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[ebook, german, jpeg] Helmut Schmidt, Menschen und Maechte, Men and Powers, 1987 (pages 264-297 only)

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hi there,

Alex Jones mentioned in one of his films the book "Men and Powers" from the former german chancellor Helmut Schmidt. He wrote it in 1987.
Overall the book is rather boring. But he wrote about his visits at Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg and about how the CFR puts poeple of their choice in positions of their choice.
I found it really disturbing, so i scanned some pages.

Author: Helmut Schmidt
Year: 1987
Language: German
Original Title: Menschen und Maechte
English Title: Men and Powers

Scanned Pages: 264 - 297 only
Format: jpeg

And i got a message not directly associated to H.S. sorry but i have to tell you:

*** please check this and tell EVERYBODY about it ***
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*** television in europe creates totally different/false picture about EU ***

I'm afraid... a bit


The last days of democracy?

Must watch TV! - The clip the EU doesn't want you to see

Nigel Farage on who's who in the EU commission first .torrent, hope i made everything right...

cu/meetU in the black block ;)