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The server was down because there was no money to pay the bill. ConCen needs a fat cash infusion quickly!

The last time a request was made, hardly anything was donated. It was so dismal the request was deleted instead of updated. Sad. If this happens again, ConCen will be done.



Jeez - was that a $200 donation via gold bullion ? :-D

I can't match anywhere near that but I'd be willing to do a monthly support amount if that could be set up...

in mean time - what about promoting the fact accounts - web/FTP/seedbox etc can be got via CC - which also supports this site?

I'd move a domain to it - I'm just interested in the long page loaning delay I seem to always get when first typing in the CCen URL? Weirdly it's faster then once moving between internal site pages - which makes zero sense on a network speed level from my aging knowledge... :-/


If the whirrled lost this site - it'd be a metaphor for the vector of teleological direction on a wider, cosmic level - :-o ?!

Am I being hyperbolic - or just hyper? Or just full of bollicks [sic] ?

What DNS servers do you use?

ConCen wrote:

What DNS servers do you use?

You're asking due to me mentioning the constant, somewhat strange INITIAL concen URL loading delay I have experienced since coming back here [last 3 or so months?] ?

I actually used to use these freely available DNS's which helped a lot but last year it's just my ISPs DNS's.

However - here we may have deeper issues - and I'm not adding drama for effect. If it's REALLY just me having this weird delay - i'd like to talk to you on a few related tech topics...

I think there are sometimes little hiccups loading the site. Every now and then it will go to an error page with Mr. Bean too sometimes. But for me it usually loads just fine...

I sent it in the mail... I don't really know what one can do with it, other than keep it somewhere safe and look at it every now and then!

These days, I try to have enough saved up for a rainy day. I interpreted "emergency donations required" as being a rainy day, and knew that a lot of people wouldn't be able to donate enough for what might be needed, so I decided on a chunky donation again.

But yeah, if enough people do a monthly donation somehow, like 5-20 dollars a month or something like that, that would probably be enough to pay all the bills for the site...

See - if our fucked up planET was inhabited by 90.23% souls like our Canadian friend here - we'd already be tripping round the cosmos in free energy saucers.... having killed the illumin-naughty.


Please accept my meager contribution for additional electrons.

Every electron counts!

Did you get my email? I also like to chip in a bit.

I'll add a few Baudrillardrian tokens in Xmas run-up...

This is the era of thee simulation

Where's all the other 25 leeching clients I see on last few torrent downloads?

:-/ !