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Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett, Second Edition

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Eyes Wide Open provides the relevant historical basis for understanding the existence and cover-up of CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse, and MK-ULTRA mind control. The book documents Fiona Barnett's personal experience of this abuse in Australia and the USA. It offers information for combating the techniques which cults, the military and intelligence agencies use to artificially induce dissociation and achieve radical and strategic behavior modification. The author explains the nature of Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation including the victim selection process, why most therapy is ineffective, and why a Trauma-Focused Integration approach is essential.


pizzagate is a proven hoax?
there was no basement there for s start and, it's proven BS

I haven't watched this documentary but I guess it's another parody based on Stanley Kubrick's movie)))

Buy the way check this I think you gonna like it

This is a book not a documentary.
I do believe pizzagate is real and dont believe the Russian stuff at all but that's my opinion. We could argue about the basement and coverups and all that but it doesn't really matter what we think. Either way I am sharing anything and everything I come across, which is why I shared the NYT video as well, I try not to put bias in my torrents and we can all make up our own mind.

to disagree.. that's always a civilised option!
mind you... the thought of being a child and hillary clinton's horrendous pissflaps bearing down on you ~shudder~

Thank you 550cc for your efforts and uploading interesting files. Like most I come to view alternative information,
Please do not be discouraged by the judgements and comments of self appointed moderators.

This is an excellent book, on the same level of the classics "Trance-formation of America" or "Thanks for the memories". Very well written and fully documented, a MUST reading for those interested in understanding how the World REALLY works. I have read it four times since its publication!

Thank you very much for the upploader 550c.

I have seen this comment on concen before (the "solution", what's "really going on", etc.). What IS really happening? I have yet to see many (any?) explanations put forth here. Mostly there are just pointers to documentaries and books but when I check them out they are shockingly bad. And laughably bad, in many cases.

As far as I can tell, the "world" (as a concept) is a term like "god" or "other" that can be just about whatever you think it is. And, historically, this is very true: some people have been historically convinced that the earth stood upon the backs of turtles ("it's turtles all the way down"), that the world was flat, others say round, that it was created 4000 years ago, others 13 billion years ago, etc.

But, like the term god, the "world" is not just one thing. How can it be? Who rules the world? Who solves the problem of the world? Does the world have a problem?

Here's something to think about. Ten points if anyone can tell me who wrote it (without going to Google!):

“If you think about it, the past has always been more important than the present. The present is like a coral island that sticks above the water, but is built upon millions of dead corals under the surface, that no one sees. In the same way, our everyday world is built upon millions and millions of events and decisions that occurred in the past. And what we add in the present is trivial.

A teenager has breakfast, then goes to the store to buy the latest CD of a new band. The kid thinks he lives in a modern moment. But who has defined what a ‘band’ is? Who defined a ‘store’? Who defined a ‘teenager’? Or ‘breakfast’? To say nothing of all the rest, the kid’s entire social setting—family, school, clothing, transportation and government.

None of this has been decided in the present. Most of it was decided hundreds of years ago. Five hundred years, a thousand years. This kid is sitting on top of a mountain that is the past. And he never notices it. He is ruled by what he never sees, never thinks about, doesn’t know. It is a form of coercion that is accepted without question.

This same kid is skeptical of other forms of control—parental restrictions, commercial messages, government laws.

But the invisible rule of the past, which decides nearly everything in his life, goes unquestioned. This is real power.”

The word "matrix" itself comes from the root word meaning "womb" (same root as "matter", "maternal", "mother", etc.). You step out of one womb only to enter another (you step out of one matrix only to enter another). The past is never free. There is only a present. A presence, really. That is real freedom. To be free in the present. Easier said than done, I know. But good grief: stop ascribing such control over your mind to others! Think for your self!

Very respectfully to your metaphysical opinions, the MOST realistic book (in contraposition to metaphysical dreams which cannot help you when you don´t have money to feed your family, and which depair leads your to suicide - very noble way out of so much evil in which our planet is inmersed) is "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

IF we understand that the supposed "Elders of Zion" is a fake name for this Hierarchy of Darkness that controls every aspect of our lives (see the present WORLD confinement), and having on account that the autenticity of those Protocols is the practical REALIZATION, decades after decades, of all that is written there, which is NOT related to the good and noble jewish people, but with a very powerfull Group of Beings who hide in the Shadows.

This is the crude REALITY when the Civilizatios is really screwed. Metaphisics is for the fat cats, with their iPads and full bellies. Reality is ECONOMIC SLAVERY...everything else are just dreams and believe systems. Reality is the grounding suffering that billions endure...

It seems you have two main points:

1. You would like me read the MOST realistic book

2. Reality is ECONOMIC SLAVERY...everything else are just dreams and believe systems.
2.1 Reality is the grounding suffering that billions endure...
2.2 Civilizations is really screwed.
2.3 Metaphysics is for the fat cats, with their iPads and full bellies.
2.4 metaphysical dreams which cannot help you when you don't have money to feed your family, and which despair leads you to suicide - very noble way out of so much evil in which our planet is immersed

So your first point I will just ignore. I don't want you to point me to a book or documentary. It is all so much propaganda, even if you cannot see that.

But your second point is more honest and interesting, in my opinion. It's a very valid point, thank you for speaking up about it. However, it still seems flawed to me.

If you really think the jewish people are noble (that's what you said though the book you pointed to suggests otherwise), then did you know that the Torah was written when they were prisoners? When they had no material possessions?

If you think that metaphysics cannot help you when you don't have money to feed your family, then why do artists or musicians or philosophers do anything at all? Surely not to make money? One of the most famous philosophers of all, Spinoza, was a simple lens grinder and died penniless. So why would he do what he did if it did not seem like the right choice to him?

This world does appear to be shit, I give you that point. But so what? Should we just give up?

Here is a thought experiment for you: let us assume that everybody in the world below the poverty line is suddenly lifted above it. 7.5 billion people want money? Poof! They got it. They want healthcare? Done. Education? Done and done. Good job? Congrats on your new job!

Then what? Is everybody who has money, education and health happy? What evidence do we have from history that material means leads people to being happy?

So then, what about love? You want a soul mate? You got it. You want a family? You got it.

Then what? Is everybody married with a family happy?

It seems to me that you need to do less pointing outward and more looking inward. Just my advice from my point of view in my own particular circle of hell.