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"Family of Secrets" - Russ Baker Interviewed (6 Parts)

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Dave Emory extensively interviews Russ Baker For The Record about his book "Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's invisible government and the hidden history of the last fifty years".

Six parts a 57 min, aired in June and July 2010.

1: Bush family's history and fortunes profoundly linked to Wall Street, the petroleum industry and the intelligence community; "Poppy" Bush's Zapata Petroleum an appar­ent intelligence front; Poppy apparently deeply involved with the JFK assassination.

2: George H.W. Bush apparently deeply involved with JFK assassination; in Dallas at the time, he's never satisfactorily accounted for his activities; he was very close to Dallas power political elements that removed Kennedy (many of them apparently CIA); Poppy's attempts at covering his tracks suggest culpability in the murder.

3: With JFK safely out of the way, Poppy Bush safeguards the interests that killed him; elected to Congress, Poppy lands a plum committee position, courtesy of his father; strings pulled to get Dubya into a National Guard position; Dubya goes AWOL.

4: Nixon's removal from White House was an intelligence coup, not a "reaffirmation of democracy"; Poppy Bush centrally involved in his removal; Nixon angered some of the same interests as JFK and was removed by the same team.

5: Poppy Bush tabbed by Gerald Ford to head CIA as Kennedy assassination investiga­tions proceed; Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz launch their careers courtesy of Poppy and Gerald Ford in same time period.

6: Decades of Bush family intrigue culminates in Dubya's eight year debacle; disasters overtaking the US are the inevitable outgrowth of Bush's corporatist philosophy and corrupt administrative practice.