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Five Health Classics . . . with a few surprises 2016-11-17 1) BATMANGHELIDJ, Dr. F. - Your Body's Many Cries for Water (2000) Introduction An important note CHAPTER 1 Why 'medicine' does not cure disease CHAPTER 2 The new paradigm CHAPTER 3 Dyspeptic pain CHAPTER 4 Rheumatoid arthritis pain CHAPTER 5 Stress and depression CHAPTER 6 High blood pressure CHAPTER 7 Higher blood cholesterol CHAPTER 8 Excess body weight CHAPTER 9 Asthma and allergies CHAPTER 10 Some metabolic aspects of stress and dehydration CHAPTER 11 New ideas on AIDS CHAPTER 12 The simplest of treatments in medicine Author's postscript Appendix Bibliography Additional information 2) BENJAMIN, Harry - Better Sight Without Glasses (1962) FOREWORD by Stanley Lief, ND., D.O, D.C. PREFACE to Second Edition .. Ninth and Extended Edition .. Fourteenth and Fully Revised Edition .. Twentieth Edition CHAPTER I. Introductory II How the Eye Works III. Why Spectacles are Harmful IV. The Causes of Defective Vision V. The Treatment of Defective Vision VI. Aids to Relaxation VII. Aids to Vision VIII. Eye Muscle Exercises IX. Diet X. How to Carry Out the Treatment Specimen Cases: Myopia Hypermetropia Astigmatism Presbyopia Strabismus (Squint) Cataract CHAPTER XI. The Cause of Eye Diseases XII. The Treatment of Cataract XIII. Conjunctivitis XIV. Glaucoma XV. Iritis, Keratitis, and Ulcers of the Cornea 3) CLYMER, Dr. R.S. - Your Health and Sanity (1958) (no Contents, no Index) 'Food and Liquids Used as a Medium in Deliberately and Carefully Planned Methods Developed by the Vicious Element of Humanity, for the Mental Deterioration and Moral Debasement of the Mass, as a Means Toward Their Enslavement'. 4) HAUSER, Gayelord - Look Younger, Live Longer (1951) Section One YOUR GOOD HEALTH I. PASSPORT TO A NEW WAY OF LIFE II. FORGET YOUR AGE III. THE IDEAL DIET FOR LONG LIFE IV. YOU CAN LIVE A HUNDRED YEARS V. BUILD Up YOUR BODILY RESISTANCE VI. OVERWEIGHT? JOIN EATERS ANONYMOUS Section Two YOUR GOOD LOOKS VII. THE YOUTHFUL You VIII. REFUSE To BE TIRED IX. DIET CAN MAKE You BEAUTIFUL X. OTHER AIDS To BEAUTY Section Three YOUR GOOD LIFE XI. THE CONTROLLED LIFE XII. THE BALANCED LIFE XIII. LOOK YOUNGER, LIVE LONGER GOALS * LOOK YOUNGER, LIVE LONGER DIET PLAN YOUR LIVE LONGER MENU PLAN LOOK YOUNGER RECIPES MY SEVEN DAY ELIMINATION DIET LIVE LONGER REDUCING PLAN DON'T BE Too THIN DRINK YOUR VEGETABLES THE ONE DAY REST CURE THE ONE DAY HOLLYWOOD LIQUID DIET SPECIAL BUILDING DIET BEFORE OR AFTER SURGERY THOSE ATOMIC AMINO ACIDS MORE VITAMINS FOR LONGER LIFE MORE MINERALS FOR LONGER LIFE REFERENCES AND SUGGESTED READING INDEX 5) JARVIS, D.C. - Folk Medicine (1960) Foreword 1. Definitions 2. Environment and the Life Span 3. The Animal Laws 4. Your Beginning 5. Your Racial Pattern and Folk Medicine 6. First Yardstick of Your Health 7. The Instincts of Childhood 8. Potassium and Its Uses 9. The Usefulness of Honey 10. The Usefulness of Kelp 11. The Importance of Iodine 12. Castor Oil and Corn Oil 13. Medical Reasoning Behind Folk Medicine Appendices A. Further Studies Made on Animals B. Some Other Uses of Apple-Cider Vinegar in Folk Medicine C. Folk Medicine and Beverages D. Chemical Analysis of Kelp E. Harmful Bacteria and Alkalinity

Five Health Classics. . . with a few surprises. See nfo.