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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (2020)

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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (2020)

This is the 1080 HD version of this film; To purchase the 4K UHD version please go to:

As UFO’s suddenly grace the covers of the NY Times and Washington Post in the age of “fake news” and #conspiracy memes, how can we make sense of these revelations without losing our grip on reality?

“Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is a feature documentary presented by Dr. Steven Greer, the global authority on extraterrestrials who created the worldwide disclosure movement and routinely briefs presidents and heads of state on the ET phenomenon.

His previous works, Sirius and Unacknowledged, broke crowdfunding records and ignited a grassroots movement. In this film, Dr. Greer presents the most dangerous information that the architects of secrecy don’t want you to know: how forgotten spiritual knowledge holds the key to humans initiating contact with advanced ET civilizations.

The film features groundbreaking video and photographic evidence and supporting interviews from prominent figures such as Adam Curry of Princeton’s PEAR Lab; legendary civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan; and Dr. Russell Targ, who headed the CIA’s top secret remote viewing program. Their message: For thousands of people, contact has begun. This is their story.

trailor was enuff

lol, just watched the trailer and... nothing motivates me to even watch it. Thank you for linking the trailer.

Much Health

Why is it not in torrent

Why is it not in torrent lists anymore?You deleted it?

JacobtheVoiceless wrote:
JacobtheVoiceless wrote:

Why is it not in torrent lists anymore?You deleted it?

Dr Shithead fuckface cuntyballs Greer sort of DMCA them. not properly but by hassling our host. This is not how to send a DMCA and he knows this.
So it can only be assumed that he was trying to get us booted off our hosting.
I hope he spends the rest of life life having his nuts covered in the world most insanely hot sauce 5 times a day.
Then get the same as an enema
Not only full of it but a total cock as well :P

Lol,Have you seen his

Lol,Have you seen his crocodile tears?They could have edited it or cut it completely,but my guts tell me that he wanted them to show thas moment in this documentary in order to show the public(his bandwagon fans particularly) how much emotional he is.Lol it is like a self-advertisement for me.He is just another conman like David WilDick,Corey NoGoode,Nick Pope and Erich "I haven't plagiarize the french author Robert Charroux" Von Daniken and many others in UfoLogy and Conspirology fields.

For me the only legitimate sources are Q anon himself and Benjamin Fulford,honestly after many proofs of pseudo ideas and fraudulent stories made by this so called "Whistleblowers" I experienced the true "Awakening" now thank to many YouTubers and debunkers I do not trust all that people in UFO field at all and now I am more than convinced that 99 percent of UFO crafts are actually man made.

P.S I was laughing when he showed the alleged photos of sperm like aliens and arcturians baby aliens in that documentary.I mean cmon they are fakes as hell.He is most likely using the same double exposure technologies and photoshop technologies as James Gilliland and his fellow cultists from Eceti ranch.

Hasn't the Q stuff

been debunked. mostly by itself as none of the predictions have come anywhere near ?
Nick Pope did work for the MoD doing UFO stuff and he's cashing in on that big time.
Whether or not he saw or knew of anything.. who knows.
But he's the only one with a bona fide connection , not just to govt but also to govt UFO investigations so he milks it.
Not as big as Greer and many others.
As for the alien baby. DNA tests showed it to be 100% human fetus with bone deformation which would have caused it to die in utero.. so nothing to see there really.
As for UFO's.... well...... show me proof of a warp drive or something and i'll maybe take more note.
Von Daniken and Sitchin are massively full of shit as the Ancient Aliens Debunked video clearly and simply shows , as does ancient Semitic languages expert Michael Heisser very politely shows their translations and thus there whole premise is false. Sitchin was no Babylonian scholar by ANY measure and doesn't attributes his quotes at all.
then the bullshit about ancient sanskrit books like the Mahabharata but the book they quote isn't ancient at all. in fact it's about 100 years old, "channeled" by some charlatan and of course promoted and sold for a tidy profit in a few ways .
This stuff is so easily debunked just by language (Sitchin and Daniken) and very well established testable, repeatable, empirical facts of the case. White Heisser

I am aware that Nick worked

I am aware that Nick worked for Ufo desktop 7 or 8 years but as a part time employee not as full time employee as he likes to mention in many documentaries,and considering the fact that British UFO desk have been closed in 2009 and no real proofs of extraterrestrial evidence been found and also considering the fact that the British gov released the last batch of Ufo documents we can pretty much assume that all this crafts seen in that documents are either British secret man made antigravitational craft or American ones operating in Britain.Although Nick is continuing to tell the tells that he is more than convinced that British government is hiding the best UFO cases under the "TOP Secret" gun and they not gonna release the true smoking guns in foreseeable future but in my opinion the truth is the British government cannot accept the true of Alien existence just because all this craft are clandestine terrestrial technologies maybe made by joining forces of Britain and USA.

So Q anon is a larp too!? Gosh than it lefts only Benjamin Fulford and his secret sources from agencies and secret orders if he is a fraud too than it means that I dedicated 9 years of my life for nothing(I was a huge fan of conspiracy theories and UFO related things for years,I read more than 40 books and article about that topics mostly written by David Wilcock,Michael Salla,Marquise de Lafayette,Whitley Streiber,Steven Greer,Richard Dolan,Linda Moulton Howe,Craig Campobasso,David Childress and many others) but after recent debunks by YouTubers like Stina Bo Bina I lost my faith and I slowly become more and more grounded person like the majority of humankind).

I guess I spent 9 years of my life on bullshit (( That is pity.....

not that familiar

with Fulford. I'll make a point in having a look.
I think it's pretty much secret military craft. what ever happened with aurora? what replaced it or is it still in service or did it evolve into something new?
For me there's no problem with the idea that alien life exists.. there's possibility and probability.. Drakes Equations gives good odds for it.
Distance is the thing.
The one thing Nick Pope doesn't tell you is that his big UFO thing at that USAF base in England and there are recording of the radio chatter from it.
Thing is though.. look it up.. it was the S.A.S taking the piss.. I shit you not.
To be fair i dunno if this was something he knew at the time but it was in fact Elite British Squaddies extracting the urine from the Yanks as the Yanks has pissed them off.
If you can remind me of the name of the incident, I'll get you the relevant links about it.
As for QAnon... nah mate.. not for me
are the original Anonymous still mightily pissed at qAnon?

oh.. had a look

looked at Fulford's webpage

The world is also about to find out that Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler’s daughter. The Italians, who have just broken free of German (EU) control sent us a copy of the only known picture of Hitler with his daughter Angela. The message reads, “and when you grow up Angela, destroy all of Europe.”

ok show me the picture, show me anything that genuinely proves this allegation not a meme like he shows below. this proves nothing really.

Here is what Pentagon sources had to say about the ongoing military campaign against the Satanic Khazarian mafia in the U.S.:

“As cabal underground bases are destroyed in Utah, New York, Idaho, California, and elsewhere…rescued children are getting aboard the Comfort and Mercy hospital ships, protected by marines.”

Interesting .. Khazarian..which is just another way of saying "Jew" . Proof of these claims, actual proof would also be good. he said, she said.. doesn't cut it.. extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

The big meme they are pushing in the West is that “All Trails Lead Back to the Wuhan Bio-Lab.”

In fact, the outbreak in China can be traced to the Wuxi Pharmaceutical corporation in Wuhan, China. But here is the interesting part, guess who owns Wuxi? It is…

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Looking at his site and doing a basic bit of fact checking on what he says, i am certainly not literally buying what he is literally selling.... not for me thanks

I honestly do not remember

I honestly do not remember that USAF related incident but regarding Fulford.I guess I have to thank you because of you I am 100 percent skeptic now XD You break my last hope but anyway about other life forms I also think that we are not alone in the whole universe( because they are billions of galaxies like our Milky Way and each of them has their own amount of planets,let us also do not forget that there are also many stars and constellations) but what I believe we haven't made a contact with an intelligent life form as of yet.And Roswell crash is a hoax too.

P.s I just checked the last page of Benjamin Fulford's blog and I found out that he was writing about the end of Fed,Cabal and Bush /Clinton families since 2008 and none of them become reality so far,all his previous predictions have failed.How I could have missed that!? So I guess he is just another scammer like Wilcock and other conspiracy theorists like Jordan "Bleachboy" Sather and etc...

I played a video game here and there just recently

Cruising around in Hawaii, Oahu island it is, I think, going about my usual business and I noticed something looking like USS Missouri, I was thinking "What's that?". Some heavy-ass artillery right there. Based on the stories I've read, it looks like one of those crazy-ass-motherfucking warships that they went head-to-head with spacecraft in antarctica straight out warfare, too...Which reminds me, being broken-n-twisted as I am, went to see the recent Apollo movie, despite serious implications of the possibility of starving myself. Apollo 11 (2019), left me with one simple question: Who the hell is Mike Collins, and why had I not heard of him? Continuing, basing my opinion on mostly the rumor mill, once again, perhaps the reason why nuclear weapons for atomic warfare couldn't be attached to their Ezekiel-wheel prototypes as a portable tank, might be due to the consciousness-related aspects of such craft, i.e. too primitive and not-destructive-enough to warrant a good mount on them. Fast forward to present day, I look around again on Oahu, cruising around, trying to do a bit of tactical recon. Headed from the crater area, northbound on the western sea-front, looking for what I later found out to be Honolulu Harbor, near a Sand Island (looked it up on Wikipaedia, apparently a former 'quarantine island'). This artillery looked so heavy, I probably want to avoid all implications of sea-based travel, along with "anything naval", i.e. pregnancy concerns among viviparous birth-givers (and victims as receivers of...viviparous birth). Think again before you replicate so many times, I know I most certainly will.
Couldn't even find the ships this time around, y'know? Then again, I wasn't sight seeing this time around, either. TDU 2006

I always

have a look at the people i haven't heard of a give a wee check out of what they say, how they say it and how credible it seems on the surface.
i'll take a deeper look.
On the face of it Benjamin fulford might not be all he's cracked up to be to put it mildly. He produces zero evidence except a meme... doesn't speak well for veracity and it's quite a claim.
AH..! I remember the Rendlesham Forest incident!
To be fair to nick Pope. He might not have been privy to the joke or the reason for it.
It's hilarious that the SAS faked a UFO because when they were detained by the Us forces and being called "unidentified aliens" by them
so they faked an encounter!
fucking brilliant!!!

Ahh,that's which incident did

Ahh,that's which incident did you mean! XD Honestly I didn't know that British SAS faked that but thanks for enlightning information mate!


I assume Dr. Greer saw this forum post and assumed it was his movie that was still up in the torrents section. Easy mistake, perhaps. I thought I would leave a link so interested people could rent it. As for negative comments about him - it is sort of unfortunate, I still respect him. But he should be used to the negativity by now, as anybody in the field of UFOlogy should...

"We are chicks" said the Big-Man-Greer like never...
TheCorsair00 wrote:

I assume Dr. Greer saw this forum post and assumed it was his movie that was still up in the torrents section. Easy mistake, perhaps. I thought I would leave a link so interested people could rent it. As for negative comments about him - it is sort of unfortunate, I still respect him. But he should be used to the negativity by now, as anybody in the field of UFOlogy should...
Why don't y'all support this movie instead of THAT one...Greer maybe you ought to go yachting, these however, would make your little boat flip

Sharing is caring

I'm on his mailing list, but seeing both the threads (and thus the behavior involved) and his e-mails with slogans like "Sharing is caring" just makes me cringe.
I appreciate his work very much and what he says is cross-referenced and verified with perfect accuracy with another source I personally rate very, very highly.
Listening to his lectures provided an alternate and more easily understandable take on certain topics that would otherwise be deemed unrealistic. My own situation is not all that great, I'm used to torrenting most of the stuff I need, because all these years, I could barely even afford the hardware. Depends on the locality, I guess. I must've even wrote to him something like "Well i stole your movies how about i pay both you and the fbi the 250k dollar fine because it's reasonably affordable for something i appreciate" in hindsight that this could be a plausible scenario under certain terms some time in the foreseeable future. I did buy the ET Contact App, torrented the movies and downloaded the lectures. With this latest one, I had to go find it elsewhere. To put this entire thing into context, from old times, even now, releases in/from the scene, usually come with an info leaflet, like medications. Most of them have a line there in fine print:
"If you like the content, support the developers/creators and BUY IT!". I intend to do this, even if retrospectively, to do exactly that. In conspiracy circles, there's a particular president that is usually considered favored, perhaps even ahead of his time, but it all depends, right? I looked at one of the documentaries from this outlet and there's an intro credits scene, if I remember correctly, there's a short clip of President kennedy getting shot (allegedly by the driver over his shoulder) and with the next still being "Executive Producer: Steven Greer". It could be two different things, like Steven being the producer and Greer the executive allegedly from the C.I.A. I read this in a youtube comment from the Zapruder tape mentioned in the William "Bill" Cooper tapes. People involved in matters such as this have some very tough existential dilemmas to face (don't we all?). If it really was his (alleged) family member assassinating the best president of all time, however distant, that could be bad publicity...they're probably even roughly the same age...luckily he does most of the talking in a monologue format. The orders usually come from up above and there's little choice, one could assume, if someone is given a command like that, how does a person live with that? A line from the movie called "The Departed" from 2005 solved this for me: "Well, if he got killed, he must've done something wrong". It's called peer pressure. Thanks, steve
-- room for meditation, i suppose --

Dead Man's Trigger

Hello! Did you ever come across and read Steven Greer's infamous "Dead Man's Trigger" pdf document? I believe it was leaked by Alfred Webre after some sort of falling out between the two, I can't recall. But in the writing Greer reveals quite a bit of explosive stuff that has happened to him, particularly in regard to the branch-off project called The Orion Project that was meant to help find and fund alternative energy scientists. He also names John Alexander as being one of his biggest enemies and one of the main people attacking The Disclosure Project, including using directed energy weapons against Greer and others on his team. There is also a suggestion that Alexander had a large role to play in the assassination of John F. Kennedy back in the day, from what I remember.

I have spent years delving deep into The Disclosure Project, The Orion Project and CSETI so I understand Steven Greer a little bit differently than many who immediately scoff at him and his work. I don't think he deserves that treatment, personally, as I sincerely believe his intentions are pure and genuine in that he truly wants to help make a difference in the world.

As for his new documentary Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, I do have some guilt about pirating it so early on - in fact I uploaded it the same day it was released online. Sharing is caring, remember! But the reason he wanted it taken down is because the production team and Greer need to generate enough interest and sales in the documentary to then get picked up by Netflix so that they can reach a larger audience. And not necessarily to make more money, but to spread the message of attaining higher states of consciousness through mediation to make peaceful contact with these alleged ET beings. I really believe that is what Greer wants to do...

The universe is copyright by the flying spaghetti monster 2010

I haven't gotten around to any of the documents, yet. I think I've listened to all of his lectures and watched the movies on a binge-basis, given that the lectures seem more informative than the movies, I can only assume the documents to be the same way in relation to the speeches he's given. Now, even though I am more of a "technical" kind-of guy compared to your average sixpack-joe, it is still blatantly obvious, that he is talking about these things in a manner to make them understandable for everyone if they're not excessively biased or personally involved in the paranoia game. Of course they need to make more money and go through the rest of the formalities -- that's understandable, but there's got to be some compromise. From what I read here this little recent endeavor of his was no piss-take in the snow and considering how tough it must be for the owners here (especially when assuming that not many people visit concen, it seems). I could be wrong so feel free to correct me here, but you've got to look at the bigger picture here. There's harsh legal action frequently taken against people for engaging in these illegal activities (stealing digital motion pictures like it was quantitative easing[pff! As if!]). Put it this way, the entire team would in all likelyhood prefer to receive every dollar of potential revenue from their good-hearted hard work, never mind risky, too, but not get shot point blank with bullets. Like with Stanley Meyer and his oh-so-precious love creation. If he was such a talented inventor, he could've invented something else with that money, right? was his most beloved. For your average citizen, paying closer attention to your every-day life is probably much more useful and sane than going off the deep end by claiming you're targeted by MASER-s and the secret police. Turn off your Wi-Fi and use a cable. These technologies and people exist, but I doubt such low-priority potential subversives would be of any interest to these folk (sorry for being so judgemental). Unless of course these Directed Energy Weapons are rotating in space and using your common Smartphones as a targeting mechanism for these...Why would anyone walk around hooked up to a GSM-Network and even accidentally leave their networking on, all the time, every day, perhaps even at night? Either way, it's better to stay on the healthy side, meditate a bit, exercise and eat well, that's probably one of the main reasons why Dr. Greer is still alive. No one has to be out to get you for bad things to happen, being involved in kind of stressful lifestyle can do that on it's own. If you're feeling unwell, you're probably much more likely to be involved in accidents, get paranoid over time and have the entire scenario fulfill itself as a self-reinforcing prophecy of programming. I purchased the app, gave the exercises-meditations a go, read the instructions carefully every now and then to refresh my memories and guess what. What? The phenomena started happening. First time I saw something moving in a rather funny way at the nearby forest. More recently and after some time, before going to sleep by the window with the sky visible, I was seeing these alleged regular stars start moving in these anomalous kinds of ways on a daily basis & I got used to it, as described in the app. It does what it says on the tin. Open-Sourcing his revelations - Great! High-tech meditation and extraterrestrial contact - Even better! The real extraterrestrials are probably all human...just better than us at everything, it's only logical. I think for these positive actions, he's forgiven (unless of course it's nibs & concen). He's talking about trans-dimensional electronics and all sorts of funny technologies, but fails to even be able to do his own presentation cabling -- thus being unaware of good web-ethics and the rest of the technicalities is hardly any surprise. Technicalities lead to more technicalities and it would be great to see some sort of balance here, for him it would be praciticing what he preaches, literally. I've heard there's 70 billion inhabited planets in our galaxy alone and if they go jurisdiction on our asses, it's game over for us. Calling these folk aliens could be like calling some middle-east literal terrorist a sandnigger in person in their own native language -- better be careful. Extraterrestrial could mean, that they' people...and then some...among other places. Tone it down a notch for reasons of inter-cosmogalactic security or whatever. Reducing the world population to half a billion with something like corona could equate to them filling the quota with their own peoples -- we're just too dangerous as a whole to be allowed to exist in our self-proficient ecosystems. Certainly there's good individuals out there and nearby somewhere probably, too, but it's stated that the entire thing is in danger due to our actions -- all of the galaxies, the afterlife-soul dimension and whatever else there is -- That's the claim, anyway, as if all the spaceships of the universe have gathered, waiting for who knows what.
I became a supporter of depopulation and theoretically -- of mass genocide, for similar reasons -- to avoid stepping on big toes and getting in conflict. Obviously, theirs could be bigger. I'm still as nice as can be, but one wouldn't want to step in "their" way, whoever that may be - let's see how it all goes.

at the risk of raining on a

at the risk of raining on a rhapsodic parade... dude, you need to spend time separating your thoughts into paragraphs to get your points across more effectively.

euxconcen wrote:
euxconcen wrote:

at the risk of raining on a rhapsodic parade... dude, you need to spend time separating your thoughts into paragraphs to get your points across more effectively.

yup, a wall of text is hard going indeed
Greer is a nasty shit as I have stated before. My opinion .. YMMV
what he did was indeed a deliberate attempt to try and get us thrown off our hosting.
Is that acceptable really to anyone on Concen?
what has the disclosure project ACTUALLY provided rock solid evidence for? actual proper evidence not just testimony from whoever.
Drake's equation tells us that alien life has a high probability but the distances involved... naaaaaaaaaaah
As fore Greers "pure intentions"... sorry mate, don't buy that. his backstabbing, devious, bellend behaviour marks him as otherwise to me. again YMMV
wasn't he all about that supposed alien baby from south america and was most insistant about it. turns out it's not alien at all and has purely human DNA.
wasn't there another alien baby he was involved with.. one covered with a chalk like wash/covering? which was also a fake?
EDIT: yup found it from Gaia's channel
but the reason for the white covering over it to cover up the fakery on it.
I do remember a more in depth explanation video debunking the claim but it seems that Greer and Gaia seem to be in the habit of coming by works of fakery. not saying they are faking but they do seem to be taken in by fakery a lot


As far as I can tell, there are at least 2 competing agendas as far as the UFO/alien phenomenon is concerned. One is from the Military Industrial Complex which promotes fear and negativity about a potential alien threat, and the other is peaceful space brothers here to help us, as promoted by Greer and his vast team of whistleblowers.

At any rate, I see Greer's work and promotion of meditation and contacting UFOs as entirely benign. I don't see the harm in it. Is he trying to make money off the gullible? I don't really see that either.

Just my opinion...


what he did was not behaviour that could be described as benign.. more malign really.
he certainly IS trying to make money any way he can even if it means putting his weight behind hoaxes.... not very benign

What about the third one?

What about the third one? That aliens are a demonic deception (not from space) and that the good vs bad alien stuff is distraction?

550c wrote:
550c wrote:

What about the third one? That aliens are a demonic deception (not from space) and that the good vs bad alien stuff is distraction?

or how about the DNA tests showed they are human? (check the links)
AS i said.. Drakes Equation tells us there is possibility and probability , so it's fair to say they are about.
BUT.. that distance is just plain not possible.
My position would be different.
yeah probably there are. BUT due to distance, nothing to worry about really.
I do think there's much fuckery in the covert development military craft that govts are all too fucking happy to pass off as "ALIENS" and would pro-actively want this .

the thing with steve is that

the thing with steve is that some point later down the line he could be paid tens of thousands of dollars
just to show up somewhere and say "there are distinctions" and that's what he'd be paid for, all of it, literally

the thing with the disclosure project and CSETI is that
crystalfarm45 wrote:

the thing with steve is that some point later down the line he could be paid tens of thousands of dollars
just to show up somewhere and say "there are distinctions" and that's what he'd be paid for, all of it, literally

the thing with the disclosure project and CSETI is that they're both useless without steve. his dead man's trigger document says "if you're reading this, i'm dead by now", well you can still see him walking around so he is obviously a liar, maybe then he is only dead inside, because his parents in the government didn't provide free energy for him a hundred years ago. he looks like a dangerous extortionist, too, considering the implications of the document "if you kill me (steve), all hell will break loose by telling the truth i have hidden away against you, even though i profess to tell the truth anyway", which is another indication of a deliberate psy-op. He's blackmailing the government and private corporations and people for money with this and if it gets too dangerous they might have to bring william greer out of retirement or from him to do this very same thing on his own independence, without implicating his government or his talent agency by being involved with such terrible people as Steve. So, being the phoney corporate sell-out that he obviously is, maybe a jesus should be done on him? One shot, one opportunity, who do you call? He's talking about highly advanced technologies, but he cannot even use a smartphone or connect cables? Geez, pack up and pick your bags of fraud and head over to crazy town. Owns a yacht and then complains about not receiving 2000 dollars in actual revenue from non-potential income with his big team of incompetent dependent lawyers? What a hippocrite. At least he's not an actual hippo and can still bench 410, although maybe he is, just less fat. All of this obviously gives credence to the theory that he is already dead, dead inside and most of all dead to all of you poor people. Him sending the DMCA request(s) is exactly that: a "Dead Man's Trigger", a memento mori from an "empty shell", a piss-poor of an excuse as an example for this alleged entity called "mankind", who just got angry and triggered because his relatives, co-workers and alleged friends in the countryside wouldn't give him pocket money for his sailing endeavors and by doing so ended up inciting a major riot obviously culminating in War War War, the end of all mankind as we know it. Not actual humans, just all of "mankind", the allegedly "good & great" counterfeit bi-pedal anthropoids, pretending to be these AI demigods of spin-off 3D universes of parallel quantum fakery passing off as "god", and may eventually and pathetically find themselves at the mercy of one or two savvy humans along the lines of distant relative William 'Bill' Greer.
When this horrendous deception was effected, the real meaning of the text was thus totally altered; from thinking about substitutes of the Christ-like meditative spiritual consciousness state, "Passing off as Christ/God", we now get the wrong impression the text was referring to someone or a force externally/publicly "against" all things Greer. In this way -what a truly perverse alteration-, we usually find the quintessential new "Antichrist" to be then found in places that
are not within the realm of Christianity, as in other religions & so forth. In fact, Dr. Greer, if you're reading this, let me ask you: Where exactly do you come from? What is the reason for you being here? What did you come here to do? Are you part of cosmic agendas? Are you a control-freak, the fill-in, cannon fodder,executioner, type of betrayer, peer-pressuring others into using cookie cutters to make losers feel better about themselves through emotional eating? Are you a belonger, a hater passing off as loving, are you helping or are you just making things worse, what are you here "really" for...? Are you just a Sensation-Freak, incarnating just to experience the latest in the menu of internal impressions/sensations...or just here for yachting purposes? Where are you going? Why?
Merely a genetic experiment in motion? Here's a medieval offensive guy's take on debunking his Einsteinian quantum-quack science theories:
"Newton provided 400 more years of support to Theocratic Fundamentalism, which is a form of Control & Manipulation of Consciousness, by rendering it [the alleged "scientist" in question] into a rigid/static/immobile FOSSIL. Easy to win over and dominate, that is, by the Crown to which Sir Isaac was an agent of."
At any rate, the Greer family have been working along similar lines...

Lock up your daughters, lock up your wife and run for your life

Dr. greer, your comments are obviously out-dated considering the fact that most of the general and special population fail to meet the requirements of even the most basic forms of ritualistic mating among primitive peoples and therefore let it be known that the only kind even sufficient for negotiations at this point are close encounters of the sixth kind, advanced pneumatic research replication cross-collaborative projects detailing the intricate nuances of the parameters of close-range hyperterrestrial military-grade subversive enterprise-level activities across all lifeforms whether deemed conscious or otherwise by inferior equipment and their respective operators, thus perhaps even rendering the very sole purpose of your existence obsolete in a similarly over-looked manner. The seemingly innocent babble of the Teletubbies, such as yourself, is designed to appeal to very young children on an almost biological level with biased one-sided advertisement techniques that appeal to basic emotion, inculcating in them the desire to live in a world where faceless voices command obedience under the ever-watchful gaze of Big Baby. Tinky Winky may be purple, but Po is most certainly Red. (please refer to "Multi-Phasic Imprints," INDOPSYCHO '93 Proceedings, Delhi: Valmiki Press, 1994, pp.44-67). Techniques, such as the ones you yourself have been employing, are used almost exclusively by paraterrestrial military agencies that have established bases of operations in Antarctica. Antarctic Relay uses ELF and MLF to deliver their signals over huge distances from Antarctica by piggy-backing on signals from human communication satellites. It is unknown who controls these agencies, but it is known to be run by a hyperactive, quasi-mammalian lifeform known to interact with Starbucks. Little is known about any of them, and it is not certain that they are acting of their own accord. There is little reason for the actual lock-in, except if for the fact that they publicly expose themselves on the etherweb despite these concerns, and will in all likelyhood, continue to do so regardless.

Room for meditation, i suppose
crystalfarm45 wrote:

the thing with steve is that some point later down the line he could be paid tens of thousands of dollars
just to show up somewhere and say "there are distinctions" and that's what he'd be paid for, all of it, literally

OK I'm going to try to put my skepticism to the side for a temporary while and attempt as best as possible to give credence to his alleged involvement in secret technologies. He has gone on record stating that the people around him, his family, people from his team, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E has died from ailments like benign cancer among others. How would we know he's not walking around with a portable MASER-weapon in his pocket, killing any- and everyone standing in his way, including, but-not-limited-to the aforementioned beloved family parties with his team of friends, handled with "special care" by the man-Greer himself personally?
It's like with the allegations of 56 friends of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton having commited suicide and how unlikely of a scenario that is, especially when considering that the conspiracy website claiming this also stated the same thing about a Barack "Hussein" Obama, the former black president with a terrorist name and dodgy citizenship details and how he also had involvement in a matter of friendship-related suicide (he only had one friend that ran out of the office this way...) Think again before you vote for any of them.
Statements have not been evaluated by Dr. Greer, represented by Greer & Greer associates, SOUTH CAROLINA // KETCHUPTOWN
-- room for meditation, i suppose --

Close Encounters 5.5 - Sex with a ten "Where's the CE-X"?
ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten


Thanks for bumping the thread and thus advertising his documentary more to people who may actually be interested in renting it with real money!

Pff! As if

Tell nibs he can always get intentionally incarcerated for a minor felony, because homeless people can get food and shelter from the government for free this way when times get though, although rather reluctantly, i can only assume. please don't take it the wrong way, this kind of advice could be counter-government anti-taxpayer speech against all of them, so uhm...anyway, i read these stories on ken's website educate yourself and there's these super soldier stories and one of them is michael andrew pero iii and these were and still are some very interesting stories and i decided to re-read them again and also wondered in the meanwhile, how he is doing, because last i heard which was around 2010 he was in prison writing letters to the editor or something...i looked it up, turns out he was released and sent back to prison again so the same could apply here.

Argued January 20, 2009 - Decided Defendant was sentenced to: (1) ten years on the second-degree robbery charge
The charges stemmed from defendant assaulting his mother and forcing her to drive him to her bank to cash a check from her checking account for his use without her permission.
i looked up the pictures and stories it's the same guy, he added his old high school girlfriend on facebook or something and got a murder pinned on(again?)
these claims are so highly fantastic, if there's any basis to what he said, then it would be only stupid to assume that there aren't people out to get him or intentionally and deliberately mis-incarcerate him on probable cause or something like "they" usually do, but this kind of thing is like taking a piss in the snow
even if he is a violent offender.... with his claims, when taken seriously in an appropriate context, even if he murders someone i would blame other people
and not incarcerate him and send someone else to jail instead, like his parents, but that's just me isn't it? is his mother still alive? plus it doesnt work that way (Yet)

I have evidence to add. How many of your mothers do this stuff?

This is a prime example of domestic mine-control, but people look on the internet for bigger enemies, because phrases and subjugation techniques such as
"Don't be ridiculous, I'm your mother and I know where and when you went to school!"
are hardly a minor concern, shouting as-if unverified statements from hysterical mothers are something that should always be accepted unconditionally
By the way, this person he allegedly murdered looks really really hot probably much more than michael's mother and there ought to be more hot babes like that

I remember living in Germany. I remember our apartment, and how our cat "twinkee" would not listen to anyone who called her in German. But if anyone, no matter who it was called her in English she would come running. I remember my best friend was a little girl with long straight brown hair and brown eyes. I ate dinner over her house and I remember after dinner she took two beers out of her parents refrigerator and we drank them in her driveway. I was all worried we were going to get in trouble, but she said she drank beer all the time. I took about three sips and felt like I was going to throw up. I wanted to dump mine out but she didn't want to waste the beer, so she drank mine too. I remember my sister trying to teach me how to dance and she flung me around the apartment so fast I was thrown into the corner of the wall and cut my head open and had to go and get stitches. I remember all of this.

But most importantly I remember the German kindergarten. I remember the teacher and how she looked. She was very nice to me and had long wavy brown and gray hair, and looked like she swallowed a tire around her waist as she was heavy set. I remember being introduced to my first "gummy bear" and how I thought they were the "coolest thing ever". Being an American and being the physically biggest kid in the class I was a sort of the class celebrity, and the center of attention. I remember the mini pool they had outside, it was only about a foot deep, but we would strip down to our underwear and when it was warm outside go in for a swim. I remember all of these things, but when it comes to the "American" school I supposedly went to in the afternoon. I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING! I have no memory of another class room, I have no memories of another building, I have no memories of any friends, people, or teachers, no memory of even going to another school. WHAT I DO REMEMBER IS AN AIR BASE. I remember as I was walking up to it for the first time it was a huge place with a big chain link fence around it.

There were airplanes and miles and miles of cement. And I don't remember the man who was walking with me but I DO remember asking him "why are you taking me here?" and he answered "Because of your father!" "But my father was in the Navy, why are you taking me to an air base?" I asked again. And the man answers "Son, all branches of the military work very closely together." "But he is no longer in the Navy?" I answered. And he said "We are doing this as a 'special' favor for your father." "Why" I asked. "BECAUSE WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!" he says as his tone has changed, and then he said "you sure do ask a lot of questions you little shit." I remember this hurt my feelings because I wasn't trying to be a little shit, I just wanted to know why there were taking me to this strange place. I don't remember being inside of the air base. All I remember is the inside of a doctor's room; an examining room. They made me strip down to my underwear and sit on this shinny metal table. I remember the table being very cold, so cold that I asked if I could move or get off it and a big booming voice shouts out "DO NOT MOVE AND DO NOT SPEAK UNLESS YOU ARE SPOKEN TO." So I sat there with goose bumps on my legs. I hear movement behind me and I hear "is this the kid" and a man comes over and starts examining me with his hands, with a stethoscope, and hits my knee with a rubber hammer. That's all I remember. I was 5 years old.

I never really thought about it much, but as I began writing all this down, I casually asked my mother for the name of the air base in Germany where I went to school in the afternoon.

She said "you never went to any military air base for school in Germany." "Really" I said. "Then where did I go to school in Germany?" I asked her. "Some school of the "Americus" at the university or something." She said. "FOR KINDERGARTEN!!" I said. "Mom that doesn't make any sense, I went to a military base for English school because Dad was in the Navy, right?" "Don't be ridiculous, I'm your mother and I know where and when you went to school!" she says. "OK; Then what was the name of the school in Germany mom!" I ask. And she thinks and thinks and she can't remember the name. We then proceed to have a huge argument about this. She finally walks away and says she doesn't want to talk about it any more.

I had always just assumed that I went to the German kindergarten in the morning and then the air base in the afternoon, because of the connection through my father and that ís why I was there. If I never had asked my mother for the name of the air base, I never would have thought twice about any of this. I never really thought about it much, but now that I do think about it. I clearly remember the German kindergarten, and clearly I remember the air base and the examining room. I don't remember ever going to any other school or having any other friends from that school or even being there. I do remember the conversation with the man as to why they were taking me there, and I do remember the examining room. It ís like a 5 second clip of a 10 minute movie. Just a couple of seconds and then it stops, and yet you somehow know there is much more.

When I asked my father if he knew where I went to school in Germany. He replied "sure" the McGraw Kaserne Army Troop Air Base. When I asked him about the examinations. He replied "we were told by a doctor that you had a "heart murmur or heart noise", it was nothing serious but they wanted to examine me several times anyway." The thing is later on after I graduated college I went into see a cardiologist. I had been having chest pains for years from the massive steroid injections they had given me my freshmen year in college, I had developed arthritis in the cartilage between my ribs from my rib cage expanding so fast from the steroids.

When I asked about my "heart noise" the cardiologist showed me my print out and showed me that my heart beat was absolutely perfect, and there is absolutely no sign of ANY "heart noise" what so ever!

look up the story to read further if you must, but know that gummy bears are called Haribo in germany and in their local tv show "the clown" they practically live in an airfield, it's a military action kind-of vigilante militia justice thing so this absolutely proves everything he said is for the most part true, especially from his POV

easter egg

lmao how appropriate

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i am fairly certain all this is negative publicity for Dr. Greer and his associates, as negative as it gets...
for them, it's probably all good publicity...keep up the good work....he uses very fancy words, some hard to understand...
it's like "what paramilitary"??? maybe he's been talking about the C.I.A. all along, which is what everyone knows and has been saying
all along anyway...perhaps? there's a bit in his meditation tracks on the app where he says something like "and all the inventions are given forth to m..."
and it sounds like he's got a bit of a Vaccine-Autism/ADHD blurp going on there, about to say: "Me" or "Mankind", but then corrects himself and says
"Humanity". Well, thanks Dr. Greer, thanks a lot indeed...


what the actual fuck?
am i missing something?
BTW Haribo are a company that makes fuck tons of lots of sweets not just gummy bears.. but erm.. wtf man?!?


Alcohol is the worldwide inaugrated president all day every day

Take a look at this small fragment from the autobiography named 'my inventions' from the man called nikola tesla
Similar observations might probably be made in cities where the consumption of tea is excessive. These delicious beverages superexcite and gradually exhaust the fine fibers of the brain. They also interfere seriously with arterial circulation and should be enjoyed all the more sparingly as their deleterious effects are slow and imperceptible. Tobacco, on the other hand, is conducive to easy and pleasant thinking and detracts from the intensity and concentration necessary to all original and vigorous effort of the intellect. Chewing gum is helpful for a short while but soon drains the glandular system and inflicts irreparable damage, not to speak of the revulsion it creates.
Alcohol in small quantities is an excellent tonic, but is toxic in its action when absorbed in larger amounts, quite immaterial as to whether it is taken in as whiskey or produced in the stomach from sugar. But it should not be overlooked that all these are great eliminators assisting Nature, as they do, in upholding her stern but just law of the survival of the fittest. Eager reformers should also be mindful of the eternal perversity of mankind which makes the indifferent “laissez-faire” by far preferable to enforced restraint. The truth about this is that we need stimulants to do our best work under present living conditions, and that we must exercise moderation and control our appetites and inclinations in every direction. That is what I have been doing for many years, in this way maintaining myself young in body and mind. Abstinence was not always to my liking but I find ample reward in the agreeable experiences I am now making. Just in the hope of converting some to my precepts and convictions I will recall one or two.

"alcohol" "produced in the stomach from sugar" shit this explains why I've been getting dizzy and tired from eating almost nothing but sweets for a few days and I'm talking hardcore refined sugar
this must be where my claims of childhood confeteria consumption being a low-level form of latent alcoholism somewhat originated. there was this time during the winter i was asked by these local twelve year old girls at the storefront whether i would buy some gin (light alcohol drink not spirit) for them i think it was christmas holiday season and i went in there to buy like five packs of haribo roulettes which pretty much equates to the same thing and being the furious alcoholic that i am i travelled all there all the way from los angeles agriculture for the single-handed purpose of obtaining those rolios which were unavailable elsewhere at the time for whatever reason
i noticed them at the playground later and contemplated whether i should approach them for a respectable discussion which could easily be a significant one for both of us but being the tired alcoholic i passed on the opportunity
obviously they were looking for a part of that highly-acclaimed christmas-positive spirit of the family what a hippocrite i am denying these lovely girls this while at the same time going to do the exact same thing
Things are going a bit slow though, I bought 5 kilo of baton sweets from the market for twenty some time ago in a stint of frustration and what happened is that it left me unable to eat anything else. It's like the tests with rats, get cake in front of them and they'll eat till morbid obesity and die. Can't stop till they're all gone. I've got like....half a kilo remaining and it hasn't even been a week.
Nicht gut...Wake candy....prep for day, but fall asleep from insulin shock and diabetes, or whatever. Rinse and repeat. I feel latently drunk recently.
-- plus his claims of irreparable damage from chewing gum are of the pre-poison artificial-aspartame era -- be warned --
haribos are premium all-around gummies, this makes getting young children secretly drunk much easier, haribo keeps children happy parents love it too


Things are going a bit slow though, I bought 5 kilo of baton sweets from the market for twenty some time ago in a stint of frustration and what happened is that it left me unable to eat anything else. It's like the tests with rats, get cake in front of them and they'll eat till morbid obesity and die. Can't stop till they're all gone. I've got like....half a kilo remaining and it hasn't even been a week.

Don't forget to try to eat real food sometime! Or get some high quality natural health supplements. Even just multivitamins if you're really poor. I was at one time a long time ago.

And watch out for psychiatric drugs - they can have nasty side effects, especially if you stop taking them abruptly. It's almost a one way ticket into the psych ward! And yes, I've been there before too.

And as another member here suggested, learn writing skills like forming your thoughts into paragraphs. It really helps for people to understand you better...

The secret terrorist-government of your mother. Your mother & I

Well, thanks for the advice. i eat mostly organic, it's very helpful and a good point of comparison. Why would I bother with things like that (I mean the bit about the grammar...), though? That takes extra effort, effort takes resources, resources are unavailable, writing this stuff down, very strenuous, hence. I've been there as well, the psych wards, the whole shebang, actually. In fact i was in holding at age 17 and my 18th birthday was spent in max for the criminally insane and i was lucky to even go to max in that instance. in holding, the nurses thought they have power invested in them by their own fine judgement among others to give candy that "Will help you get better quicker and thus expedite your release", off-label thorazine dealing from a non-doctor. Took it once and it gave me the worst headache ever, so I had to find out what it was. Usually they give stuff like quantum nappies (I think it was quietinapine/seroquel actually, or something like that). I heard it's a high-value item among heroin and other opiate consumers in Canada, something that helps with their hobbyist consumption in a great way. They give these out like candy with health insurance here, you could literally accumulate an entire box of those here for practically nothing and sell them like there's no tomorrow, were they legal and such an enterprise allowed. The murderers there seemed like and probably actually were the most reasonable people out there. One of them was a humble, kind fella with the look of a good citizen from the countryside and I found out he killed his parents, I don't think he was too enthusiastic to tell me, but didn't mind too much either, my opinion of him didn't get any worse. There was another fella looking like Rowan Atkinson, walking around a bit funny like a military officer, lifting his knees to a 90* degree angle every time he stepped around in the corridor, didn't talk much and when he did, seemed rather cheerful and optimistic. He was watching TV pretty much all day and taking notes on a consistent basis, as if he was receiving some sort of information from it, pretty weird if you ask me.
Another guy, let's call him Andrew, in for double homicide and done around 10 years by then I reckon, made a little witty poem "Winter-Summer Winter-Summer, many thanks to the head doctor for all these things", as if he was practically god there, making even the seasons and weather change from one thing, to another. And it's true, the fella himself (the head doctor in max) looked like a humble fella, a very cool guy, but also completely dis-illusioned and by that I mean realistic. I was slightly saddened to hear him having passed away, he was a good doctor and man. Another guy who I still see these days after his release from max, he said he was there for beating someone up and taking their phone. The internet says he escaped from max during dental work and was in for a murder charge for at least twenty years, and it could be both ways, you know. It was a multi-story building and big complex practically in the middle of nowhere. On the first floor, there were also ladies and on the second were allegedly for the most part, the most dangerous criminals, or at least poorer conditions used as leverage for good behavior. There was a child molester on the second floor with a weird looking eye and greasy long hair like a metal-head rocker guy, and he seemed just fine, despite his somewhat creepy appearances. Apparently his mother is or was a wealthy woman, working abroad. This explains why he had premium items like Playstation and was even allowed outside of max for temporary leave. Oh, and the women, the women on the first of them, I think she was 19 and her name Mary (or Merlin, something similar, probably), a bit chubby and with what looked to be like only a slight developmental disorder, but otherwise hot, told me that she got lured in by some strange man, was raped which is when she "Cheered" quote unquote. She told me this with a nice smile and the way she said it, it looked like another sentence could be added "Yeah, it was about time...". Granted, I do know that's probably not how it went exactly, but regardless, funny story, am I right? Cigarettes are an important form of currency in prison and mental incarceration alike, and she went around asking these murderers for cigarettes (we all do, sometimes), especially when these are rare. The population split in a demographic perhaps likened to Mexicans and the Spanish in america, they were russian by analogy. The standard "thank you" is called "спасибо", but she didn't know that language much and tried to learn by phonetics. So every time she asked for a cigarette and was responded to affirmatively, she thanked the murderers with "соссиба", i.e. "сосси ба", сосси means suck, like a breast, and BA could be a black man like B.A. Baracus, so she could've said "go blow a black man" every time that happened, or perhaps sheep, as in “BAA!”. Funny, but dangerous. Another blonde girl, in for murder with the surname of an immensely famous psychic witch, both in her home country AND russia, who even was from the same local neighbourhood as her herself strangely enough, was also rather interesting. She K.O-d some elderly lady in the retirement home (where she was forcefully kept) after being pissed off. They were all struggling with the languages there, myself included, and once I was asked "What's for dinner?", by her. It was beetroot soup or "Borscht", quite a tasty meal. The native language equivalent enabled me to make a pun and called it "faggot soup" and she couldn't even tell the difference, which made it more hilarious. Another one there, that flashed me her beautiful (for B-cup) tits and told me how, if she needed to make money, she could just go to the local rehab, pretend to be a Heroin addict and get some substances for re-sale, from the government, for free. I think it was called methadone. Anyway, we had an argument over cigarette consumption and who-gets-what and we ended up fighting in hand-to-hand combat and it was pretty even, I confess, I couldn't defeat her and we were really going at it, maybe wrestling even. Really strong. She ended up splitting the cigarette we fought over in half, but it was a good call, I reckon. Saw her in town a few years later, I think she was pregnant, but I didn't want to bother her. Her name was something like Anastasia, "nasty Nasty" could be a nice nickname, when appropriate. As for the roomies, these changed every once-in-a-while, one of them was a fat guy named Argo, who everyone called George, for some reason. He seemed a bit weird, not too bright, couldn't have much of a conversation with him, but he made a really funny one-liner this one time saying something like "black-ass anal drilling" in a funny context when mentioning past experiences. That one really made me laugh. He also had something I witnessed once which looked like a case of epilepsy or demonic possession, where he went ahead and started attacking the clock-radio of the neighboring bunk, for what-ever reason. I appreciated that only somewhat, for the msot part. Another fella there who I still talk wtih from time-to-time, called Bert or Burt, was in for computer fraud. He withdrew a small amount of money from his Aunt's bank card from an ATM, they (his aunt and her spouse) wanted to teach him a lesson and so they filed a complaint. I assure you, this is only a minor issue, especially here, in the context of the country, where everyone gets along. Sounds similar to what happened with mr. michael andrew pero, the third, but I assure you, the context completely different, at least in perceived (and actual) dangerousness, especially in terms of situational awareness and potential damage. They wanted to get him out of there (which is allowed when the green light is gotten from the head doctors and their caretaking relatives or whomever else as management) and he completely recovered, but he got stuck in the abusive system and their legislation for THIS. I think he did like 5 years and is still in one of those non-prison facilities for the elderly, and slowly reaching his thirties. He approached me this one day when we were in max and told me he was bored, he wanted to intentionally cause some trouble. Back then we had firelighters for cigarette-smoking purposes and so I suggested he take one of those and light the blankets and beds on fire, that would have been quite a big instance of trouble-making, effective too. Didn't realize he would do it, and they took all of the lighters after that and wall-mounted a single one for these purposes after this. My apologies, humble max prisoners. This kind of stuff can be annoying, very annoying, especially in the long run, when all of these disciplinary measures keep piling up. It's a bit like "Orange is The New Black", the prison mechanics are the same especially when it comes to the interactions and pseudo-economic trade are practically equivalent and thus watching a TV-series can be very educational. On the TV-show, I noticed the prisoners lighting up a cigarette with the foil from the internals of a cigarette packet, when connected to both ends of a standard battery (AA or triple A). This could be very useful, so I figured, how can that valuable information be smuggled into max, if all the letters are read? Such contraband information would be immediately banned and not allowed to spread. Luckily, many of them have phones they can use once per week in a given time-frame and surveillance along and of these actual lines is not as much of an issue, as say perhaps, trying to tell them in letters to the folk. By the way, there was another, rather interesting incident with this very same fella...we discussed many things, like video games, the extraterrestrial scenarios and also other stuff. There was very little to read and do so many of us also read the bible and there were even those Jehovah's Witnesses magazines there, a guard there is (or was) a member. A lot of the guards i liked, each with their own personalities and wisdom to part to us in our boredom to learn from. Anyway, this one time at the canteen (the area where y'all eat), he literally froze up with his hand in the air, in the middle of the process of drinking tea, with the cup in his hand. I'm uncertain how long this exactly was, but it could have easily been an hour...They (the doctors) invited over the head doctor, chief of staff or whatever, not even from the max department, but from the entire complex...they went in there (I was present) and did the usual checks...light in the retinas, zero reaction. They said it's called a stupor "yeah, that must be it...". Everyone in there is on meds and i highly doubt anyone is hallucinating in such conditions, although there are some very rare occurrences, when certain meds can be used towards those lines...anyway, this really happened, and he was holding his teacup in his hand, mid-air, motionless with his hand off the table without even reacting to a direct light in the retinas for an hour or so...seriously.
He told me he had visions of like....washing machines flying in his periphery like that Windows XP screensaver with the know the one...There's someone who picked as his username in a video game i like, something similar to "Illuminaughty", except it's in a local dialect and involves washing machines. Hilarious and very clever in my opinion.
Another time, there were contraband searches with metal detectors, they must've been looking for lighters, I was aggressively asked to present my "tractor" (what's that? A tractor beam?), and I didn't even know what it was, it was confusing, especially considering the extraterrestrial implications. I found out later that they were looking for contraband kettles for making tea indoors, something which at least one of the prisoners had, that I actually had seen and knew about, I just didn't know what it was called, plus I didn't even have one. We had some of those in his room, but I don't think we got caught doing that. It was some sort of electronic apparatus, connected to the mains and then inserted into the water to make it boil (and it did so, rather quickly and efficiently), like the music video from No Doubt (and gwen stefani) "It's my life", where they take a bath and then an electric apparatus such as a hairdryer is introduced for suicidal purposes. Instant coffee was commonplace, and me, having realized that instant coffee can be easily made with tap water on the warmest, is where their question originated. I was tired from the medicines and thus I purchased big boxes of them with the small allocation of funds we were allowed from our disability pensions -- welfare checks. It was around 80 dollars per month and we had to buy our entire monthly cigarette allocation with that, the rest as bonus. The allowance was ten per day, so half-a-pack, a pack was around four dollars at the time. To make this severe deficiency easier on ourselves, the preferred brand became anything "100s", considering how most smokers require at least a pack a day, especially under stress. There were also stories I heard from people arriving in max, told with absolute sincerity and guaranteed to have actually happened, stuff like "their pockets not being checked upon admittance", having had marijuana there and smoking all of it upon their arrival. There were even porno DVD-s and contraband media on portable players, even though these were completely disallowed. One of the fellas had even his fingers cut off, the ring finger of his right, the fella we had many discussions about fun drug use, ecstasy in particular. I thought about the saying just recently "Give a finger, takes the hand" about the devil. How does that makes sense? Is it only a metaphor? Well, yes and no. If you take the opposable thumb, that could be the actual equivalent of making a most-effective violent de-memberment of the hand, I saw it as per the example of this particular young man. You can still do a lot with the rest of them, as long as the thumb is there. Plus, having seen all these movies about Yakuza finger-removal for betrayal and computing videos about overclocking their hardware, I figured, "Couldn't they just use liquid nitrogen, for a cleaner & safer cut, with greater pain?"). "One down, three to go!".
This video is in russian and might go well along with an article titled somewhat like:
"When terrorism would be appropriate..."
This is the russian equivalent of something that may be termed "Battle of the Psychics", the TV-show.
Therese are on a whole another level, having seen many of these I would comment they would give things like governmental intelligence remote viewing programs a run for their money with civilian effectiveness in such matters potentially exceeding military spec. Enjoy.
“Man sentenced to prison for murder lacking even so much as a dead body to show, along without the rest of the evidence. It's like crazy, manic people, except with women. They are by definition less violent and with the addition of something called menopause, this shallows the integrity of the world by their "demands for respect, decision-making and retirement funds" being far too effective, leading to poor results in all criteria due to stupidity and illness in authoritative positions. Perfect illustration.”

>>> Availability concerns sharper than arrows, hanged by the gallows.
>> Video description:
>> I investigated -- what if these things are all true, the psychics, the claims and even the court ruling? How is this to be solved? The alleged victim in this case is said to be alive by most, if not all, apparently she moved away to another country. The mother says she was killed -- by him. This can only be true by proxy in this case. The daughter finds a boyfriend -- she goes to live elsewhere, thus, the daughter really is dead -- but only to the mother. She's hysterical about it -- and people believe it. Smothering mothering worldwide -- taken too far. The question here is how far do these kinds of things go in the lives of you and me and everyone else on every level -- family to government. To the mother and her obese 12-year old fans: "There’s nothing bigger. You’re as big as a mountain! Now, dress like one! Gain the confidence and freedom to really eat again! When you were little, your mom got you clothes you could grow into. The same applies here. Because she -loves- love handles. If eating for you means nine trips to the buffet, if exercise means picking up the remote, if making love means eating three hot dogs, if you’ve got bigger breasts than your wife, then don’t walk- and especially don’t run- but drive... very slowly... down to Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro! We’ve got the clothes for you. From romper suits for wearing around the house, to outsized Hawaiian shirts and elasticized trousers for the office, there’s nothing better! There’s nothing bigger! Kilimanjaro! The clothes shop for enormous people! Celebrating no diet day! Fat liberation is here! At Kilimanjaro! Kilimanjaro! We’re fighting to end hunger- yours!"
I have to add an additional point of consideration to this -- this is the russian equivalent of pretty much a double-triple blind study, with the whole "going only by the photograph" proven to be a highly reliable, almost perfectly accurate evaluation on the part of the more experienced contestants. They ask these things so many times and tell stories which floor the others, based on pretty much nothing.

..and I thought, hmm "What would make a good TV-show these days?" or a great national military talent-search program, perhaps.
Get some hot cum-hungry bitches, maybe even professional porn actresses or something and starve them for a while and then do the same thing
Go to some big facilities and hide some horny prisoner in a room somewhere, pay them anyway for showing up, but that's not the payment they're looking for...
They wouldn't even claim to be psychic, just a little hungry and see how that would work, could subtitle it an call it "Psychic battle: Fighting over food" in russia
Random tv-experiment, reality-tv, that might actually work to an extent
"Intuitive abilities tested: How to find food" or whatever
You know, I also look at movies with the view "What's the point at which it went haywire?" i.e. when should it be cut off to make a benevolent story
And I looked at Brave New World, as you may know, and quite frankly the savage there should have easily adjusted and was more than capable. It's to do with the alcoholic, personally assigned the duties of his introduction. Question is, if they put all their emphasis on conditioning, histo-bunk, chemicals and the rest, why didn't they have him go through some of these? He was just wandering around there without any real conditioning. I couldn't help, but wince at john savage's usage of classic literature "purge his soul on juliet's lips", along lines from others such as “leave not a rack behind”, made it a worthwhile watch, in any case.
That's the way I looked at it, anyway. Plus, a balance would be great to have if likened to our own personal situation. You know, like sort of have your soma, mescal AND ampheta-pep.
I also started watching Dark Angel, the TV-show again. Turns out john savage is a real, actual person, it says so right there in the credits.
“Red Sparrow was OK I guess, Anna was a disgusting flick that I had to drop“
Having seen both, I reviewed your report. Anna looks like there's too little gore and actual torture, the movie is too realistic and ends with everyone getting along just fine, more so than expected, maybe this close-ness to reality is the explanation for this revulsion.
I'm was looking at this prison episode from season 16 Битва
экстрасенсов, epsiode whatever-something-at-the-end with the intellectual exercise of thinking in the previously established context,
The makeshift prisoner's told: "I can feel it on you, the prison energy. You've got a brunette at home, who doesn't even get it"
Ne poluchitsya, he said, "чиво не получится?", what is it exactly, she doesn’t get?
there's someone who absolutely reminds me of and probably completely looks like the guy that escaped from max, the humble mutual acquaintance of my best friend, he’s the prisoner in the episode and looks like Johnny depp in real life, just bald, shaven by choice, just like the reasonable murderer, who escaped from max.

"The beginning of the line" average day in the middle of nowhere

In the first episode of season 16, there's this guy who looks like a total-gangster (male) witch, who I didn't pay much attention to earlier, but who I grew to like a lot and much more than previously, maybe even bizarre sounding. He cut his hand with a knife, you know, the usual creepy blood stuff.
But he helped people with love affairs, the things he said were sympathetic and likewise his manners, if looked past his, maybe creepy, maybe even not-so creepy appearance.
I think his name is georgi, or something similar. Much like there's this guy, and I'm only bringing this as a similar example: Featured on convict conditioning as the model, which is a prison training book. This is a bald guy, fully tatted. Some facial hair, you know, the usual. A lot of assumptions could be based on this. He's an english major, I'm quite sure he's never been incarcerated, and he rocks a smile everywhere, even when training. That's his trademark.
There was another funny post with his brother, he's sorta like the opposite, although another no-bullshit and helpful guy. Kind-good hearted, but always sorta grimacing and by this might seem harsher. Comment about them I saw online, was very funny, something like "What's with your brother? It look's like he's asking "You all right? Do you need help? Blink twice if you need help"", staring at you with venom. I just had to use that as an e-mail title, I just had to, no other way.
Anyway the scene with georgi was memorable, because during the first grouping, where all manners of potential participants gather. All the way from the loonies to the big shots, (I try to respect most anyway), someone proceeds with the usual loonie-tunes comment on camera as per the standard.
He's there, with a really big cat, I found out it's a lynx (and thus realized that's the one I really want when I finally get a cat of my opposed to some shelter-adoptee(s) with vaccine damage)
He's asked "Who's the psychic here? You or the feline?" to which he responds, very strongly, "Mbi", which means US. There's stories that can be told about this. Counter to what happened to female witches in medieval times by burning (at the) steak, psychic abilities in males seem to have been selectively bred. The winner of the same season, a lovely siberian witch.
I went to see her book presentation, bought two copies and got them both autographed. And she told some stories there, which were translated in real-time, by this psychic-battle winner, the local equivalent, who I completely dislike, by the way. I felt that there may have been some things lost in translation, but whatever, the people like her, it's appropriate, it's all good. I saw one of the most famous real estate magnates out there, one of the biggest names out there starting from the 2000s or so, his wife was there with him, doing the very same thing that I was, which is another short story on it's own already. Anyway, she (the winner of the Russian show, the book-presentee-author) told about this movie that was recently released, with some sort of overall thematic, I'm unsure if it was in the native crypto-language or targeted to a more international audience, with say, content in the russian language, perhaps. She told about the film, the title of which I'm still completely unaware of, "highway-something", and about how after people had seen it, and I'm uncertain here whether I misunderstood it, but it was either her being personally told, or the other people in it. It's bad either way, she said that there were comments along the lines of "We know where you work. We know where you live. Charlatan! Expect us!" or something like that, in a very rude, very offensive context. This works as emphasis for "How fucked up are ya'?", especially considering my personal evaluation of the subject, both the person and the topic in it's proper context, where she provides (free) advice on instagram, her facebook, daily, things that everyone that is willing to make an effort can apply to improve their lives (like neurosoup, the LSD-druggie on youtube who cut off some kids balls), even regular things, coming from a "regular wise person", not even necessarily a "psychic". That's another problem on it's own, I went in there, much like other people, with expectations like "Ooh, my situation is so bad, surely she will summon some great extrasensory personal power and say something along those lines", something like that
which is definitely a problem in itself. There's another winner from more recent seasons, I went to see her Instagram live feeds...
To every. single. mother. fucking. question. you could answer, even with a robot-automatae-script
Have you read the book? No? Read the book. No? Why? Have you read the book yet?
Literally. That's the same thing. People see their power and expect them to automatically fix their problems with a swipe of a magic hand or wand or something like that. They don't realize that they have to put in more effort, or consistent effort, or whatever, and even if they do, like myself, they might still give it a shot "might as well" ultimately leading to the same "read the book(?/!/.)" situation
So, I'm not even going to bother. I have the books (not this one, the other ones, ha)
Which I have not yet read. I'm illiterate (well, not really, but my room is messy, so I don't feel like it, plus if it's messy, I can ruin the precious relics with carelessness, or even with great care, due to these conditions, so maybe later) get me?
The info is there for those that are willing to do the work, and it helps, and it works, and not only in this category...Meditation, veganism, mother-fucking high performance gaming
Remember the classy russian psychic lady I've mentioned recently and earlier?
Anyway, point being, after she was told this stuff "You crook! We know where you work, where you live, your kids, your husband". Stuff like that, my reaction was, having seen the finale of the episode: "Take a little cut from the episode, this means, record a short clip, from that
A minute, perhaps, and send it to these guys, directly, maybe just as a regular FYI..."
She's personally presented this 3-foot long katana sword, or whatever "Only for the self-defense of her family", by this siberian witch, anticipating events such as these. I'm going to say mis-understandings, mis-representations, falsehood and overall degeneracy on the part of the people as a whole. Not her, other people, strictly. That minute-long clip would be entirely self-sufficient, self-explanatory and serve every purpose in relation to the particular issue without her even having to say anything at all. And I think this talk was for our particular locality, not to be repeated.
If it's not too much trouble, go to, scroll down to the player, click episode 15 from the sidebar icon on the left in the player, and skip to around 50:00 and watch until 52:30, and then you'll see what I'm talking about.
My russian is not all that good, and she said more there, if I'm not mistaken, the lady did metallurgy herself, that is, crafted the sword by herself. BTW, the guy who "вернулся", i.e. returned to the show, he's a bit of a celebrity anyway despite this series. He visited "the father" and his former partner at her place, where I lived for a few years, in 2009-2011, approximately. This was after I had left, or when I was absent, he was visiting on official music business, which is interesting to say the least.
He's got the occasional looney bin visit here and there if I'm not mistaken, as is the norm sometimes, but he also performed in such an immaculate and remarkably never-before-seen ways in the extrasensory (ESP) category. Even the skeptics were left speechless. And he left the show at some point, maybe 1/3 into the series. One of the redheads is a lovely, kind woman there. Her husband was some mafia head, notorious, they have kids, he's dead, she's a jewish, (female) witch, that had this breathing tube in her throat and needed constant adjustment in order not to die, making her sound like darth vapor or whatever, so how many boxes does that tick for incineration? Just kidding, let's be considerate, because she's so lovely, ecological-incineration would be more appropriate, save the environment, be organic, be considerate. Just kidding again, because she's so lovely, all those points of consideration are invalidated for incineration purposes.
Anyway there was this doctor on the show, maybe her's, officially confirming, what I think it was her never being able to walk around without the breathing tube, and for this reason she also wore a gaming headset or a microphone in the series, to be even heard at all. The doctor said something like "никаких шансов", i.e. zero chances for any recovery, but years later, she's walking around without one, without a scarf to hide the tube, she only needs surgery now, which is an improvement, so up yours, the medical cartel!! I might have misunderstood, but the point remains the same. Highly impressive show, in any case.
It's like the standard scenario, where I sent the administration of one of their websites, something highly important in the russian language addressed to vladimir putin, but copy-pasted, because i thought it relevant and automatically assumed it would be understood as originally intended, which it was (at least initially) not, but it was politely responded to by the administration, much like these things could be a standard test of courtesy, i.e. them responding politely can be interpreted as "What is this if i may ask? administration." or "go away you baloney meat product" from the same message or the latter from non-response and so I was wondering if I wrote up a personal letter to herself and the administration in english, whether you would translate it to russian?
Certain topics there, like how i saw online, that it was her son's birthday and I don't even remember whether it was two or three years old and so I made a little parody greeting which was and still is actually very considerate and included the image which i call "all-good-fam coloring" with it, which i found super-funny after auto-translating the message with google and including both together.
It was a message from the kid, with what he might say, if he could speak, write or both
"What? You're saying i'm only two years old??? Only? Bitch, you "кокаиновый наркоман", my mental age is 666, where is my alcohol?" or something like that, only to realize the kid is probably not only not old enough for even children's champaigne or maybe even regular soda for that matter, and when considering "cocainey-druggie" could mean something like me complimenting her mother on the wonderful advice she is giving, thanking her with both a compliment or even multiple and a hefty monetary sum to go along with these, perhaps for services rendered and as an acceptable compromise in this obviously offensive encounter, with the intended joke being that money AND compliments can serve like cocaine in a non-drug addict both separately and combined much like herself, especially considering it accidentally turned out she had been incarcerated in the past for incidents related to and maybe even directly from mainlining heroin in a no-bullshit kind of storytelling reality-context, so this kind of joke might be easily understood, but maybe only by certain people like an inside joke, or if it is that good of a joke, then maybe by the general predjuiced population, too.
With ever increasing peer pressure demands these are all valid points, even the kid's demands for alcohol training at two years old, or his presumed mental age of 666 (which, I'm assuming, is his funny deviated way of implying he's a little devilish shit and 18, which as you may know, adds up from three sixes...), and having seen video proof of him interrupting her lovely angel sister's piano training with both off-note musical keys and hugging in the manner of maybe even choking her during her training and/or performance, it gets me to wonder whether he'd been drinking anything already and if i, say, for example, found out their address, went there and tripped over the kid in response to this obviously video documented and well proved evidence of devious behavior, would the mother stab me or decapitate me with her hand-crafted lethal weapon-sword or go "It's fine. he deserves it for interrupting his sister and being drunk", if i do all this intentionally as a parodious mischevious evil plot?? Maybe this would be like me writing to the government and the police and the bomb squad and the secret services and the intelligent services and the military as to that my perfect terrorist attack might be to kill as many national elderly ladies at once as possible to free up already deficient government funds for people that will probably die rather soon anyway and put these in better use without even kidding, while not being a terrorist. Keywords like this probably trigger the local and international terrorist detection systems all the time automatically anyway, which might bring some sort of funny reading scenario for even the NSA-variant of Google reading this, never mind an actual human operator bored out of his (or her, hopefully, haha) ass from looking at all the hardcore child gore snuff pornography on a daily basis. One researcher I've been studying, phenomena like remote viewing, psychic influencing and the mental advancements, he said it's energy-based, as opposed to knowledge. Granted, the two are probably supplementary and on my own experience, I can confirm. Accumulating energy is in all likelyhood easier with the appropriate knowledge, too, but knowledge without power, well...
Families are the number one source of conscious errors in traitorous decision-making and members such as children are commonly used items as leverage while usually maintained as a generally poor investment with negative returns and extreme dangers in any case. Be wise. Be safe. Be aware.

I looked at this with the sound off due to technical difficultie

I looked at this with the sound off due to technical difficulties and it looks like their graduation prom-ball or something...The dogs go greet the embarassing plastic princess, and I thought what if the dogs went ahead and just started sexually harassing the lady in black, would that work for TV? "Here you go, here is a big sword in case you need to stab all of them immediately or later" and then juliet-lucifer-the spirit of chaos (all of them) send a video greeting from around 6666 miles away containing the encrypted winning signal for scrutiny, because she was unable to attend. ohh-kay

Criminally Insane

I've been there as well, the psych wards, the whole shebang, actually. In fact i was in holding at age 17 and my 18th birthday was spent in max for the criminally insane and i was lucky to even go to max in that instance.

May I ask what brought you there? I have been taken to the psych ward by police after volatile behavior largely from side effects to prescription drugs in the past. But even then a few times I was told to go home by the psychiatrist. I've only been to the regular hospital psych wards.

Bad food, a lifetime of trauma and abuse and a bit of weird luck

I started taking paxil from lacking knowledge of nofap and got high off it, enough to not even finish junior high by now. i read stories which are completely plausible (and funny, sometimes), like someone having their wrists slit, walking to the psych ward itself, ringing the bell and then being told to get in line to queue up at the reception department, not as metaphor, but literally, with lack of space and also potential queues in even making an appointment if the person in question even did so, but also stuff on the other spectrum, i.e. being sent to max for stealing something worth two dollars or giving a (literal) gentle (hand-bitch) slap on the face to a minor, whose dad got angry. Chain of events brought me there and poor life conditions and in fact it seems to be true that i ended up there by proxy of the persons i attacked, but it's a bit of wishful thinking and there's much more to it....some of the regular ones are also rather good and the difficult ones can be great, too, depending on your personal situation, experience and (random) staffing allocation, i.e. on the court-governmental level it's simply about whether the person you are assigned in court duties is compatible with your presentation and the jury and decisionmaking and whatever else and how these factors all come together, like if you call the ambulance for a physical trauma whether the person treats you nicely and that helps or someone that completely abuses you, but still follows procedure standard for everyone, which is pretty much the guarantee in this kind of big business


Paxil is serious shit. I took it for 8 years and could barely come off it because of the wicked withdrawals and side effects. It causes suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behaviors, aggression, rage, mania etc and so on.

Horrible, horrible drug. I would get on a class action lawsuit if there was one here...

My apologies, but I have to stand up for Paxil. Why say THAT???
TheCorsair00 wrote:

Paxil is serious shit. I took it for 8 years and could barely come off it because of the wicked withdrawals and side effects. It causes suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behaviors, aggression, rage, mania etc and so on.
Horrible, horrible drug. I would get on a class action lawsuit if there was one here...

Let's be reasonable about it and turn to Erowid for advice:
When I took it, the experiences were pretty similar. The pressure went off -- so I did, what I wanted to do (quit school).
It also made me completely f*cked in the head in terms of being in an area of life without a foundation (especially the conspiracies).
Mania, hypo, the lot. Later down the line, having a discussion with my doctor, I went all "ALL OF MY PROBLEMS OBVIOUSLY COULD HAVE COME FROM PRIOR MARIJUANA USE, AS OPPOSED TO UNWARRANTED CLAIMS OF PSYCHIATRIC MEDS CAUSING PROBLEMS (ESPECIALLY PAXIL). CAN I HAVE SOME (PAXIL)?" It worked, to an extent, also evading mania, which sort of dismissed the entire point. Regardless, Paxil I found to be a good and effective medicine, highly strong (I read on that from first and their receptor affinities and what-not in proportion). My life was shit anyway, so I had to move on, at least if for the purpose of finding something new to do in the meanwhile, I looked into other treatments and ended up with Clomipramine (Anafranil) after doing some serious research online from what is most likely the best (retired) psychiatrist and related website online -- by P. Ken Gillman -- look it up. That's my go-to all these recent years, much stronger, but with less side-effects...weird, right? Like all those ADHD-druggies craving actual meth-pills in the form of Desoxyn, according to random internet reviews with alleged claims of "less side effects from specifics".
F'cking sue my parents like this indian man, instead of The Paxil Producers, they're the big daddies and they are more likely to get you killed, than your parents are...Suppose there's some big-time daddy like Mr. Trump or decisionmaker-whoever, has children, regulard, standard. Get's one of those latent neurological-damage things, maybe even obscurely. They're stuck with that piece-of-shit-garbage investment for the rest of their much-more-miserable lives, for a major part, anyway. Put your kids in the oven? Just make another?

Granted, there are side-effects and withdrawals, might be less bad. Having read all of the horror stories (and including my own), I know there's a lot of people that have it SO MUCH WORSE OUT THERE, therefore I've become much less of a complaining-kind...especially considering my own ineffectiveness in similar.....domestic matters. The leaflet-meme comes with "30 non-liability forms" OH YEAH

wait.. what?

Glad it's not just me corsair! I though that it wass just the wall of text fucking with my dyslexia! but when i asked my daughter to "check this first paragraph out asnd tell me what you think it means"
and her reply "Dad it's like someone has puked words onto a page"
i laughed by a bit after that.
a gummy bears conspiracy?
aspartame in gummy bears made by haribo?
corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid, starch, artificial and natural flavors, fractionated coconut oil, carnuba wax, beeswax coating, artificial colors (yellow 5, red 40, blue 1). no aspartame in the recipe bud unless there's maybe a diet version for fat fucks maybe?
please elaborate while i get my popcorn!

this video explains absolutely everything

i wouldn't count on haribos not containing those ones in the future as i dont know how integrate they are, but when i looked at this video i realized they have been arguing and fighting over practically nothing but i have to add that to me the entire scenario seems defective by design because they shouldn't be eating popcorn anyway they should eat organic and live off of love light kindness and oxygen among other things, also high quality propaganda multimedia like lady gaga
also please take note of the obscurity my biology teacher in class told us that if the packets in europe say the product is a source of fenyl alanine or something like that this means it's got those mega-poison varieties in them, it sounds like the fentanyl version of an amino acid to me
this explains it further, by the way tofu is not a pupper or a dog tofu is a fox i had to file a complaint to the instagram customer support service whose e-mail was classified because their algos started recommending dog accounts to me who i absolutely for the most part despise

one more piece of evidence to add to this puzzle
look at this video just look at it apparently they're ken and barbie (barbie and ken)
they call themselves bae watch, i reckon these could be pretty much the same people
as featured in the other videos except all grown up and the men look like toads there
plus i just have to add with all the nuances flying around all the time i tried to think
to think whether if i was into paedophilia and if i was what would i do would i like them
so looking at the first video i thought "no" for the littlest, the older one looks kinda hot,
but if i wanted to dig the fantasy i could just go look up miss tori black on the porn hubs
plus the last video i watched of her it looked like she could totally kill or freak someone out
so i think it's better if they would be able to defeat their male counterparts in hand-to-hand
combat just in case the harassment got too difficult for them to handle, you know, just in miss black looks like a very lovely young woman to be honest i can easily see how i could see it that way....and then i realized...what if they (the young daughters) want to consensually engage in such relations well that is completely disallowed by law but if they got itchy and wanted to um, do something about it and totes (totally) wouldn't tell anyone about it, then the only way this could take place is if they did it between themselves or if they did it on their own somehow that's just the way i see it, what options do they really have, realistically?

Do you want to play hunt the zipper?

I read a quote online, I thought it was from this book:

And maybe it is, because I don't know, I haven't read it...but it does make sense.
If someone wrote about it, it's probably more likely to be true, if a lot of effort went in, right?
Strictly speaking, I used to go cycling a lot on my bike, there's a sign, exiting from the suburbs:
"Watch out, Children on the road...Slow down!" near a kindergarten. Problem is, I've hardly seen any there...
So I figured, where's the danger, then? Well, the quote is as follows:
The educational system develops the intellect of the child until the age of nine or so, thereafter all that is taught is memorisation. Thus the intellectual level of 999 of every 1000 adults is stuck at this level.
If this is true, then this can mean immature children on the road, paedophile mothers comparing each other's objects of affection and whatever else the implications of an emotional and mental child in an adult body are. In fact, I read somewhere that men steering towards paedophilia online in their Porn browsing habits, looking up non-nude young-un's on the web, is a sign of a desire to return to innocence, I'm like okay, whatever, but he ends with "You don't see any females looking up NN-photos of young males on the web, do ya?" Hmm, well okay. Do they engage in their paedophilia activities in real life then? Every mother loves their child....but, uhm...Well...
Maybe we've all just learned more exotic and complex ways of saying "I DON'T WANNA" or "I WANNA" in some random chaotic and destructive system of making compliments and shaming people...Dr. Strangelove or "How I learned to love the atomic bomb" is THE perfect example of this kind of thing, i.e. how matters of thermonuclear war are or have been usually decided, according to movies. The president, Mandrake and even Dr. Strangelove look like the same person, except different variations of him.
This is some old conspiracy website about the entire thing being a fraud anyway, research it if you want, I haven't the time nor energy...

Here's the south park version of it:
I took some notes of that film itself, but these ought to be written down with consideration, because there are many. It's great, but it's so...quiet, that I added some pacy music for it to be more interesting playing at the same time. This can certainly help against boredom, also with reprogramming (yes, like in "A Clockwork Orange", it does work that plainly...). If the quote mentioned earlier is true, it's probably just as true, that the real statistic would be a little different, i.e. either decimals or even less of a person per a thousand, but that's unattractive as a book title and even as anything to explore out of interest, plus it could be plain shocking and offensive.
This opinion was based on other random, perhaps proven, but for me, unverified claims, going by memory...
BTW Haribo-sugar is probably fruit-based and therefore more premium and more healthy than other, obviously lesser products. YUM!

The boys try to build a ladder to heaven to retrieve a winning ticket Kenny had before he died. When their efforts are mistaken for an act of childhood innocence, a media circus ensues.
Spoiler warning!

Plot details follow.

The boys have won an all-you-can-grab candy prize from Lolly's Candy Factory and they have come to claim their prize. However, they realize that they gave the ticket to Kenny to hold on to before he died, because the rest said they would lose it. Upon visiting Kenny's house, it's shown that Kenny was cremated, and his ashes were put in an urn. The boys have never heard of cremation, and after they steal the urn from Kenny's house, they expect to find Kenny's body in the urn. They're disappointed when they find Kenny's ashes, which Stan, Kyle and Cartman assumes is a chocolate milk mix. Cartman mixes the ashes with plain milk and drinks it, therefore "drinking Kenny."

The boys decide to build a ladder to Heaven to find Kenny so he can tell them where the ticket is. The adults, who think that the boys only want to see their dead friend again, are touched by their concern for their friend. The whole country gets involved in supporting the ladder to heaven, and even Alan Jackson is there to sing his song and "capitalize on people's emotions". When the boys announce they have run out of stuff to build the ladder, the adults consider telling them the truth that they're not actually going to reach heaven. Yet just then the military arrives and starts to build a reinforced tower in order to beat the Japanese to heaven.

Suspicious photos taken of heavenly clouds are reported to the President as indicating a potential factory making weapons of mass destruction run by Saddam Hussein, now dead and permanently living in Heaven. The US decides to bomb heaven, believing Hussein to be building nuclear warheads there.

Meanwhile, Cartman starts channeling Kenny, while the adults try to tell the boys to get back to their lives. When the boys express their urgency to see Kenny, the adults inform them about Kenny's cremation. When they try to show Kenny's ashes, they discover that it has been replaced by kitty litter. Cartman then admits that he drank Kenny's ashes, to the disgust of the others and Liane Cartman scolds Cartman for drinking Kenny's ashes. Now realizing why he has been channeling Kenny, Cartman goes to an abortion clinic in an attempt to get rid of Kenny from his body. His subsequent argument with the nurse there causes a woman to reconsider her own abortion. Cartman ends up getting hit by the woman's boyfriend and remembers where the ticket is. The boys lose interest in the ladder after they get the ticket and their confectioneries.

Meanwhile, it is announced via television that the Japanese have reached heaven, and, although the "heaven" depicted is obviously set in a studio, this convinces the adults that heaven is real. They continue building the ladder and preparing an attack on heaven when they spot the boys. They are disappointed to find out the boys were "only interested in candy", to which Cartman replies, "I've never heard the word 'only' and 'candy' in the same sentence before."

The boys explain that heaven is not some white fluffy place. In fact, Kyle adds, "Maybe heaven is this moment right now." The general responds by ordering his subordinate to hold off on firing on heaven, and instead he issues an order to "Fire on this moment right now." Before he does, Randy Marsh stops him and says, "Instead of waiting to get into heaven, we should be trying to create heaven here on Earth." The crowd sighs in acknowledgment of this pithy truth and disperses. As the boys are about to go home to enjoy their confectionery, Kenny starts speaking through Cartman.

The episode ends with a shot of heaven, where Saddam Hussein is in fact building a WMD factory, disguised as "Saddam's Heavenly Chocolate Chip Factory". When God suspects this, Hussein uses reverse psychology by saying, "Look God, if I was building a chemical weapons plant, I wouldn't make it look like a chemical weapons plant, would I? No! I would make it look like a chocolate chip factory or something," which God promptly falls for. Saddam exits laughing as he mutters "stupid asshole".


as the French don't say.. tres whoosh!
i think

Dr. greer is seven feet tall (long) and still bench-presses 410.

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 09:59
Steven Greer complained to ConCen's hosting provider...
...without notifying ConCen. This is the first time that's happened. Everyone else has followed the proper DMCA takedown request procedure. It would be rude of me to wish his genitals rotted off, so I won't. I didn't have much respect for him to begin with; now I have none.
Torrents of his documentary Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun have been removed.
Thu, 04/30/2020 - 09:13
Steven Greer is a fraud, coward and a sneaky little weasel
Steven Greer sent another request directly to ConCen's hosting provider without contacting the site admin first, to take down his Disclosure Project (20 years and counting with still no disclosure) documentary Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, even though it already was removed after his first complaint to the hosting provider.
As if that wasn't weasely enough, he also demands we remove comments about him that he doesn't like! He thinks he can call truth and opinion "slander". Not the brightest bulb, this Greer chap.
Here are the links to the content Greer has demanded be removed:
Hell will freeze over before ConCen will take down comments because a butthurt little girl doesn't like them!
Hey Greer: Neither truth nor opinion are slander. Your feeble attempts at censorship only further expose the kind of person you are.
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 11:44
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (2020)
This is the 1080 HD version of this film; To purchase the 4K UHD version please go to:
Tue, 05/19/2020 - 15:10
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He killed the best president by direct proxy and also his entire family and team as well”
- Just Kidding

this one cracked me, wow

this one cracked me, wow

hey you crazy diamond, what the hell are you trying to say here, anyway? I challenge you to state your thesis in MAX 2 sentences.


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