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Event 201 Exercise Oct 2019 - Coronavirus Premeditated Global Exercise HOAX

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Event 201 is a pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.

Drawing from actual events, Event 201 identifies important policy issues and preparedness challenges that could be solved with sufficient political will and attention. These issues were designed in a narrative to engage and educate the participants and the audience.


This is a form of social engineering and it is achieved through psychological warfare that brainwashes the masses to comply with an ideology. This can be seen in politics, the entertainment and news industries, sport, computer games, schools, workplaces, practically everywhere.

An event can set a spiral of mini-events into motion that often leads to a set of pre-planned radical changes taking place within society. A problem is created by the same people who then manage and control the reaction, mainly via the media and other sources such as the WHO. After the managed reaction plunges the general public into fear they will be easier to control and they will then comply with any changes that their governments will suggest are needed. The people will be informed by morning television talk show hosts, news outlets, radio stations and so on. All these establishments will all be singing from the same script, flooding the public with wave after wave of information that sways perception so they continue to ride the waves without being able to question what they are being told because of blind fear. This is a key factor in emotional-based mind control tactics that the world population is being covertly subjected to.

The Problem, the reaction, and the solution are a 3-pronged construct of the powers that be who are pulling all the strings. Many people think they have free will, but the advertisements subliminally programmed them to want that next item, to need that new technology, or to yearn for 5G. None of us ask for anything, things are put into our psyche. Just like what is happening with COVID19. It came from nowhere, then it came from bats, then there were rumours it came from a bioweapons lab just outside of Wuhan, then it came from Canada, then Russia blamed Israel. All the while the masses are riding that wave.

Key factors that I would like to point out to you is how this is the perfect trojan horse to new law changes, mandatory vaccinations, a managed market crash, cashless society, and a new way of life and thinking as big as that as we had after 9/11.

How can we trade with cash in an infected world? Is this a perfect steppingstone to a cashless society? If so how will people adjust to such a radical change? Markets can not sustain themselves if nobody is at work, production in China ground to a halt weeks ago and it is now set to take place across Europe and the United States. This would also pave the way for mandatory vaccinations and possibly even RFID implants that will hold personal and medical data on a digital, centralised blockchain along with what we once knew as money. A huge paradigm shift is taking place and that is why I referred to 9/11 as a marker of how big an event this actually is.

Event 201 and agenda 21 are of the same entity.

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the gates are involved in this too!!?

I have lost family to this in Italy and I have family here in Scotland very sick with it...
people crying hoax while people die... of the supposed hoax.
This is very real

well not a complete hoax, it kills for sure. whether it's a cover for smthg else most probably.

more a case of this is a real thing and they'll take advantage of the situation. they didn't cause it.
people are often quick to forget that nature spanks back now and then. In my opinion.. this is nature spanking back big time.
I am presently looking through the white paper of 350 pages of emergency measures the uk
here's some of it
This is how they'll fuck us.. the horrible shite they'll sneak through in the emergency legislation.
There's a fucking big difference between that and some idiots claiming it's a hoax.
So far I have had an aunt, uncle and three cousins die in Italy with 5 more family members in San Luca hospital and two more in Milan (family from a small village in north Italy hence every fucker in the village related)
It's not a cover..... but it'll be used an as excuse for shit we don't want. It'll maybe start with that tracking app type thing China is using which Israel, Germany,France and a few others are also looking into.
GPS based, tracks you and also taps into who knows what else comms wise.
there's also a "benefit" to govt.. well here there is in that if a lot of people who are old or have chronic conditions die.. it'll lower the pension/disability payments as a potential for the shitty response in the UK.
there's enough actual drama without going off on one

it looks so well arranged to be a work of mother nature.
like they all prepared for the senario too well. I think it'a cover for the things to come, be it legislations or other Mandatory shit, just like WWII and 9-11 were!!! the all killed for REAL but not the real thing.

well pal, you can go off and chase your tail with that.
I'll get on with surviving this shit

karl.johnsen wrote:

retarded nonsense and fuck all to do with 33.
pure muppetry


John explains away all the mythos about one cause to one disease...