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Corona virus

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Corona virus

Ok.. The Agenda 21 people seem to be having a bit of an erection so to speak with it..
what other theories whether serious or hilarious are there?

of interest

China has been using a tracking app to help deal with this.... and not just the virus... it's fucking China so it'll probably leak everything not already leaked to the govt.
Seems the UK govt is considering a similar app.
It'll track your location and will be mandatory if this measure is enacted...
not liking that at all


Yes, totally agree.

We need laws in place to protect privacy, and open-source software and protocols that can be validated to prove the law is properly implemented.

I'm very tempted to buy a second, dark laptop, for sites like this. in fact I'd really prefer this site to be a bit more hidden away.

what the hell is a dark

what the hell is a dark laptop ? my google search didn't yield any results!!!


1. buy a second hand laptop for cash, from a store that doesn't take your ID
2. also get a dumbphone and a SIM anonymously to sign up a new identity
3. get a prepaid visa/mastercard and use it to purchase VPN services
4. install everything only either using the VPN or using public wifi.

Is it over the top? I don't know...


I see

or maybe

a kali install in a VM behind A vpn


It might be enough; that would protect against cookies and online tracking, but what about key loggers? My computer slows down every time I type the word that begins with Ill and ends with ati, with umin in the middle.

if you can

successfully install and configure Kali linux then keyloggers aren't gonna be a prob... in fact if you configure , even a windows machine.. keyloggers aren't a problem.
Kali linux is built for security and penetration testing.
windows is certainly less secure but can be made better and safer with the right habits, software and care.
if you suspect a keylogger then it time for that install to be scanned, cleaned, anything needed taken off it then formatted and start again. toddling along with a suspected infection is not the best idea

am wondering..

with the lockdowns and limits in assembly.. i wonder what horrible shit they'll try to pass when no one can get out to protest?


got a phone call from my doctors surgery this morning informing me that I am high risk for coronavirus due to the various ailments associated with gulf war syndrome that i have
SO.. min of 12 weeks isolation for me!
only journey for shopping, doctor or medicines allowed.
But i get my shopping delivered mostly , same with my prescriptions...
Luckily my weed gets delivered by my mate.
food stocks are good. plenty of staples and long life stuff.
We'll see how this goes....

Someone's coming by to ...

... cut off your internet for your protection. Better safe than sorry, cobber!

nibs wrote:
nibs wrote:

... cut off your internet for your protection. Better safe than sorry, cobber!

i might get one of them fancy internet viruses! this is why i always wear a condom when using the internet!
Most especially when viewing the fascinating interactions between donkeys and Dwarves ;)

oh shit.

Sorry to hear that you have Gulf War syndrome, can I ask, do you link it to the anthrax vaccine, or Uranium, or something else in the desert?


there were a whole screed of vaccines given to us before we went to cyprus to acclimatise.
we then got boosters once we were there.
From my understanding, they had all been used before but NEVER in combination.
I was certainly around plenty of depleted uranium during the gulf war, especially when going back to help the units were were doing Recce for (Queen's own highlanders ) who had been shot to fuck by US A10 Warthogs due to yank pilots being trigger happy CUNTS who switch off their IFF systems.. those fucking cocksuckers should be in jail for life. I use to think the Warrior personnel carrier was quite a tough thing till i saw what was left of them and the men in them that day.


I remember that, unless it happened more than once.

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