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Experiments with Alternative Fuels - GEET - Part 2

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Experiments with Alternative Fuels - GEET - Part 2


GEET - Single Auto Conversion Plans[1].pdf - 17 pages

GEET - Small Engine Conversion Plans[1].pdf - 19 pages


1) Talk for Food - A Profile in American Courage - GEET Pioneer Paul Pantone

Adam meets Paul Pantone, a speaker at the 2011 Extraordinary Technology Conference, held in Albuquerque, NM, by the TeslaTech organization. Pantone, gifted with what we might call "inventors thumb," is the developer of Global Environmental Energy Technologies, widely known as GEET, a veritable library of ways and means to drastically improve the quality of life for America and the world. The only problem is that while Americans want GEET, AMERICA doesn't appear to. What American isn't interested in getting substantially higher gas mileage from their existing automobile, truck, motorcycle, or generator, not only polluting less, but actually increasing oxygen levels in the atmosphere? GEET does this through an apparatus called a Fuel Processor, an on-board, compact plasma fuel refinery that, according to the web site, "renders just about any liquid useable and highly volatile fuel by cultivating electro-magnetic and other energy fields." Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps, but the sorrowful story of how various agencies have mandated arbitrary limits to what could even be spoken about the technology's potential and promise, has come to sound all too typical. Listen to the knowledge that this American holds and imagine how life would be different, if the world embraced GEET.

2) The Suppression and Development of GEET

In this two-part video presentation you will see a perfect solution to pollution and fuel shortage problems. You will see how corporate rejection, ridicule from the media, hostile take-over attempts, political corruption, blackmail, torture, and patent infringement have been standing between you and this solution since 1983. However, from beyond these struggles has emerged a promising future, both plentiful and ecological. Watch part 1 & 2 of this video to see how the open-sourcing of this technology has created a gateway to the public. The solution is a technology called GEET, which stands for "Global Environmental Energy Technology". For over a decade Paul Pantone attempted to cooperate with big businesses. They all wanted full ownership of the GEET patent, so they could shelve the technology and profit. Others such as M.I.T. and Dennis Lee attempted to claim GEET technology as their own, which has resulted in the mis-spending of millions which have funded GEET research. Major polluters like MagCorp have refused to use GEET to safely dispose of their toxic waste.