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Engineering Hurricane Sandy - Caught on Satellite and Radar (2012)

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Engineering Hurricane Sandy - Caught on Satellite and Radar (2012)

Has the hurricane Sandy been engineered to help Obama win the elections? At first this may sound absurd but read on. Does the elite have the technology to create and control a hurricane? Yes, they do. Do they have a motive to use that technology? Yes, they have. Would they be immoral enough to use that technology? Yes, they would. Do they have an interest in keeping Obama in power? Yes, they have. Did that sandstorm help Obama during his election campaign? Yes, it did. Therefore why shouldn't they have engineered that hurricane? There is really no good reason for them not to have done so. If there is no reason for not doing something then why shouldn't they have done it? Because they believe in GOD?

Don't get me wrong, his opponent Romney is working for the elite too, but the elite prefer a certain continuity of government, now that the sheeple have been programmed to hail their pseudo-black Führer. Obama isn't black, he's white. Black is just the color of his skin. ;-) Replacing Obama could mess up the sheeple's mental programming and result in violent acts against Romney. And a dead Romney really wouldn't serve the elite at all. So according to Sherlock Holmes' kind of reasoning, there is a really good chance that the hurricane was indeed engineered by the usual suspects. It is extremely rare for a hurricane to appear over land in North America in october and november because a certain thermal energy (that is powerful solar radiation and warm water-currents) is needed for a hurricane to be formed - and during cold weather that energy simply isn't there. Normally the hurricane season lasts from mid august to mid september.

Just watch this brief video (not from me) with some compelling evidence. When it comes to being wicked and evil the elite seem to have surpassed themselves once again. There seems to be some kind of competition going on between them: Who can be more evil? The most evil one wins! According to Freeman, the name "Barak Obama" means "the one who fell from heaven". Who fell from heaven? Lucifer fell from heaven... Just a "coincidence"... Will Lucifer once again rule over GOD's own country?