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Energy From The Vacuum (EFTV)

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Energy From The Vacuum

Episodes included:

#01 - Introduction with T.E. (Tom) Bearden (2007)
#02 - John Bedini - Free Energy Generation (2007)
#03 - The Chung Experiment (2007)
#04 - Howard Johnson - Magnetic Exchange For
#05 - Hidden Electrodynamics And The Final Sec
#06 - Inside Radiant Energy (2009)
#07 - Tesla's Impulse Technology Plus- The Bendi
#08 - Challenging the 2nd Law of Thermodynamic
#09 - Moray, Sweet and Anti-gravity (2009)
#10-A - The Kromrey Converter (2009)
#10-B - The Kromrey Converter (2009)
#11-A - Magnetic Gates (2009)
#11-B - Magnetic Gates (2009)
#12 - Petrovoltaics & The Faraday Motor (2009)
#13 - Electrodynamics Its Origins, History And St
#14-A - Lockridge Device (2009)
#14-B Lockridge Device (2009)
#15 - Seeking Overunity - Rosenthal Memoirs (20
#16-A - Equilibrium, Entropy & Energy Defining Mo
#16-B - Equilibrium, Entropy & Energy Defining M
#17-A - The Tape Drive Motor (2009)
#17-B - The Tape Drive Motor (2009)
#18 - Transmutation - Lifting the Veil (2010)
#20 - The Cejka Files (2010)
#21 - Bedini 16GT Monopole Motor Debut - Backstage (2011)
#22 - Bedini 16GT Monopole Motor - Presentation (2011)
#23 - Bedini Monopole 16GT - Tech Review (2011)
#24 - Bedini Monopole Master Class 1 - Curentle
#25 - Bedini Monopole Master Class 2 – Windpo
#28 - Monopole Motors Stairstep Charging (2011
#30 - Floyd Sweet Memories (2012)
#32 - Prigogine Petro Acoustics (2012)
#35 - 'Daniel' (2014)
#37 - The SSG Linear Amplifier Regulator (2014)
#38 (1-2) - The Tesla Switch (2014)
#38 (2-2) - The Tesla Switch (2014)
#41 - The Abram's Oscillocast Machine (2017
#43 - Disruptive Technologies Go Black - Trailer (2018)
#44 - Essential Bedini Series - The 1st Bedini-Bea
#45 - Essential Bedini Series - The 2nd Bedini-Bearden Basement Tape - Trailer (2019)
#46 - Bedini Audio Interferometer (2020)


This is great, thanks so much. I had been pondering whether to arrange getting the first 30 DVDs from the producer of the series. But then all the ripping etc. I am not sure who uploaded this, or where you got all the videos from, but it looks almost complete. Many people here will enjoy this.

If you try removing the torrent from your program, re-download the .torrent you uploaded here, and open with your program and select the correct folder where your original files are located, that might connect and seed successfully. I am not sure if it is working just yet...

Missing a few. I have the ones you are missing. Hit me up.

fractallibrary wrote:

Missing a few. I have the ones you are missing. Hit me up.

yes please, i am interested.

Fractal -
I would love to have the missing EFTVs. Can you upload them for all of us? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Thanks very much! Sometimes the text is misleading, because radiant energy, radiant waves and electro-magnetic waves are mixed and reversed, but it is a beautiful, a "must have" collection.


I only downloaded half this much appreciated compilation when my external HDD was soooo heavy from the MegaBytes we flooded it with - that it fell off my desk and broke my tibia... :-(

Why did they not make BYTES being a weight equivalent of Light-Bytes... ??!

It's as if Roswell and certain "liberated" technologies never happened ?!

Once I am able to get the complete archive, maybe I will upload it here later on at some point, and if nibs is nice enough, he could do an x265 archive - I don't know how to do that, and I think it would take a lot of time! :S

Looking forward to it.

I had been trying to get it, but with no luck - but thankfully the original uploader here was able to track the missing episodes down, and has a second archive: If anyone wants to combine the two and make into x265, if you want that massive task, go for it! I don't personally need it myself, but others might.

This series is quite popular - I have already uploaded over 1 terrabytes of the first archive! :0 Glad it is available now, and I don't have to seek out the original DVDs - as they are probably in some boxes somewhere gathering dust, and almost completely unreachable...

... the process stopped at 78.4% :-(

A good toy to convince oneself about the reality of Energy from the Zero Point Filed. But it is not practical to light a house...
I made several SSGs since 2013.
IMHO the best tech to "ignite" a world Energetic Revolution would be HHO or Brown's gas or Hydroxy.