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the first rule of fight club

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the first rule of fight club

is to not give a shit

nibs is the coolest sysop, and was willing to give us memberships to join this place without too much contest. Compare that to all the other shithouse torrent sites out there. one guy banned me because i was honest that I was using a vpn. another guy banned me from a different site because he didn't like my name.

here's one place you can upload torrents and nobody will stop you:

reddit also has a site that people post open signups.

just put it into your RSS feed and passively monitor. at least these sites open up.

those of you with connections to private servers probably don't need the above links. but for anyone like me who has only met with the wind of a closed door in your face (other than nibs!), at least it is something.

Private torrent trackers can

Private torrent trackers can be very strict in how you do literally anything on their sites. TheOccult are pretty snobby at times too. I haven't tried the sites you mentioned. But here there is no ratio or many rules about uploading etc, which is refreshing for sure.

Very true. is so

Very true. Ratios...the whole concept of ratios is so petty minded but you are exactly right: that is something else that makes this site better than the others.

For all the talk of "information being free" at least this site walks the walk. I like to think of the power-hungry sysops I met during P2P days...brutal dictators just like the ones we mock for controlling the world here.

On a different topic, I downloaded many of the early JRE podcasts via Torrent from the Internet Archive . That also has a community feel. That is why many of my files have proper XML meta descriptions. While modifying them i learned that you cannot use '&' in an XML description. Weird, since HTML doesn't get hung up on that.

So I also give a shout out to Fight club wants to be free!

TheOccult kicked me out

TheOccult kicked me out because they made a mistake on uploading. I had a great ratio but that didn´t bother them. It´s all about their egos over there. They should read some of the stuff they have on their site themselves.............

Exclusive content

I may or may not have gotten kicked from TheOccult for sharing "exclusive" or private content of theirs onto public trackers. I honestly cannot remember - it was over 10 years ago. Sadly, I am certain I am missing out on tons of shamanic/psychedelic content and other stuff as well. But oh well!

you can also monitor this

you can also monitor this site, for when the tiny czars deign to open their fiefdoms to the mongol hordes:

Another site to monitor for

Another site to monitor for open signups:

Question about this whole ratio thing

Long time torrent user, first time I've cared about this - usually I just leech. But I moved, got fiber, and have switched up the habit.

How do I participate in this scheme? I've got running seeding bunch of files even as I type..

I'm fairly new to torrenting,

I'm fairly new to torrenting, too, so I can comment from a newbie POV, but luckily there are veterans here who can offer more technical advice.

I suggest that you just try to do a simple test torrent, use a small file so it won't take long to create, and upload here to concen.

when you create it, you will be prompted to enter a tracker so use nibs' tracker:


that's it, really. give it a go

I've had technical issues with bad characters in file names AND bad filetypes, oddly. also, nibs' server doesn't let you put "--" in the body of your descriptive text while uploading. so watch out for bad characters in high places (that's a proverb, isn't it?)

unless I totally

unless I totally misunderstood your question, and all you wondered was how to maintain a ratio, hahaha


If you are able to upload lots of data to maintain a high ratio, you can just be on the look-out for people offering private torrent tracker invites and use a designated email for this. There are quite a few private trackers that are better than, say, The Pirate Bay. Similar, but better selection etc.

I was thinking that there is

I was thinking that there is some sort of ratio checking/monitoring/leaderboard or something like that here, but that appears not to be the case.

As for ratios, I've left some of these up for over a week and their ratio is still < 1. Since Apr 12 (4days) the 56GB Adam Curtis collection is only at 1.66. Y'all aren't leeching enough. :-)

That’s correct, I don’t

That’s correct, I don’t believe nibs or anybody is monitoring ratios here. That’s why I praise this site in my original post.
It is other private ratio-based servers that I am criticizing. First, they operate on a model of “privilege” which we here usually mock. Privilege is a joke.
Second, if it is locked, there won’t be many members, and if there aren’t many members, you cannot keep ratios going for rare stuff, which by definition most people won’t share.
Third, I still believe private servers operate on the five emotional factors which all social engineering hacking operates on: greed, fear, curiosity, urgency and helpfulness. Fuck all that, that was my original point.

In other words? You’ve found the right place, brother!

And, different topic, but thank you pax for telling that other cunt to shove off. 6 years and not a goddam post or torrent.
That’s a fucking leecher!

Here's a whole list of sites

Here's a whole list of sites that allow you to upload your files, and nobody is gonna stop you, but note the file limit:

Presumably the technites are already aware of these places, but I am maintaining my mandate of sharing the info for the rest of us.

Fight club wants to be free!

Years of leeching and not giving AF about ratio have led me to…

…and for the answer to this burning question, you'll have to go read my post in Introductions. :-D

Excluded due to VPN usage

I was also excluded from using VPN. And my ratio was good, I uploaded a lot of torrents. After 3 hours of conversation I said thank you I don’t have time for this ask answers. I don't lick anyone's ass. By the way, the VPN was Adguard and I had no idea it would be a problem.

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