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DNS Attack!!

ConCen was hit with a DNS attack, denying the ability of people to resolve the domain into its IP address. This means people can't browse to the web site or use the bittorrent tracker.

It started around 9pm EST, and escalated throughout the night until an alarm went off on my workstation alerting me to the problem. At its peak, thousands of bogus DNS requests per second were bombarding all 3 resolvers, blocking out legitimate requests.

Steps have been taken to mitigate the attack, which appear to be working so far.

Long live ConCen!!


Wow, yeah, I noticed that I couldn't access the page from my tablet...thank you for your tireless efforts to keep this ship of statelessness afloat!

Glad the site is back, thank you for your work. I noticed I was unable to log on shortly after I had noticed the Donation request. Not saying there's a connection - it could just be a coincidence. Does ConCen get DNS attacks often?

annoyances. Coordinated DDOS attacks have been ~ biannually. It's possible there have been more, but they weren't large enough to notice.

The internet is full of scripts constantly probing for vulnerabilities. An unprotected server would be pwned in under 5 minutes.