market remains tight according to Saudi Aramco, the largest oil producer in the world. And that does not bode well for a world that still relies heavily on fossil fuels.

“Today there is spare capacity that is extremely low,” Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser says at a conference in London. “If China opens up, [the] economy starts improving or the aviation industry starts asking for more jet fuel, you will erode this spare capacity.”

Nasser warns that oil prices could quickly spike — again.

“When you erode that spare capacity the world should be worried. There will be no space for any hiccup — any interruption, any unforeseen events anywhere around the world.”

TheCorsair00 wrote:
"‘The world should be worried’

Peak oil is of course a concern, but I suspect that this is just political cover for the Saudis to play their own game-within-the-game: they recently chose to support Russia over the US by not increasing output, and this statement you share should have been their initial headline (probably would have worked). As it was, however, their egos got the best of them again, and the Arab press already revealed the truth: "we are keeping them on their toes" (that is literally what they said in Arabic).

Clearly they like Trump more than Biden