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Ebola Hoax

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Ebola Hoax

Ok. Since it had to be said, I guess I'll go first: Ebola is not caused by "One Single Thing" (i.e. a virus), just like AIDS and all the other fake epidemics.

First, it is wise to NOT TRUST the CDC, the WHO, or any other who quote them or/and push health agendas based on their research, documents, data, etc.

Second, read up on the AIDS hoax as it contains all the basic information to Overstand the strategies and errors associated by authorities to successfully pull off the "One Single Thing" (i.e. a virus) hoaxes.

Why is knowing this ruse important for you, you may ask?

Well because:

1) If you know these so called diseases/illnesses ARE NOT CAUSED by One Single Thing" (i.e. HIV, EBOLOA, H1N1, etc., viruses), then you will NOT fall in the trap of being told that you have AIDS, EBOLA, etc., when they make you pass a medical test THAT DOES NOT REALLY TEST for the presence of their so called viruses. And as such, because you will not fall in the fake medical test (i.e. a false positive), you will not a victim of nasty pharmaceuticals that will make you sick, and even kill you in the end. So, you can remain healthy. But, it you do have a compromised immune system, then look deep at your habits because you can probably heal if you change them; you'll never heal if you beLIEve you have HIV and take their drugs. Same goes for the other "diseases".

2) You won't be participating in the Hoax by passing on false information that you heard on the news, school, etc. You won't want to be a tool, would you?

3) One more person in the know makes one less person their slave, and one more who can reclaim their health (assuming you're also deprogramming yourself from other brainwashing attacks on your mind...).

I know it's difficult to entertain the idea that you've been seriously lied to, especially when so many people share your belief; including doctors, university professors, family members, AND those that have been fooled and beLIEve they actually have the so call viruses (but they don't, they are sick for different reasons, including the pharmaceuticals they are now taking...).


A few links to get you started:

Don't want to feed into the panic, but your argument is strawman

There is plenty of evidence of viruses causing singular effects on humans. Just pull down your pants and look at your dong. It's called herpes.

Please think before you post, as arguments based on logical fallacies only hurt us.

From Ghana Ebola not real

From Ghana Ebola not real the only people have gotten sick are those who got shots from red cross


So, whatever it is that people in Africa are dying from - it's real. Whether it is Ebola, some mutated variant (there are already several I believe), or something completely new - it's real.

There's now a second nurse who treated Mr. Duncan in Dallas that has been diagnosed. Of course she flew on a commercial flight just hours before she noticed a fever, so who knows how far this will spread now... *

I'm not up for fear mongering, but something is going on and - call it what you will - it isn't a hoax.


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The CDC has announced that the second healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola — now identified as Amber Joy Vinson of Dallas — traveled by air Oct. 13, with a low-grade fever, a day before she showed up at the hospital reporting symptoms.

The CDC is now reaching out to all passengers who flew on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth. The flight landed at 8:16 p.m. CT.

All 132 passengers on the flight are being asked to call 1 800-CDC INFO (1 800 232-4636). Public health professionals will begin interviewing passengers about the flight Wednesday afternoon.

“Although she (Vinson) did not report any symptoms and she did not meet the fever threshold of 100.4, she did report at that time she took her temperature and found it to be 99.5,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden. Her temperature coupled with the fact that she had been exposed to the virus should have prevented her from getting on the plane, he said. “I don’t think that changes the level of risk of people around her. She did not vomit, she was not bleeding, so the level of risk of people around her would be extremely low.”

Vinson first reported a fever to the hospital on Tuesday (Oct. 14) and was isolated within 90 minutes, according to officials. She did not exhibit symptoms while on the Monday flight, according to crew members. However, the CDC says passenger notification is needed as an “extra level of safety” due to the proximity in time between the flight and the first reported symptoms.

“Those who have exposures to Ebola, she should not have traveled on a commercial airline,” said Dr. Frieden. “The CDC guidance in this setting outlines the need for controlled movement. That can include a charter plane; that can include a car; but it does not include public transport. We will from this moment forward ensure that no other individual who is being monitored for exposure undergoes travel in any way other than controlled movement.”

Frieden specifically noted that the remaining 75 healthcare workers who treated Thomas Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital will not be allowed to fly. The CDC will work with local and state officials to accomplish this.

Frontier Airlines is working closely with the CDC to identify and notify all passengers on the flight. The airline also says the plane has been thoroughly cleaned and was removed from service following CDC notification early Wednesday morning.

However, according to Flighttracker, the plane was used for five additional flights on Tuesday before it was removed from service. Those flights include a return flight to Cleveland, Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL), FLL to Cleveland, Cleveland to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), and ATL to Cleveland.

And this is a freaking nurse! Geeze.

This was done on purpose

Obama science czar wrote a book decades ago on how to secretly sterilize you and every single person you know and have ever met -- the most important parts are online, quoted, photographed --

Now, any politician gets vilified and put out for saying Nigger or Jew
Ask yourselves, how in the fuck is it that the nation's highest science person - appointed by puppet Obama - gets into power, the highest power, and keeps it for years, after having written a textbook manual on numerous ways to sterilize and depopulate ?

It is no accident. Ebola is designed to kill most of you.

It's real! It flies!

Ebola is real, it will mutate to become airborne and threaten the entire human race..But don't worry, an effective vaccine will be available in 2015. It's okay if you do what you're told!

This reminds me of the movie Outbreak,1995.

And it's all over Dinosaur Media:


It seems like a hoax to me. Every couple years they tell us we're all going to die of a brand-new virus unless we take the brand-new vaccine. Some people make money, some others die of the vaccine and at some point, people forget about it. After some time, same crap all over again..

Not an impressive amount of

Not an impressive amount of intelligent discussion on this topic here. The possibilities to consider for this ilness are that it is
1. manmade
2. mutation of animal virus
3. multicause syndrome like AIDS
4. single cause illness but not microbial

curable with:
1. abx
2. green foods and detox strategies for immune reconstitution
3. avoidance of a particular area where microbe/toxin was disseminated.
4. uncurable

We should focus on using the info from media and posted up to a decade ago on internet to categorize whatever this is.


Just for shits and giggles I did a search of my archived ( conspiracy ) ebooks for ebola and there was a solitary hit.
In 2009 I had downloaded a collection called "EBOOK COLLECTION (PART6) [CSI][h33t]" and within that collection there is a document titled "Kissinger and Rockefeller the Origins of AIDS and Ebola" which is a transcript of a speech Before the Citizens Against Legal Loopholes Rally The Capitol Mall, Washington, D.C. Labor Day Weekend, 1996 By Leonard G. Horowitz

He places the blame directly on "Litton Bionetics" for the creation of ebola for a sum of 10 million US dollars as contracted by our military industrial complex in the early 1970's.

Edit to add : I have hosted this on my test forum and made it available here -
(134,174 bytes)

Edit 2 : Think about the implications of this, ebola is patented and by acquiring it you are infringing on that patent.

And a magnet link to the Horowitz video :

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