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Do NOT download software torrents from this site!

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Do NOT download software torrents from this site!

I do my best to stay on top of the spam and inappropriate torrents, but have to sleep occasionally, so you may see spam and bad torrents I haven't deleted.

ConCen is about sharing information, not software. Most of you are aware of this rule, so do not trust software torrents.

Unfortunately there seems to be a few people that willingly download software. Unless you are a skilled antivirus technician doing research, downloading software from ConCen is a very bad idea. They almost always contain malware which can take over your computer without your knowledge. Here is just a sample of what the creeps who write and spread malware can do:

  • mine cryptocoins for their profit
  • send thousands of spam emails
  • steal passwords, banking & credit card info
  • gather information about you to steal your identity
  • watch and/or listen through your webcam and microphone
  • encrypt your data for ransom
  • use incriminating data for blackmail

Even software that antivirus software says is clean can contain malware. If you've downloaded and ran any software from ConCen, it might already be too late. You may need to wipe your machine and install a fresh operating system, preferably Linux if using a PC.