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ECAT Cold Fusion Reactor Home Units (2013)

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ECAT Cold Fusion Reactor Home Units (2013)

ECAT validated by Swedish Scientists.

A revolution in energy production is under way due to a recent scientific breakthrough by Andrea Rossi. For the first time, Hydrogen has been merged with Nickel in a cold fusion nuclear reaction to produce Copper and significant amounts of excess energy in a controlled and continuous fashion. Moreover, this reaction is completely green leaving no waste or any toxic by-products.

Andrea Rossi seems to have proven what the scientific community has been trying to establish for decades: namely that the cold fusion phenomenon is real and can be harnessed to generate seemingly endless amounts of energy for an infinite number of consumers and applications. In fact, it may be the solution to the world’s energy problem.

We are facing an era with the arrival of new products based on this game changing technology. In association with Andrea Rossi, HydroFusion will introduce these products to the market.

Home ECAT-units will not be available until fully certified.