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The CIA's War OF Terror in Syria

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The CIA's War OF Terror in Syria

Assad: "I'm not a Western Puppet"

The full interview, which was obfuscated to hide the reality of what the President Bashar al-Assad talked with Barbara Walters ABC Channel broadcaster. NOW we present the FULL interview of President Bashar Al-Assad with Barbara Walters. Please share this video to reach the fact to the whole world. The last question was hiding so much TRUTH that she already knows about the fact of the United States destroying peace and prosperity in the Middle East region. Bashar Al Assad is the greatest and the most supported president by his own people in the world at this moment.


With the help of an unprecedented campaign of media manipulation the criminal western elite has created the impression that Assad is fighting a war against his own people, but in truth he is fighting a war on terrorism with his people, terrorism that is being financed, supplied with weapons and coordinated by Western agencies such as the CIA.

Assad has consistently refused to sell out his people to the criminal western elite, and that's why his country is being destroyed now.

With my intuition I can feel that Assad is a very decent and intelligent human being who is portrayed by the criminal western media as a new Hitler - the old mind control strategy being used by the western coterie. Assad is one of the very few courageous leaders still resisting the luciferian agenda of the NWO.

The mess the CIA has been creating in Syria has been neglected here on concen, for this reason I've made this torrent. The CIA-Syria strategy is a blueprint for the criminal activities of the US elite in many countries and therefore needs to be studied carefully. The next war the CIA will be waging will be a war on the American people. They started using drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan, next they will be using drones against the American people.

In short: Assad is one of us.