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The Cruel Art of Monarch Mind Control

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The Cruel Art of Monarch Mind Control

This video is highly interesting. Its artist doesn't lose a word about it, he simply published this as a kind of exotic piece of art underlined by some piano-music. The uninitiated may have no clue what this is all about.

In reality however, this piece of art is highly tragic for it reveals a hidden story, it reveals the secret story of monarch mind control. Only a survivor of monarch mind control could have made such a piece of art, or maybe someone inflicting mind control on others.

Whatever the answer may be, this artist is an insider who wants to reveal the truth about this crime. Here you will get a first hand insight into the magick of trauma based mind control, a deeper insight than by watching anything you've ever watched before.

We have to study any piece of information we can get so as to unravel this tragic mystery. Don't forget that monarch mind control is now being applied to the public on a massive scale, which makes its study even more important.

You may traumatize your victim by inflicting scars on his or her body, but you may also achieve the same results by inflicting scars on his or her mind. Don't forget that the body is an extension of the mind.

Mass mind control means inflicting massive scars on the collective mind of a people by a massive collective trauma, and that's exactly what happened on 9-11 - and its highly controlled exploitation and amplification by the corporate controlled media.

It is interesting to see how many pieces of art are out there hinting at mind control, but normally not in such an obvious an revealing manner. This video nicely complements the books on mind control by Fritz Springmeier.

CAUTION: If you have been a victim of monarch mind control yourself, then you should not watch this film, for it may act as a trigger.


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2) Springmeier - Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula.pdf

3) Springmeier - Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Total Mind Control Slave.pdf