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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (2020)

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Churn butter once or twice

"Everyone wants their most basic and advanced needs for life (and death, perhaps) met adequately, but does everyone deserve those things? If not, who decides this? (I hope it's the aliens, why don't we all wait for them to land, instead of discussing these things among ourselves, bring out the doomsday devices)

This shoutout is going out to Greer & Greer associates, big up'
crystalfarm45 wrote:

Dr. Steven Greer
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He killed the best president by direct proxy and also his entire family and team as well”
- Just Kidding

Because a lot of people base a lot of their doings on movies and the relating phenomena associated with motion pictures as such,
here's a little something for ya'll (with a confederate accent, no doubt), from the murderous, cold haters of humanity such as yourself.
This was also a good one:

When looking at "The Departed", from 2005, for example, one can obviously see Matt Damon there is hardly in any way likable...
So I thought to myself, can I like him and his roles better, appreciate the work he's doing, a bit more, maybe dis-like him less, perhaps?
They're fine up until the moment Mr. Leo DiCaprio goes all touchy on the envelope that has Stonehenge drawn upon it...but he's got anxiety and Oxy withdrawals, so can you blame him? This is probably why both of them got shot anyway, where it was going overall...
If I tried to be funny about it, I could say "My last genuine human contact and interaction in the past few months (enough to have lost count...) has been Judy the Disney (Facebook) Rabbit Police Detective...", there's someone called Paul Wall up in Texas, he made a music video and in it he says, raps or sings (whatever) that he's got more carrots, than Bugs Bunny's lunch...I had to look that up, how many is that exactly, then? Well, apparently, not all that many...rabbits hardly eat as much, even if it's a big one...I'm assuming he means 24-s like all them' spinners and rims and what-not, but it's still probably pretty reasonable and affordable, all things considered...

Let's try to be funnier. Can I speak to Google? I tried Googling this and couldn't find an answer. It could break my brain and give me exhaust fumes (spontaneous combustion, I'm looking at you...pardon me, it wasn't me, it was my food) if I am accidentally forced to speak to a real person instead of Google. Seriously. It turned out that there was this thing called Disney Facebook Judy, the rabbit detective or whatever, and I googled it and it existed and I wanted to talk to Judy and I couldn't find her. "Come on Google Disney and Facebook, where's Judy? Did you kidnap her or something?" - "No, she went somewhere else on official Disney police business."
When things actually are like that, there's (usually) more free time, opportunities to think things out. I tried to be reasonable and be more considerate of video game entities and other such things, which could be deemed legal entities in a sense as stand-alone characters, perhaps a bit like pretending things actually are that way, when just trying to imagine what it could be like...i.e. Drugs Against Bad Parental Guidelines -- DAB-PG (insert propaganda here)...So I looked at Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005), for example, in this way.

How can it be more interesting, if I'm playing it like...for the fifth time in a row, or something...Once the euphoria of a new game is over, plus once you're comfortable with the mechanics, it leaves room to pay more attention to certain details, because they can definitely be distracting...

When I played the game, there's a little lottery card-drawing every time you beat a blacklist racer.

In monetary terms, getting a pink-slip in this case is for the most part, highly desirable.
For the most part, it seemed to me, that if you get one, it's unlikely to be at that same exact spot the next time around...
It worked. I pretty much got a pink-slip every time I tried that (two picks, five cards total, three for pinks). During my last playthrough, I probably went for a unique performance part on every go (except maybe for Baron's Porsche Cayman, that's a really good one IMHO...).

So, to go all make-pretend on the video game, one could go for the pinks of Mr. Webster here (He's got a C6 and I'm hardly much of a Corvette person)...have it intentionally impounded, so that Mr. Cross (He has one as well...)could have another for his white-ass girlfriend. Would that work? "We love you the police"

Here's a little something from the children's playground of Los Alamos Laboratories, Mexico (allegedly), a little rumor I heard...
What you do is jerk off, collect all your precious stuff, put it in a syringe (while fresh), then poke a hole in an organic, fertilized (chicken) egg and inject it with *whatever*, then go through the usual birthing-hatching process of whatever-the-fuck-that-is. If you've ever played those Abe-slave games, where they have weird-looking monsters and, like, seven-feet-tall-animated-hands, this could be something similar, except for real...maybe something like "The Chupacabra" or whatever.

It seems plausible to me, that it could work...Anyone care to ask these nice people over there? There's videos on YouTube allegedly of these, and I probably even know the name to look it up, but that shit's barbaric in theory...please be careful about actually considering doing any of this or even experimenting with it...more of an FYI for educational research purposes. "Homunuculus" should bring many results...I've seen many f*cked up videos in my life, and many are quickly dubbed "fake", like the Pain Olympics, for example. There was a guy in max, that told me he made money selling the codecs for these, maybe $50k and rather quickly, perhaps even consistently, and he went to india to start a restaurant, did something and also a lot of Cocaine and LSD and came back broke, having sold his last Laptop for a ticket back home. Thing is, Codecs were (and still are) a very necessary thing and so I'm assuming here that many dodgy businesses you see online are actually legitimate things and chances are, it's there, it exists.
I looked at some of the torrents here, one of them was this:
There was a reference in the comments, which I found more interesting than the movie itself, but it's still rather good despite this. It's like Mr. Bezmenov said, how the situation is as such that truthful content hardly even matters, i.e. you could show THEM video proof of something, and they would still either discard or fail to understand know? It's like a physio-psychological barrier-dependency, like in the Assassin's Creed memory've gotta level up first...A quote I did remember rather well though, from the film, something about Germany having some of the lowest rates of childbirthing in the world, something particularly to my liking.

I heard him get like...sniper red-dots pointed at him while camping. Well, Dr. Homer Simpson, maybe it's the extraterrestrials, sending their human agents via consciousness-based technologies to beam back the laser pointers YOU pointed at THEIR ships...maybe, instead of interpreting them as saying "Hi" this way after you had done that, it was actually more of a "spontaneous combustion" as opposed to what YOU think it was...Do you really think extraterrestrial aircraft flight safety is less important and their vehicles less vulnerable?

All this picture has is weird implications..."Please subscribe...we lack representatives"
- room for meditation, i suppose -

from a different perspective,

from a different perspective, a wall of text looks just like the dripping matrix...a work of art, mate!
whatever you are saying, keep up the good fight!
i’m half tempted to actually try to understand what you are saying but then again i’m also researching conspiracies and gnosticism and propaganda and religion and beliefs and narrative and meaning-making anyway, so i guess it will all come together on the dark side of the moon!

Household pets and ketamine meds - call poison control for a hit

Did I tell you the story about the disabled person with a dog and poison control?
Been walking-biking around the local area for quite some time now on a rather daily basis. There's this disabled woman of regular age walking with a limp and a dog accompanying. Seemed rather angry and big for a dog and barked at me all the time, and last time I saw the pair, the canine had one of those plastic headwear things either after surgery or to prevent assaults and I thought to myself "Which? Sheesh, either way, must've been a problem round here..." and also what the lady might have thought while wrestling with her beloved companion "Come on fluffy not again stop that let's go"

I went to the local general store earlier as I was interested in the rumor that toothpaste contains rat poision, it caught my eye so I went to check the ingredients and there was nothing there except "If consumed, contact poison control" and "counter-measure remedy vitamin K" or something like that. I looked it up online, thinking "What the heck is this? I looked up the illegal substances legislation very recently with regards to the use of ketamine for depression and other ailments abroad as legitimate treatment and our local legislation clearly stated, that neither fentanyl nor ketamine are to be used for any purposes whatsoever in either human or veterinary use, including medical...I could be mistaken and read it wrong, but...could it be? It's not ketamine, is it? No way..."

I wrote to this local fella about this, but he deleted my post. When the dog was barking at me I was like "Shit, does this canine fella have antennae and automatically knows itself to be a good source of ketamine...? Well, no surprise there for the bark then....better escape quickly."
Turns out modern rat poison is not fluoride-based any more, it's based on bromides now, (no relation to the famous psychiatric drink-calming substance, only a minor grammatical similarity of a different thing[Potassium bromide (KBr) is a salt, widely used as an anticonvulsant and a sedative in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with over-the-counter use extending to 1975 in the US. Its action is due to the bromide ion (sodium bromide is equally effective).])

I went ahead and bought a packet of rat poison just in case during the sale of the closure of my favorite shop and then afterwards the shop continued running because it found a new owner, which is great. During my time in the local forest, I kept finding dead rats, or mice or whatever, with their heads bitten off by what looks to be your regular & average felines, the usual cat. Huge body count

PS. It was really scary, because the dog looked rather angry or at the very least upset...the lady walked around with a never know....

That's like this story I've secretly been contemplating. Remembering my alleged claims of incompetence on part of the (regular and mostly non-governmental) establishments, I figured "If this is how things are, I better look up 'integrity' in their dictionary"..."I bet they don't even have any integrity there....". Guess what, I looked it up, there is only one match for integrity and that equates to wholness. While we're at wholeness, why don't we add "vibrations and namaste" to wholeness, which would be rather fine and dandy, were it not so horribly inappropriate in a state of cognitive dissonance if this were to ever take place. You know what I mean? Even going by the national hymn ("nazi hymen, haha"), the first lines are already implying they're a self-important, propagandist-creationist peoples and need to be constantly reminded of just how good all these things are exactly on a rather regular basis. It's like how I read someone's comments on the bible, with all that emphasis on "goodness" equating to a rather propagandist god. These are the kinds of insights, that are difficult to come up with even under close paid scrutiny, or so it seems, so where does all that leave us? That bit about integrity in English implies also a moral or a qualitative value implying a premium over the standard and going all "Wholeness & Vibrations, Namaste!" on the locals could be like going to clown college at the ripe mental age of 666...That last comment was meant to be rudely inapporpriate, but it might be the exact opposite.

"No worries" would be another one. I read/heard on the topic of neurolinguistic programming from one of it's pioneers, Milton Erickson, that from his research he found the subconscious of a person unable to register the negative form, i.e. "No." I think he was a keen observer somewhat derived from him being deaf most of his life, if I remember correctly. This means "No worries" could equate to "worries" on those terms, if true. These are interesting topics, but if this is true, it could mean most of the population is cognitively dissonant and would explain some of the defects in our societies rather well and on a very simple level. Not due to any particular defect on the part of the peoples, only having been taught wrong. Thus I would enjoy to be able to think-converse and interact in coherent ways that are understood as intended on all levels. Doing that with military-speak and the required precision could be one hell of a task, though.
I tried something along those lines as an experiment and it was rather worrysome and fatiguing in general, at least at first, but also empowering.

There has been a real flurry of interest in the last couple of days in a couple of chatbots (reassuringly named "Bob" and "Alice") developed by Facebook AI Research. Reports have been flying around of these robots creating their own sinister coded language, along with incomprehensible snippets of intriguing exchanges between the two of them. One example is this:

Bob: I can i i everything else

Alice: balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to

Bob: you i everything else

Alice: balls have a ball to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to meca

A little trepidation around having two bots (backed by neural networks) talk to each other like this is perhaps understandable, but it's important to understand that they were only really doing what they were told, and the implications are far less sinister than some more hysterical corners of the media would have you believe.

As a software engineer, I have found it quite amusing to sit back and watch the droves of articles predicting an oncoming robotic revolution – I'm afraid the whole Terminator scenario still remains incredibly unlikely.

The thing about Bob and Alice is that, despite their friendly names, they were only given one job to do: specifically, to negotiate. Initially, a simple user interface facilitated conversations between one human and one bot – conversations about negotiating the sharing out of a pool of resources (books, hats and balls).

These conversations necessarily were conducted in English, this being the language of the human – "Give me one ball, and I'll give you the hats", and so on. I'm sure many thrilling discussions were had.

The really interesting part revolves around what happened next, when the bots were directed at each other. The way they talked to each other became impossible for humans to understand. As has been pointed out already elsewhere, this is not a huge surprise – it’s actually been observed already in several other AI contexts. In fact, it echoes the very specific (and, initially, quite unintelligible) language that already exists around various trading practices, military operations and even amateur radio. I remember my first trip to the amateur radio society at school (yes, I was that kid) – I didn't understand a word!
In all those situations, the means of communication has adapted beyond its origin language to serve a very specific purpose with maximum efficiency. What Bob and Alice have developed is the AI equivalent.
I think it's important to remember that robots talking in an incomprehensible language isn't something new – they are very much already among us. In fact, you've probably interacted with one.

One of the tools millions of us use on our computers and smartphones – Google Translate – is in fact in part powered by a neural network, and it was revealed a few months ago that this network uses its own sort of "intermediary" language to translate between a pair of languages to which it hasn't before been exposed. This "interlingua" enables it to operate effectively – it is "specific to the task of translation and not readable or usable for humans". This is another demonstration of the principle behind the Bob and Alice exchanges.

Sadly this is the end of Bob and Alice's story, as we learn that Facebook has ultimately decided to require that these bots continue to communicate in a human-readable form of English (even when talking to each other). It's all very well having bots that can negotiate efficiently with each other, but maybe we're not quite ready for them to be better at it than we are.
"Tell me sir, are you big into books?" - "Balls.... I'm illiterate! Hats off to you on this good day"

There was only one quote of the actual fluoride that was actually meant to be beneficial to teeth, called a calcium fluoride, much like milk makes teeth stronger, but only when of the non-poison variety (raw), and how excess sodium in potato crisps causes bloating and obesity, was found in a viktor schauberger book or quote, and that was last time i checked...very little references almost anywhere...featured in himalaya-brand toothpaste from india or something

i is...


big tune from mr snowden
just look at this he is claiming they have time travel on their computers even without using the montauk project or philly and he could be speaking about anything, like for example vaccines you see that screen where he splits into many that could mean your children are getting more retarded and he is a high-end operative and yours are probably even much more stupid and they wanna extradict him and he's still working at the nsa at the time of making the video and he's not even very handsome, he's telling the government they could be attacked with complete antivax benevolent tyranny

plus the guy in the video that's in russian

if i understood correctly, he got around 9 years in a Vladivostok gulag (prison-camp) without even so much as probable cause, never mind actual evidence...just improbable assumptions
there's a scene in american history x, where Dr. Sweeney asks Ed Norton if anything he had done in his life actually made it better, i thought about the question on a personal level and realized, "absolutely" "yes" "guaranteed", all the way from illegal drug consumption to the charges of violent battery and assault, even on a completely rational and sane level, i.e. "would have been worse off staying here rather than being transferred to max eventually", even though there's initial resistance
i wrote about george floyd, in a comment to someone, "if i put down what actually happened, that would be a court-ordered execution warrant effective immediately, for your average citizen, mother and child, agreeably, probably even by them" and it got deleted, which is rather understandable.
this goes for the video on google drive, that's around 4 gigs to D/L because of bad encoding

genuinely sorry

but i really do have trouble parsing your posts.

it's ok pax it's hardly a requirement for anyone these days

parsing posts with hard-to-understand or even dangerous-depressing content, despite being interesting, could be a wise thing to do in many cases, because messing with the mind can also bring physical problems.
last year i had trouble at home, it was hard to breathe indoors and the heating was off even though it maybe shouldn't have been, still is up to a point, something changed though.
i went ahead and bought a train ticket for three months, for the money allocated for my dental plan. it was 55 euro. the train system is zonal here, zone A means central town and primary itinerary, i live in zone B, also a part of a bigger county-system, extending all the way up to zone E. there's free public transportation allocations her as per the local governmental laws, the citizens from zone A usually get to travel for free in their zone, and likewise for us here, zone B all the way up to zone E. buying the ticket for zone A for three months meant i could go back and forth, from end-to-end, take my computer, be able to use the internet and electricity with minimum interference and better health conditions than say, living at home with industrial-grade household contamination, the only one available. i.e. board the train and sit on the train all day for purposes of electric heating, electricity and internet, among other things. i do this and pretty much all of the enforcers are elderly females like hillary clinton who i had run ins with at the time, most of the time, but i adapted. so i go there, another hour and a half one-way to go (and back, likewise), one of them's looking kind of funny like "what am i doing there", i've got my headphones on and it felt kinda suspicious...then eventually, man looking like phil schneider comes up, looking like an absolute US marshall, with the big-boy coat and everything, tag clearly visible, i thought it was the local feds or something...go through the paperwork, he told me immediately that he's the head specialist of the highway patrol or something, only later i found out this meant primary enforcer from the offices, this simply meant lead supervisor of whether people have bought their ticket, and even though it seemed like the lady might have called this person there on purpose, i've seen it before that these kinds of things just happen from time to time (being intentionally called upon to extract, say, a homeless person from the train causing a trouble somehow, or just part of a routine check-up) they're all on the train, me included, i went to have a conversation with both of them on the technical issues relevant to them and also asked what i needed to do in order to have a conversation with the main main and it was then i found out that the title could be assigned in another manner, more funny, "the federal ticketeer" or whatever, because it's important (it is).

so that's like 65 dollars per three months rent, electric, heating and internet included, great.
they say love don't pay no rent
also i have a question for either nibs (or pax?) about hosting as to what is really allowed in here?
like, if someone uploaded a cookbook for example, would the entire website be taken down?
i.e. a few torrents are okay but that kinda stuff is just too barbaric for even the deniably agreeable
this could be the reason why having closed registration is good, and administrative censor necessary
imagine Dr. greer making an account to the conspiracy website for a deliberate psyop to offline it


As far as I know anything non-fiction (and preferably conspiracy-related) is allowed here. Nothing fictional. Movies/music etc. Nibs enforces this, I believe.

Hello Steven Greer, if you are reading thus far I am sure you have become even more enlightened!

put it this way "thanks"

how do i embed a youtube video here?

i had the police with the ambulance called in together twice last winter
neither of them ended with anything incarceration, but tough regardless
considering the fact that neither the health department, the fire squad,
the bomb squad, the actual police nor the local intelligence services
responded to almost anything properly documented, filed (multiple times)
and even personally addressed in face-to-face serious interaction implications
while the squads arrived upon hysterical phone calls on deluded but probable bases
i was promised something, personal photographs of mine, let's say, originals.
central heating was installed on the premises, but left inoperable in a cold winter
i borrowed some ancient relic worth ten dollars at best, with dicks drawn upon, prior
upon returning and inquiring about said photographs, finding about their actual status,
i proceeded to evacuate the somewhat broken, but still operable piece of equipment
out of the premises, the police was called and arrived almost immediately and i somehow
ended up greeting them myself and made a joke about, something about elderly racketeering
"the police helping me with packing my boxes and cleaning the kitchen and my room, something long overdue, on the pretext of a contraband search" that last one was all right indeed...i was merely looking to leave the oil radiator next to a garbage can somewhere so that someone else could use it, because we got central heating installed just recently (which the owner and alleged person in question had to pay several grand for anyway), on a non-existant payroll in unsuitable work age while maintaining attempts to feed her huge family of poor people in benevolent acts of charity and emotionally leveraging their useless propaganda criteria for hysterical behavior

"this is what happens when people, male, young boys in particular, get thrown in a well"

the implications are such that if anything happened it would be gulag-time again, hard time by proxy in a long series of events even if nothing serious happened, all over practically almost nothing. there was a moment i realized "she finally understood what it was about" and haven't had much or any trouble since then but i reckon this kind of stuff leaves people permanently damaged, if not dead, not to mention fired

"what happened? mk-utra at home." i looked it up on wikipedia and this is what wikipedia says about mk ultra: "Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs " fair enough

it says "satan tv" in the

it says "satan tv" in the lower right
me likey

Anyone been banished to Hoboken, New Jersey just recently?
TheCorsair00 wrote:

As far as I know anything non-fiction (and preferably conspiracy-related) is allowed here. Nothing fictional. Movies/music etc. Nibs enforces this, I believe.-
Hello Steven Greer, if you are reading thus far I am sure you have become even more enlightened!

I like this site, it seems the posts are editable all of the time and it doesn't seem to mess anything up, looks complimentary
Personally i hope he himself was seriously offended, enough to make him improve his meditation techniques at least...

it's nothing to do with

it's nothing to do with content in itself it's the chaotic way it's written down.
And yes only non fiction allowed.
And Greer just bugger off, the slimey, backstabbing arsewipe.

Greer is greedy as hell!!

Hes not only demanded to delayed Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind but also other 3 documentaries of him -Sirius,Unaknowledged and Fastwalkers.My gosh that man is greedier than even Mr.Krabs

What is fastwalkers?

I looked up agent smith on IMDB, turns out he is a native nigerian

It is a documentary

It is a documentary which released in 2005 and feature Dr.Greer although this one is not made by him but you know the rules any documentary,recorded conference or tv series that features Dr.Greer should be delayed immediately )))

While I disapprove of his choice of groupies for meditation

They made this comment I found funny about "vantage points for these gigantic space orbs", I'm like okay, what could that mean...cancel the space race contact is over, Greer & Greer associates on Jeopardy for 10,000$ "What is 'there are distinctions'?" and they'll win. I came online, over here in particular, actually looking for the film in question, it wasn't there. I had to go find it elsewhere, which was only somewhat difficult, all things considered. I've found myself to be a natural talent for seeking out this kind of information, and the way the web is filled with spam, SEO and advertisement (among The Teletubbies, such as Dr. Greer) that it's becoming difficult to find anything at all without a tactical dissection, so the one hand, people can be easily bashed for being "stupid, ugly and poor", but the probabilities for any success or whatever else the parameters of a reasonably happy life, have been driven so far down below, it's...been a long time coming and this shit sucks. Interplanetary warfare for peaceful relations...can't wait, all it took for me was a single winter of harassment and torture to become a supporter of mass genocide and civilan executions...I'm still nice, polite and law-obedient, but...

I like Dr. Greer, but I don't see myself going meditating with him, even though that could be great. Going shopping or other regular activities, there are dangerous encounters with entities of three categories (in my opinion): The Elderly, People with Dogs and People with Baby-strollers, all very distracting and disturbing, everywhere, practically all the time. The rest are useless because of these, at least for me, for the most part, here at the moment. It's quite unfunny, actually. A month pre-corona, I went to a medium-popularity big-mall for shopping purposes, I looked at it, it wasn't even the weekend, it was Thursday, a working day, during working hours.....and the entire parking lot was literally overcrowded, full of cars, couldn't even walk inside the mall, nothing in particular why they should be so, no significant event, no sales day black friday, no nothing...just terribly considerate of all life of all walks of life...that's the barbaric part...I took this social thing rather seriously and so aren't the elderly the primary risk group for like everything, ever? Get them employed (as per our local initiative, which gives bonus points to them for employing the elderly and disabled), get to pay them less, but also there's troubles and severe indications of work-related performance and sales issues, guaranteed. Try doing shopping or using public transport with a 2-yard clearance zone from the elderly, at any time during the day. Play the game called "every ugly elderly lady has corona, what do i do, what do i do?". Plus, even if you do, there's this thing called airflow, which can be a bummer...Anyway, when the shopping malls or other regular places of daily interaction are this overcrowded and fill with dull, rhetorical emptiness disguised as genuine interaction in the form of conversation, just try, just you try to dodge a roadblock in the form of a shopping cart in your way un-tactically placed with a bad angle or a poorly planned shopping itinerary without blowing steam off your head every time this happens, all the time, everywhere......i'm just gonna sit here....and wait for the aliens the land....there is a sworn written statement on the bench in the form of graffiti by the local youths "kill us all :D" but one of them had also something like marijuana babes 420 that was a good one i like that


i found your first paragraph, especially, lucid and explanatory.
are you based in the USA? what state are you living in?
I'm from nova Scotia, Canada, originally.
you have quite the sense of humor, friend. good for you,
and you also have a very independent way of looking at things and thinking about events.

for myself I could care less about greer. he has nothing to say and one million ways to say it.
I'd much rather study gnosticism or charles tart or nietzsche. or William blake, or jack kerouac.
what do you like to read?

Based in the USA? I wish. What state? Alternating in positivity

Anything from +3 to +24 on the Gurdijeff on a rather regular basis is fine, with +48 as the maximum low-point sounds nice.
There's one of those things that could be easily converted to a ghetto-DUMB here though, clean up a bit and I've got my military bunker.
Alleged relatives in Canada, apparently one of them was anything from a Locheed-Martin (non-skunkworks) aerospace engineer to a marijuana-smoking office worker. For reasons of scrutiny and interest by lesser parties of the alleged "lineage", it's better if I keep away.
A quote from a friend: "I'm actually mostly focused on some other, specific concerns right now, somewhere between PUBLIC HEALTH SAFETY, IMMINENT COLLAPSE OF CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT and actually SURVIVING THIS SHIT INTACT AND UNSCATHED"

For me, "intact and unscathed" is already a gone, distant dream and so I'm just hovering in a steady-state of difficult conditions, waiting for another big pay-check to arrive from "The Germans", apparently. On the scale, from +24 to -12, unfortunately. Even with all the fucked up shit going on, it beats max, plus having had that experience, it gives the good things more value. If the point of reference has always been shit, then it's just useful as an extra capacity for pain endurance in the present (causing me to completely cut off any communications which might imply even so much as minor discomfort, i.e. going shopping with a respectable citizen, saying "Hi" to an old acquaintance, never mind Family or even considering removing headphones in even the remotest public area for fear of "Noise pollution" on the part of other valuable citizens, mothers and children alike.) Books? I made the joke about being illiterate, i.e. my room being so messy, not feeling like reading or endangering my only items of literature in scenarios involving deterioration among others...but I did notice the illiteracy temporarily fading away as the condition only slightly improved. I'm illiterate again. I have the titles lined-up, which I want to read, but have been unable to do so thus far..."Go to prison now, be better off later down the wouldn't even know"

There's something I read on a website, there were references... from here, GEB, or something, Conway, whatever. I bought GEB, I've some books on remote viewing, others on psychic stuff, soviet science books (and legislation), all packed up in this big brown box of illiteracy along with porno-magazines I might consider reviewing and even scrutinizing the articles of, along with more respectable manners of social media. I guess reading as an activity depends a lot on the mental state, which "like" implies, if one is healthy, many things to choose from. Maybe give some nice lady a reading on how nice their breasts are, psychic or otherwise, that one should do just fine as a generic for-the-most-part-true all answer, to this question. I would like to study the tactical moisture of inner perimeter defense systems, particularly of attractive women with desirable qualities of a child-rearing capacity, in a strictly continent manner. What else, "How to make money online", stuff like that, I appreciate, they're brilliant. There's a lot of good stuff out there just waiting to be read. Like the man-greer himself said, "If you're genuinely good people, they're not going to read you in..." i.e. brief you, and I was thinking to myself "Hmm, does this means I can completely parry off any requests for communication by the general population as a form of maximum social distancing? Wow, Really? I would love that! Thanks, Dr greer." There's a funny video about someone hacking Area 51 and the statue of liberty on youtube called "Deus ex best buy mission" or something like that, with a printer. Way cool

Gurdjieff Vibration Level
States of Consciousness
+ 3
Making the Ma'hdi. Classical Satori. Fusion with universal mind, union with God: being one of the creators of energy from the void, in the Ma'h spiritual center above the head.

Gurdjieff Vibration Level
States of Consciousness
+ 6
Sasmita-nir bija
Making the Buddha. A point source of consciousness, energy, light and love. Point of consciousness, astral traveling clairudience, traveling clairovoyance, fusion with other entities in time. In the Path mental center of the head.

Gurdjieff Vibration Level
States of Consciousness
+ 12
Blissful state, making the Christ, the green qutub, realization of Baraka, the reception of divine grace, cosmic love, cosmic energy, heightened bodily awareness, highest function of bodily and planetside consciousness, being in love, being in a positive LSD energy state, in the Oth emotional center in the chest.

Gurdjieff Vibration Level
States of Consciousness
+ 24
The level of professional Satori or basic Satori. All the needed programs are in the unconsciousness of the biocomputer, operating smoothly, the self is lost in pleasurable activites that one knows best and likes to do. In the Kath moving center in the lower belly.

Gurdjieff Vibration Level
States of Consciousness
± 48
The neutral biocomputer state, the state for the absorption and the transmission of new ideas; for the reception of new data and new programs: doing teaching and learning with maximum facilitation, neither in a positive nor a negative state, neutral. On the earth.

Understood. Thanks for the

Understood. Thanks for the honest reply!
So what do you like in Greer? If you can give me an idea about what interests you I can possibly make some helpful alternative suggestions to you.
I'm glad to see you are familiar with Gurdjieff! *He* is awesome but do you consider Greer "awake"?
From what you write, I think you'd like a meditation mentor -- maybe sitting out under the stars, perhaps letting your guard down a little bit with those in the fire circle?
Well, one thing I've learned here at concen is that we are already there, brother! As I've mentioned to Captain Corsair I consider this crew here a merry band of mystic misfits and we all *don't* fit in together. So in that sense, welcome to the circle, mate!

I also appreciate you breaking your thoughts into noticeable sections. It *really* helps me understand you better.

If you are not in the US, I guess you are in Europe? But why would you be getting a check from the Germans? Are you Jewish or something?


Special song just for Steve

He makes difficult things easy to, it's hard-to-find contraband information. What he's doing technically could be an actual suicide-mission, and everyone loves their life, it's the built-in reptilian survival programs in all lifeforms. Dr. Greer is very awake, and to give an example while temporarily switching off "troll-mode", is this: The kennedy assassination, the alleged chauffeur was william greer, so that's like 2-in-1, a presidential driver AND assassin. It could be a plausible scenario, that while mr. Oswald could have been genuinely plotting the assassination, it is also possible that the C.I.A. did the same, on the same basis, but thought it better to avoid leaving it in the hands of an amateur. Whatever the considerations were for this, it's very little of my concern...Point being, it's a difficult job either way. Politicians get paid so much money, because they get harassed by the people. "Economic hitmen", they called it, or something similar. Looking at the following video:, one can see president kennedy placed next to president nixon, and another, as a negative example. He is probably the most liked president in the conspiracy and regular-people circles, allegedly involved in a presidential-incestuous three-way case of marital infidelity with Marilyn Monroe. Okay...Something which I know very little about. Steve's situation could be similar (it probably is not, I can only assume he is doing the good work with less results than anticipated, that is all), but if he gets harassed (Like he could be with the whole william-or-whatever scenario), the example is simple. Suppose his distant relative killed the president, but he is also a talented individual. Considered absolutely essential for duty and hidden away anyway, assigned to a most sensitive task...if people don't like it, it won't make a darned of a difference in those matters...if they appreciate such actions, good for them, it is probably unlikely that they do. Draw your own conclusions.

The special song just for Steve, that I wanted to share, is this:

Only because of the vocals. The album is from a record label called Moving Shadow, the design which looks like something out of Dr. Greer-s Joshua Tree meditation appearance, sometimes combined with a slogan "World Domination", mixed by a Dom & Roland. Most people think Dom & Roland is two people, I did too. Dom and Roland is actually just a man and his synthesizer, so way to go Dominic, way to respect the equipment...Cheers. Most people are probably right too, in the sense that synthesizers are people too, right? There's two more tunes I would like to point out, one of them "TJ Rizing - Agent 007" and another "Deep Rooted - Soul Catcher". Agent 007 is mixed in a really catchy way, which I like, but not the original itself. The Soul Catcher is a melody with lyrics that got me wondering what the overall context is...[A microchip capable of storing your consciousness....It's been dubbed, "The Soul Catcher"]. Here is the album itself, on YouTube, with defects, but still listenable:

Here's soul catcher:
It sounds a lot like futuristic space-music to me, appropriate and given the whole techno-tendency, could be classified as interesting points of reference for additional research. Another favorite is "Shere Khan - One Day", featured on the Grand Theft Auto III soundtrack, the game itself in piracy circles frequently came without a soundtrack due to bandwidth constraints, plus they even had a tower or two there which they had to remove for political correctness in anticipation of potential peer pressure demands. The tune itself mixed with, another interesting Sci-Fi themed melody.

Point being, allegedly such things exist. From what I read, which absolutely 100% cross-references truthfully with Greer-s findings, the same source claims the already-present extraterrestrials are primarily a military force with the exception of specific celestial engineers, gathered or gathering here. My opinion would be this: They're going for either a one-shot kill and presently doing tactical reconaissance or preparations, for whatever it is that's going on, or complete surrender of the enemy to their terms. Apparently the entirety of existence is at danger, and this is why it's plausible that it would be a military force. This means everyone in the afterlife, all the aliens, extraterrestrials, whoever. I'm assuming that the considerations in their decisionmaking are from all perspectives, i.e. our human, their own plus those of the enemy, combined in real-time evaluation criteria. It's only an unverified rumor, but their representative is claimed to have an IQ of 450, which is something similar to what Dr. Greer claimed extraterrestrials have. If so, they have more. It's only this old guy with a white beard who doesn't even have access to the technologies or people allegedly claiming to have some very, very, very heavy artillery aimed at Fort Meade, Maryland by default and spying on them, the spies themselves...which makes sense, were it true. It's technically a theoretical scenario, but one I would avoid taking chances on, where applicable. Apparently extortion is the game plan. Our earth-based activities are apparently the last outpost, it's either complete blackmail leverage against the entirety of the cosmos, or peace-on-earth, even through an extinction-level-event, if necessary, because of the dire implications, should they be true as such. The bit about Germany is a bit of a joke, although it could be a rather decent option as a country to live in, besides The US, one I could still believe in as having any value, but there are so many variables...Maybe simply re-interpret it as...just waiting for my welfare check...the usual.

Like this guy George Floyd that has been hyped up recently, whatever the images say about being unable to breathe...I've had that daily for the past...3/4 of a year and realized there's little assistance to be received or expected and I'm better off even avoiding attempts at further inquiries along those lines even if for it simply being easier on the nerves...or just avoiding disappointment with unmet one point, you just stop trying...It's been a perpetual near-death-state for me for a long time...and as shocking as it may seem, I can say with plenty confidence, that it is likely a rather valuable lesson, leaving me better off in the long-run to easily avoid nasty surprises later.

A little copy-pasta to finish off:
"i went to this place called the military cemetary this is the second time i went there and i also went to the civilian cemetary nearby and i took pictures of tombstones that i liked ones that looked good with quality some are from 1970 and look brand new also some are cool like military officers with their faces already worn out on the stones which are better than new ones also the one in the civilian one is actually the best one because it looks like a dark triangle i listened to a dom and roland tune on youtube called big angry place in the sky and the computer voice said dark triangles several times i wondered what's a dark triangle well here is a picture of one here you go it's like the obelisk from stanley cubicles 2001 space movie except it's a dark triangle
i was thinking can i even go to the cemetery without being related to these people and still be respectful or like can i take pictures and still be respectful how would i know how would anyone know and so i'll have you know these days even cemeteries are over populated even if you have money so keep that in mind what do you mean well when someone dies you might have trouble finding space allocation this is why us-america has FEMA okay
and i took pictures of these and some look like base guy, as in all your base are belong to us, some look like kane with metal equipment some look like this guy from russian propaganda that says no to vodka these are very cool i think let me see if these are sendable"
"right next door to the military rehab i think this cemetary placement is tactical in nature and essence"
i called this the "undisputed best tombstone in military and civilian cemetery combined in civilian cemetery"
"Would you say you agree?
"here it is. dom with roland big angry place in the sky
big tune
it's like yeah what would that be "heaven" okay you wanna go to heaven?
oops i mean big angry place in the sky
oops i mean cemetary
"What's this YouTube video color-coded by? What do the colors mean?"

Let's be real here, someone loses their job and it goes on long enough, they're going to be begging for a Corona-Plus "New Game", or some Nuclear Fallout, to die in the actual explosion could be...the easy way out in some charity business...The people don't need a working fault-less system, they need their jobs so that they can continue living their lives, paying their mortgages, fucking their wives, whatever. Cold. Hard. Truth. I'm still going to be focusing on the good aspects, be as nice as possible....but it's better to be prepared...

You are not a cool guy if you do not have a batcave!!!

Seriously does he think that he is a fucking Batman?


I liked the reverb on the Greer interview. Not done often in documentaries. There was a 3 hour bonus interview on Vimeo. But I assume I cannot upload it here!

By the way, on you can automatically resize large images for posting to forums such as this.


Thank you for the link of the website where I can resize my image but I guess I will not post anything else here because I said everything that I think about this fraud CE5.0 cult leader.No, do not even try to upload it be careful what you upload now and in the future my mate :0

Funny joke, I appreciate the re-sizing. CE6.66 --- "Space Sluts"

If you ever hear someone saying that the number "666" is
"an evil number", please laugh. People who do such, do not
know what they are talking about, ok? Actually, No. 666
represents for ex. the "Hexameron" underlying construct
of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, as any decent theologian
knows. 666 is also the underlying construct of WATER, the
water crystal is a 666 geometric structure. Now how "evil"
is water...? There are no evil numbers, this is an imaginary
notion, every number has a Positive or Negative application.
Some numbers may have been used extensively in the past
in their negative-signature aspect, and so within our Genetic
Memory they might "resonate" more with that precedent.
This is what the Pythagorean School labeled "non-propitious"
in a number, how it has been energetically associated with
negative uses. At any rate, the number 666 hasn't: there is
no real precedent of it being used 'extensively' for nothing of
the sort. These "evil number" notions come from ignorant
people reading the Book of Revelation without knowing zilch
about Gematria or encoding (Rev 13:18 text clearly warns
it is only for those "who have wisdom" in this technique).

I'm a big fan of isopsephy, I

I'm a big fan of isopsephy, I'm glad to hear it interests you, too. All the numbers in the magic square traditionally known as the "magic square of the sun" add up to 666. This square contains the first 36 numbers arranged in a 6x6 grid so that each line of numbers, whether added vertically, horizontally, or diagonally from corner to corner, equals 111. The sum of all squares is 111 x 6 = 666. Of course, 36 = 6^2, i.e., the square of 6.

In Hebrew Kabbalah, the name of the Spirit of the Sun is "Sorath" (=666 in Hebrew gematria) while the Intelligence of the Sun is "Nakiel" (=111 in Hebrew gematria).

So 888 would be Jesus, the Spiritual Sun, while 666 would be the physical sun. These solar mythologies are very gnostic but the later association of the physical world with the devil is a particularly Manichean one: the world is evil, my friends!

euxconcen wrote:
euxconcen wrote:

I'm a big fan of isopsephy, I'm glad to hear it interests you, too. All the numbers in the magic square traditionally known as the "magic square of the sun" add up to 666. This square contains the first 36 numbers arranged in a 6x6 grid so that each line of numbers, whether added vertically, horizontally, or diagonally from corner to corner, equals 111. The sum of all squares is 111 x 6 = 666. Of course, 36 = 6^2, i.e., the square of 6.
In Hebrew Kabbalah, the name of the Spirit of the Sun is "Sorath" (=666 in Hebrew gematria) while the Intelligence of the Sun is "Nakiel" (=111 in Hebrew gematria).
So 888 would be Jesus, the Spiritual Sun, while 666 would be the physical sun. These solar mythologies are very gnostic but the later association of the physical world with the devil is a particularly Manichean one: the world is evil, my friends!

He's just hiding his space vehicles and deceiving everyone with

He's just hiding his space vehicles and deceiving everyone wih his's a false brand deceptive indication of his wheels


Lol 🤣👍

Do u want an emerald gemstones dress, babes? Shine with diamonds

BTW apparently this grey big lump of dead-metal rock near us (and you) apparently has layers of kilometers of titanium reinforcement plates, looks like an egg in shape, flies around space with embedded nuclear reactors while automatically aligning the vectors-trajectories precisely, accurately and fast enough to make it seem completely immobile, in addition with the second similar flag-mothership behind it, painted with a matt-black custom paintjob for tactical purposes, perhaps even with electromagnetic attributes, acting similarly. It's got...psychotronic weapons or signal emitters and whatever else, beaming hysteric signals in all languages to earthlings for many aeons, they're apparently blowing up planets galaxywide and collecting precious resources to store in their big terraformed planet. Apparently, it also is completely invulnerable by design, i.e. throw a hundred of your most powerful nukes at it simultaneously and it'd still be nothing...I guess that's what it takes...I prefer thinking about stuff boobs and space vaginae...It's one of those tactical scenarios, where the firepower is great and an amassed army likewise impressive in numbers and quality, but a bad move could still be damaging in an inconsiderate move, so it's...damage control tactical recon scenario. Like in a game of Heroes (not HERPES) of Might and Magic (The 5.5 mod is my favourite, very balanced, great game with huge replay value and even multiplayer capacities for the technical), where you can have a lot of powerful monsters, but there's certain Winning conditions to the map-scenario, i.e. obtain all castles, find an artifact, kill all enemy faction heroes, or whatever else. One also has to be in proximity or to have the capacity to make effective moves as their power relates to the positioning and actions of the armies and the overall context of the terrain...If you have a n00b army, but are tactically placed, one can do a lot with that, still. Just see this video of a guy beating a 1v7 FFA map on 200% impossible difficulty, with nothing but a ballista and tactical moves: That's the classic Heroes III

The gentleman's way of offending someone without saying anything

Sort of like how I watched this movie called forbidden planet and there is this lady that says with absolute conviction according to her know parameters and expected lifespan "i hope i never see this man again even if i live to be 400 million" and she went off with someoone and probably lives much less as a result and also the man there her father said something like "my daughter's jewelry is on her table and you will find the [whatever precious item] at location x" which is the gentleman's way of offending someone
Someone asks me for help "May i suggest asking the aliens this question when they land?" "Do these even exist? Will they ever land?" "If your kind are what they have waiting for them i sincerely hope otherwise, at least for you"
Sort of like how everyone has the right to life and happiness, right? All those people, even the fat, ugly, stupid, unhealthy ones need to perform their duties at school, work, pay for their food, their mortages, whatever and if they are exactly that then they fail these requirements or succumb to primitive un-sustainable measures to protect what little they have left which is practically nothing anyway and even damaging for them to exist
Because stupidity, obesity, morbidity, ugliness and health are all inter-related characteristics that ultimately bring others down
But seriously, I do think some people should be disallowed from ever having private property (family and actual private property). I think the whole issue of appreciating the family of a person is aggravating racism and classism and the relevant struggle in this particular context.
Granted, there are people who genuinely have entire families of good people, but there are things that bring problems to these, too (which luckily, I am aware of and therefore these issues correctable)
Emerald dresses are a reference to the film from 1980, forbidden planet

The Man-Greer featured in motion-picture "The Batman Complex"
TheCorsair00 wrote:

I liked the reverb on the Greer interview. Not done often in documentaries. There was a 3 hour bonus interview on Vimeo. But I assume I cannot upload it here!
By the way, on you can automatically resize large images for posting to forums such as this.
The Man-Greer in "The Batman Complex", a fan-made movie illustration from a variety of cross-cinema fanfic references, telling an altogether different story. Apparently Dr. Greer has lead everyone into a war-zone, with no way out. Strictly speaking, I did come across some sort of movie-theory from an over-analytical fanbase, where it was stated, that the old man (featured in the video as crying for brief microsecond fragments in a peculiar manner), was pulling the strings of the Batman series from behind the curtains, somehow. I am having difficulties recalling the exact article, but you should be able to find it, given sufficient interest. Anyone familiar with the inner workings of Batman should have a general idea of what is being talked about, whereas I am more lacking in such areas. If you look at his claims of having had cancer for the past decade or two, reaching old age and looking all tired and worn out, yet still benching 410 on a consistent basis....definitely might raise an eyebrow or two. This might be one of those deceptive INW-s he mentioned, pretending to be this kind old-guy and then putting on his fancy costume and going off killing his family and paramilitary officers in the middle of the night while maintaining himself at the prime metabolic age of thirty...The people demand answers, Mr. Greer! You give funny feelings already...A quick search online procured this result from Reddit:


"Batman Vilans Are All Paid By Alfred

So after Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham hell-bent on revenge, Alfred is terrified about Bruce going out on the street to harass real criminals, so he uses the Wayne fortune to pay out-of-work actors and homeless people to dress up as masked vilans and pretend to wage war on Gotham. Kindly, the police chief goes along with Alfreds plans because he feels bad for Bruce having been there when he was a kid. This is why there are "no guns", "no killing" and the same overly dramatic Vilans in costumes showing up every week."

The rest of the crucial bits of information seem to be hidden away...which probably explains most of those strange occurrences very well...

Piece of advice to steve from Greer & Greer associates Inc.
JacobtheVoiceless wrote:

Seriously does he think that he is a fucking Batman?

Coming from someone on the other side of Greer & Greer associates, suppose you're one of those millienial DarkNet web-drug dealers, or a high-profile target of the paramilitary establishments, like steve here, what do you do to avoid incarceration? Suppose there is a threat that in the industry you're in, sometimes, things like triple homicides and lengthy pursuits...just have a chance of happening, along with exquisite apartmentalization offers for the select few that end up in one...Thus, one might just happen to have a tendency to meditation, perhaps even hang out with people that consume either Ayahuasca in sacrament-form, smoke DMT as part of their crack-habit alternations or just smoke in general. Another could be a simple, humble street-fentanyl enthusiast well familiar with the inner workings of their personal habits on a rather safe basis, both in the same industry. One ought to set-up a quick-hit prepared for such a scenario in the form of the substance of choice prepared in a quick-fire vaporizer, such as used for many nicotine addicts these days to consume it and the adequate experience to ensure the desired result is reached without much implied possibility of any mishaps along the way. The preparation itself is made with appropriate dissolution techniques in an agreeable medium-carrier for it (organic and health-approved for keeping lungs intact, preferably). To quote a document from the first part of the 20th century from an alleged nikola tesla associate, quote
"I will not describe that phenomenon here, for it will be fully described in the following pages, except to say that the seat of sensation becomes completely severed from its centering conscious Mind for intervals, followed by intervals of complete severance, one becomes wholly Mind, the One Mind of God, in which exists all-knowledge, all-power, and all-presence. Relatively few such experiences of illumination have been recorded throughout world history." unquote and just try to mentally re-wind yourself a hundred years and see just what-on-earth is this man exactly trying to say.

I looked at the text and couldn't figure it out until I came across Joe Rogan's DMT-land adventures online. Blasting off into hyperspace for a thousand year trip, whichever the measurement may be, around 15 minutes in earth terms (time-diluted), might explain this to your modern folk rather easily. Still, in medival terms, what's that? Pass out and....experience something? Okay. Impossible. Suppose one of these entities is in such a scenario and is about to get caught, in order to execute mission "damage control" on themselves, what are their options, realistically? One of them could be to pull over (preferably with your batmobile intact), find enough space for a minute to ensure blast-off into hyperspace for the allocated time period and gain extra experience on what to say in the court hearings, or perhaps even every interaction from then-on, maybe even in terms of thinking, acting and feeling as well, among others, in addition to just verbal interactions. This scenario implies intent to return in a safe manner. Another quote from the same:

"Cosmic Consciousness is the ultimate goal of all mankind. All will know it before the long journey of man is finished, but there are many in this new age just dawning who are ready for it in part, if not fully.
Many desire it fully, but it is best that it come bit by bit for the complete severance is very dangerous. The ecstasy of this supreme experience is so great that one does not wish to come back. The power of severance of soul from body is within easy accomplishment, but to step back into the body is very difficult." and it indeed seems so.

If one goes into hyperspace in such a scenario, returning in this unlikely to be realistic as a desire, more like an eventual inevitability...Second scenario, do the same thing, except do it while driving at high-speed, in order to be certain of both hyperspace-transport and non-return for incarceration and/or torture avoidance, holding in one hand your hyperspace apparatus and maintaining control of your vehicle to ensure your future fate in acceptable terms. [fill in the blanks]. Third scenario, same thing, minus the hyperspace...tripping balls when you've committed serious crimes could implicate one in threatening self-imposed purgatorial scenarios in certain parties, if there's accountability and pre-afterlife post-death programming implications as per the method of travel. A thousand years in one of those torture-hells in hyperspace could just be too much to even consider...this is why you pick fentanyl as your substance of choice, perhaps even the newer, more-stronger super-variant derivatives, for even greater coverage and in hindsight. Practice beforehand, feel safe before you go and ensure peaceful departure by taking a hit before impact. Certainly, there are more scenarios to consider and while none of this is meant to be taken as practical advice, if any of this actually happened, it could mean one hell of a car chase, court hearing or a trip to tell about and write letters from prison similarly. Final personal note to steve: Cease and desist before we turn you into a potted plant, by using your ashes to fertilize a Coca-plant in the personal residences of the new secretary of the White House and leverage the much beloved parties with associated implications. Please refer to the following educational video referentially:
Greer & Greer associates
Mergers & Acquisitions

he's a jobby

as we say here in Scotland. google it and read the posts about him and his actions. the underhanded cockwomble .. google that too lol

pax! i read this comment

pax! i read this comment weeks ago and wanted to return to it but couldn't find it again -- and searching concen for "cockwomble" proved surprisingly fruitless. thanks for dropping the scottish science -- agreed these terms are keepers

What is a Denial-of-Service attack?

Stop serving old people like Marian Kramer, that's a DDOS if I ever saw one...Plus, if you mis-spell "m" instead of "rn" or maybe, perhaps maybe...maybe you've attacked yourself then, or was it the....junk food causing cloudy judgement? Or...? Or what?

Google wrote:

A wise man getting few results at night
tries new spelling, even if it's right

Fella drew up stonehenge and Leo just crossed it out...that is so uncool, must be why he got shot...

Cockwomble is British

Cockwomble is British Military slang. That's where it started dacades ago. It was common parlance for most civilians we enuountered and to be fair, pretty much every fucking comissioned officer and soldier from craphat regiments and every other bra nch of the servioces but ESPECIALLY the RAF Regiment ,useless cunts that call a 5 mile run fitness test "the march of doom".......fucking mangina cockwombles!
It's usually a big mouthed, know all but know fuck all, obnoxious loud wanker who fucking loves mi or her self and loves theor own opinion.
Also known as a W.E.A.F.A(World Expert At Fuck All)
Jobby though is what Scottish kids call shit. Also it's used politely to describe a useless idiot

Gotham's Ethnic Crime-Fighting Duo, Man-Greer-Big & Associates

Dr. Greer looks like Homer Simpson gone ahead and started working know, there was a little parody event on Facebook a year or two ago, which I attended, i.e. "let's call the Child Protective Services on Homer Simpson" with a fair-enough basis to it to make it believable. Anyway, he also reminds me of the mythological Man-Greer-Big from South Park (or was it manbearpig? Eh, who cares.) Here you see an illustration of Dr. Greer in Bat-Wog, they're just like normal people, they eat kebabs and have weapons, what's wrong with those things? Plus, having recently watched the documentary in full, (the latest one, that is) it seems like production value is going down over time...If I were to play "Odd-one-out" I'd go for Marian Kramer, because she looks useless as a person and as a participant and seems like it was only a favor from Anna, or something like Gregg the Director doesn't look to competent either. Is Anna hot by the way? It's just Steve pulling the strings again, cap his ass and your black project is good to go again, in safe waters, perhaps..I was thinking about the Dead-Mans-Trigger situation again (DMT), and to me, it makes more sense, if you just get all the info out there, instead of trying to leverage and extort them by only releasing the info after a threat is followed through with. This way, there's more time to process and reconsider, plus with Greer, the thing is, if he knows a lot, then it would be wise to just off him immediately for fear of releasing even more information to the public, right? This way your projects might still have a chance...Do you guys remember this race-car driver guy called Rael? I'm uncertain of the exact details, but from what I remember, it was something to do with him becoming a journalist and meeting aliens at the mountain or something. It just so happens that from the Need For Speed (video game) series, there was one of them called "High Stakes", something around the year 2000, I thought these were connected to his...DeCygne group, but I think that was an error....Well, never mind...You better have actual contact footage next time with extraterrestrial direct comms...

you're right!

good call, mate.

I totally see homer in him

I had something just like this in mind...

By the way the scenario looks very interesting here, because nibs probably is like....the illuminati here when it comes to keeping-his-website-up in terms of alien attacks, such as coming from Greer & Greer associates and the Teletubbies such as Dr. Greer doesn't expect a practically homeless person using an etch-a-sketch drenched in hobo-piss to give people like the Man-Greer-Big any trouble when it comes to such matters and would immediately submit to their superior authorities (Who was that lawyer Steve threatened to leverage everyone with? Rodney King guy or something? I'll bet you money that nibs probably knows every scenario out there when it comes to keeping his (our) stuff up and hosted on here, nearing 100% to accuracy also in practical experience, with a bit of leeway for being unfamiliar with the details of some minor, novel Swiss-hosting service in the technicalities, or whatever. Why don't you tell Rodney King about this drug-use-while-driving scenario, that might be actually if you're doing 120 on the streets, the parameters of reasonable common sense obviously change and obeying the law at that point means "avoid crashing, excessive powersliding etc.", but that is well beyond the point, isn't it?
"Call off the space-race, contact is over, THIS is what we'll be spending our time on, from now on...Steve" - Greer & Greer
"Я их вижу. Цели - на высоте 70-го этажа. На логотипе компании. Непростой выдался денек."

you wrote "doing 120"... that

you wrote "doing 120"... that is a helpful geographic reference... Canadian?

I tried sending the link of this thread to someone...
euxconcen wrote:

you wrote "doing 120"... that is a helpful geographic reference... Canadian?

Look how funny this turned's hilarious...Let's be fair to Mr. Greer here, the people around him die, because he's got Dead Man's Trigger, whereas his friends do not, hence. It's dangerous to be friends with him, probably much like it is with Hillary Clinton -- Be Careful there, in all things Greer! Even funnier is the scenario, where people can't get executed anymore...It's a very possible scenario, ha :) Who was that lady called...Is it Eva Braun? I don't know much about them...

This is what Dr. Greer says reality is like...a meme-illustration of it, which got me wondering...
If anyone has ever played a video game with DLC-packs, maybe there's something cosmic to it, i.e.
Can you identify the nature (and essence) of an airplane in a context such as this, by their make-and-model?
Maybe they're forbidden by the cosmos to use Lockheed-Martin texture packs on their saucers or just unable to afford their adrenochrome fees..


I'm not Canadian, if that's what you asked me...the reference might be, but....Anyway, I've researched areas to go to were I to re-locate, Canada seems way too cold (I'm personally biased, as I was left in the freezing winter with no other place to go besides the already contaminated indoor premises with constant tactical, but unintentional harassment). One can literally die in a cold winter night in a cold area by missing the last train if you're unlucky enough. Even going to a popular holiday destination like Tenerife or whatever, to me can mean implications of old,ugly & fat people from the secret government of your mother, thus completely ruining the entire notion. Can't go to Greece, even though I would like to, because there are allegations of Secret Service Harrasment (I think it's called KYP over there...). The UK sounds nice, but the weather is shit....if there was an opportunity to go to the states or any other place that could be deemed suitable, I still have a good year or two of unfinished business to clear out in the native country of birth, rest & recuperate and prepare for a tactical re-location, one can literally get lost in a foreign country, even if there's people around. With enough hunger and fatigue, I literally got lost in a place I've lived in for 10 years, maybe more, simply due to the mental and physical exhaustion and the resulting effects. That's just how it is. Wrong place, wrong time, you go in someone's car or have a single drink at the club and your life could literally be over (or vice-versa, only just starting...), but that sounds like a lot of risky business either way, especially with trust issues everywhere, with everyone, especially when reasonably justified as such. Been trying to ask someone for a little bit of money as an initial start, because I figured, with all the stay-at-home self-employment internet jobs, I probably won't need any form of employment at all, anyway (unless of course I would be looking to get into Murders & Executions, Torture and corporate takeovers, but that's imaginative thinking and would require things like 'jurisdiction', among other things, which is probably way too much leveraging for anyone to handle). I would like to visit Canada eventually, but...with the global contamination and the undeniable probability of sudden cataclysmic surprises such as we had with the virus (anyone seen the terminal movie, where some guy played by Tom Hanks gets stuck in the airport and starts living there due to some legal thing or whatever? did any of that actually happen in recent times?), all life, destinations and people in general seem to be completely and utterly fragile and un-reliable, and that includes myself, especially when in the proximity of people like Marian Kramer, perhaps, although there could be worse examples (Sorry, steve, I only intended to offend her, if you're reading this...). The perfect illustration for mankind in their own terms would be something like "error-prone" "error" "erroneous" "prone to errors" among others, as they say things like "Everyone makes mistakes" equating to them literally being one huge colossal fuck-up. Of course, when the conditions change, so does the illustration, but for the most part, I'm personally going to just...wait for the aliens to land and keep to myself until they actually do, for the most part...If I wanted to go and meditate with steve and the rest of the....peoples come along with him, then it's useless, I'm better of watching his lectures on YouTube or something. Once again, steve, if you're reading this, I only meant to offend the fat, stupid and ugly ones (for the most part). There's a lot of people out there that in all actuality, probably even fail to meet the minimum requirements for the job requirements they are contractually bound with and, it's too much, let's watch a cartoon, I would say to myself. Anyone ever noticed, how stewie, the english-speaking infant might look similar to Nikola Tesla's last known photograph (the one where he's really really old and has practically no fat near his cheekbones any more...) and also like Big-Baby-Greer, the 7ft Teletubby, who can still bench 410...?

you wrote: "anyone seen the

you wrote: "anyone seen the terminal movie, where some guy played by Tom Hanks gets stuck in the airport and starts living there due to some legal thing or whatever? did any of that actually happen in recent times?"

I guess you meant that tongue-in-cheek because Comrade Snowden had that exact experience occur...and others, too

Didn't know that

I don't know much of the details of what went on, but I've gotten in a similar situation, but I would just like to give up my citizenship (eventually)...without any treason, simply because they lack integrity (in my opinion) and it would be shameful for me to even be involved in any matters the good people here...This is practically....front-line enemy territory in certain conditions...and I don't want to be in the military reserves, on the list of "good" citizens, or whatever, I'm genuinely afraid of even getting a local girlfriend or whatever, because a simple issue such as playing Bingo on who the official to come and fix the electricity in the countryside in the middle of winter...can be a huge issue...especially if there's a general lack of competence, integrity and general skill in all matters...I could be biased, but...So much shit went on, I ended up seeing the fellas who ought to do (local) constitutional oversight among other matters and understood...or was told, rather, that despite there being plenty perfectly viable options available and even presented, they still lack actual power of influence to make enough of a difference...imagine that, Dr. Greer, the enemy being similar to your ventures with the paramilitary, except with people like Marian Kramer with equivalent fuck-ups to what's allegedly going on with these guys...appropriately defined, of course...colossal

imagine living 20 years in an

imagine living 20 years in an airport. ugh.
well, friend, you are either extremely good at obfuscation or in dire straits at the moment. i sincerely wish you peace and paranoia-free moments in your day. stress kills. long live the Dude!

It's probably both, actually...

It's probably both, actually...thing is, much of this stuff and other media as well (movies, among others), can be read many times in many different ways, even what you like in a movie at the time will most likely program one further in these directions...that all depends...Nevertheless, even with all the shit going on, I'm just trying to be humble, because what I read online, there's people that have it far, far worse than I, plus I still have something to live for...Just waiting for the right opportunity, make some money, finally live a better's kind of ironic though, when contemplating the amount of raw firepower it has taken to even get this far...hence, the whole scenario is hilariously pathetic and funny at the same time, if the people involved come in scrutiny. It's like the make-shift ghetto version of Greer's troubles outside the government, except it's NOT aliens, NOT paramilitary, it's someone's MOM that wants to be appreciated for services rendered in the past, regardless whether there's anything left of them or, the good thing about this is that it probably applies to Greer & Greer as well, up to a point...Better off having awareness that shit can and does actually go wrong and what to do about it. YouTube on this one day recommended an SS-NAG officer called Evy and I became a huge fan of her teachings and she told similar things, which I immediately was able to relate to...this way, you know how to deal with trouble when it arrives...better prepared. Although I keep wondering whether things could have gone slightly took very little, all of which was for the most part unavailable anyway. It's sort of like a prison term, I think. If there's any chance a person can evade it, they probably take their chances with whatever means, even though a prison term could actually be better for them on all levels as a learning experience, especially in the long-term. Why is everyone leveraging each-other with useless credentials of "he said, she said"? It's an obvious case of estrogen-based treachery...I read up on her work and apparently she saved people during 911...I would tell her "you are too hot to die, please stop saving people", but then again she was not as hot at the time and maybe that explains this bit of suicidal reasoning on her part..

i counter with "remember to vote for mcenany, please"
I dont know if the report is true or not its one i saw on facebook
It said us males 15 to 95 take unexplained interest in white house briefings
The article exists but i dunno if it is fake news or not i had that happen with the russian embassy once

I bet he hasn't seen daylight for years...
crystalfarm45 wrote:
I dont know if the report is true or not its one i saw on facebook
It said us males 15 to 95 take unexplained interest in white house briefings
The article exists but i dunno if it is fake news or not i had that happen with the russian embassy once

By the way I am listening to the three hour bonus interview which seems much more informative than the film itself. Therefore, if Dr. Greer made briefings for all the presidents, I suggest he start preparing one for Kayleigh McEnany in advance, because it looks like she could easily be the most likely president first term she runs...In fact, she looks like the terminatrix from T-3 (played by Kristanna Loken), just look up mcenany sounds off on pelosi on youtube. I would place money on this at a bookie as a bet, if i had any. Her breasts are precious national assets. Based on this report, it is likely to be true. I am worried about her double masectomy, because breasts are organic scalar technologies emitting a lot of good for many people, especially in her case. I wanted to suggest to her, running for president immediately in case the breast situation got worse, but failed to realize she already had them cut out...

TheCorsair00 wrote:

As far as I can tell, there are at least 2 competing agendas as far as the UFO/alien phenomenon is concerned. One is from the Military Industrial Complex which promotes fear and negativity about a potential alien threat, and the other is peaceful space brothers here to help us, as promoted by Greer and his vast team of whistleblowers.
At any rate, I see Greer's work and promotion of meditation and contacting UFOs as entirely benign. I don't see the harm in it. Is he trying to make money off the gullible? I don't really see that either.
Just my opinion...

I think both of these scenarios involve population reduction and it's only microdistinctions involved (which make a huge difference, actually...). In the interview, very early on, Dr. Greer states the majority of humans are peaceful...could this be why we have problems then? An excess of pretending everyone gets along? Instead of trying to take down the big daddies, exxon and the federal reserve or whatever, may I suggest trying to understand how the same concepts apply on your personal macro level, i.e. your family, friends, workplace and other more immediately applicable relations? I enjoyed the RNG demonstration and the attitude of your common professor, i.e. the princeton guy on the microhumanoid mummy very much. I have begun to appreciate them, the intelligence community and the "evil" people much more and understand what it's all about. Instead of having Anna and Marian Kramer, Gregg the director and all the civilian meditators, I would rather have william greer, because he is a higher quality human, inevitably, because intelligence operatives always tend to be more competent. Calling murders and executions "charity business" is a funny one, because by doing so, whether unofficially or even with jurisdiction, they are always exposing themselves to great danger, i.e. charges or physical harm to themselves and structural systems and their operation...If people like the occasional junk food and it f*cks with their head and their health, continuing to consume them despite knowing this and therefore also causing damage elsewhere, perhaps a health tyranny would be appropriate then? From my POV of emulating the extraterrestrial view, pretty much all humans on earth already have a damaged gene pool through vaccinations, radiation and other factors, so I guess the idea of them repopulating the earth (as opposed to ourselves) after a clean-up seems acceptable, because it's the only way everyone can be happy and healthy on a realistic non-deceptive level (in my current opinion). There's this video game I used to play and still partake in on occasion, RuneScape. There's a parody version of the standard player on YouTube and the experience which many have had, and it ties in to the RNG mechanics. There are two claims, firstly: drop rates nerfed. Second claim: game code hasn't changed. When playing the "I bet he hasn't seen daylight for years..." card for the character in question, if he actually went sunbathing and got some fresh air and exercise, then it's probably the way to restore his Abyssal Whip drop rates...
There was another quote in the beginning from Dr. Greer, i.e. "Observing the development of life on earth" sounds like porn to me...

I've already listened to and carefully observed several press briefings by her by now, she makes them very interesting.
Thanks for making america great again


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