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The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw

"The official story just doesn't make sense, as we will show. It is exploited, as planned, by it's creators: The government. But final responsibility for the unbelievable story living on to the extent it does in the public mind lies with the fast majority of my colleges in the mainstream media. If they ever start do to their job properly, and examine it sceptically, the official story will crumble into dust finer than that of the twin towers. Now, absolutely no-one disagrees that 911 was a conspiracy. Conspiracy is at the heart of the official story, after all. A conspiracy perpetrated allegedly by Osama bin Laden. But what if the conspiracy was hatched not in a cave in Afghanistan, but in Washington D.C, at the highest levels of the US Government?"

* By Barrie Wallace Zwicker, based on the The Great Deception - The War on Terrorism: An alternative View series he made January / February 2002.
* Available on DVD and VHS - Order by phoning +1-416.651-5588
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