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Dion Fortune Psychic Self-Defense audiobook ebooks

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Dion Fortune Psychic Self-Defense audiobook ebooks

Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune is considered the classic instruction manual for protecting yourself from paranormal attack by other humans. According to Dion, an intentional paranormal attack can come either from someone practicing the black magic arts who wants to use or harm you, or from someone who hates you so much their focused intention to harm you takes on actual paranormal power. In her book Dion writes that it is possible, with normal human courage, to outlast an attack.

Here are some of Dion’s practical tips for defending yourself from a paranormal attack:

Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Don’t let anyone get hold of hair clippings, nail clippings, your blood, or other bodily fluids. Don’t give anyone any objects you have used and handled frequently including clothing. A black magic practitioner can use these to form a psychic link with you. If possible, move to a new place for a while and leave behind all of your belongings. Wear only new clothing and sleep only in new clean bed sheets. This ensures an object or place isn’t maintaining the psychic link.

Don’t take any objects from a person who might want to do you harm and if you do don’t carry them with you. They might be a talisman to control you.

Eat regularly. Dion says it is “well known psychic work cannot be performed if there is food in the stomach; the best results are always obtained by fasting. The obvious corollary of these facts is that if we want to keep the psychic centres closed, we should not allow the stomach to become empty.” Dion recommends going no more than two hours without food.

Take a hot bath or place a large hot water bottle on the solar plexus. Dion says these can relieve the tension in psychic centres caused by an attack. Taking a bath in blessed salt water is always a good idea; water is purifying, especially if that is your own intent when having the bath.

Don’t take pills to help you sleep. Dion warns attacks on the astral plane often occur during sleep and the victim needs to be able to wake up easily to escape. Having someone trustworthy watch over the sleeper to rouse them or whisper encouraging things can help.

Don’t meditate, do any magic yourself, or do anything spiritual, except to pray. Dion recommends staying on the material plane as much as possible while under attack.

If you have to face someone who is trying to bully you or could be trying to use mind control or harmful hypnosis on you, don’t make eye contact. Instead, stare at the spot on their brow between their eyes. "If you are merely dealing with an ordinary bully, you will immediately have the upper hand" Dion writes. "If, however, your antagonist has knowledge of mind-power, you may not be able to dominate him, but he will certainly not be able to dominate you, and the result will be a stalemate." Interlace your fingers, lay your folded hands on your solar plexus, and keep your feet together. This closes you off from any negative psychic influence.

Imagine you are separated by a plate of glass, or better, a brick wall, from the person who is trying to hurt you.

Use one of the protective invocations in Dion’s book, such as making the sign of the upright pentagram or five-pointed star, or imagining creating a protective circle of fire around yourself with a flaming sword of righteousness. Dion gives the names of the angels to ask for protection.

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