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Clouds of secrecy : the army's germ warfare tests over populated areas

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Clouds of secrecy : the army's germ warfare tests over populated areas

Clouds of secrecy : the army's germ warfare tests over populated areas....
Topics United States. Army, United States. Army, Etats-Unis. Army, Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (1972), Biological weapons, Biological weapons, Biological Warfare, Biological Warfare, Public Policy, Public Policy, Human Experimentation, Human Experimentation, Informed Consent, Informed Consent, Scientific Misconduct, Scientific Misconduct, Guerre biologique, Armes biologiques, Armes biologiques, Biologische Waffe, Experiment, Siedlung


I tried to make a torrent of this book but it didn't work. Download it here:

Was it a problem on this end?

Hey, I gots ta know.

I don't think so

Usually all my torrents work here. I made it on my seedbox and uploaded and updated trackers on the seedbox and it didn't connect. There are apostrophes in the filenames but not in the torrent filename. I never figured out what went wrong, but I think it was how it was hashed on my seedbox maybe...

Thanks for the update

The tracker has been slightly flaky lately. I'm watching it closely.

Great book

Tnx for sharing

The secret about germ warfare is...

...that it is all talk, nothing real.

This kind of propaganda appeared in the 1970s out of nowhere, backed by a completely false paradigm in epidemiology that puts the blame on invisible agents called viruses, that coincidentally can be spread, the story goes, by enjoying life.

That's not science. That's biopolitics -- read Michel Foucault who recounts the centuries-old history of states pretending to quash epidemics to gain total power.

For it to be science you need EVIDENCE, EXPERIMENTS. Ask yourselves: How is germ warfare supposed to work, for real? besides the sci-fi propaganda? that is, show an experiment where a supposedly 'pathogen' agent is inoculated on a population, and is really transmitted and really causing the disease that they say it causes. You'll find there is no such thing. Some naive, third-tier students tried, and failed. But the upper-tier ones don't even try, because they know virology doesn't work with evidence. That's why we don't we have on film just one experiment with guinea pigs getting hit with a virus. The evidence is this: not even cold or flu gets 'transmitted' via other people. It's everything from temperature to diet, but not this.

If you're an evil power and you really want to harm others, you can try poison gas, you can also try radioactive agents, and most of all you can try all sorts of explosives. That's proven to work. But then there's another solution: use the authority of scientific institutions to say there's a threat, so invisible yet so powerful. It doesn't need to be real. It just needs to be believed to have a real effect. That's the secret of germ warfare, and biopolitics.

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