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Catherine Fitts (+other interviews) from Planet Lockdown film

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Catherine Fitts (+other interviews) from Planet Lockdown film

This should be the first, and only, video that needs to be shared on ALL topics re the lockdown.
Covid is not, and never has been, the issue...but, as always its about Control, Profit, and slavery since technology finally made it possible and its most profitable.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

~10:55 minutes: “If you’re a financial person and you look at the world through the mathematics of time and money it’s quite amazing that anyone believes it but they do.”
19:20 Leidos - 7.7B contract with Navy
19:27 "Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure" (JEDI) Contract with the DoD
21:00 Perfecting Collateral by way of Digital Technology
21:30 The slave trade was unbelievably profitable
24:00 How can we undo secrecy? The lies are too enormous
24:50 Kristalina Georgieva (IMF) , Jerome Powell (Fed Bank Chairman)
25:10 2nd amendment
26:59 Reference to Michael Moore about Trump ( watch YT video titled "Why Trump Will Win - Michael Moore Explains" )
27:15 Catherine's thoughts on 2020 election fraud
28:00 Catherine's views on our current situation of living in Bizzarro World
28:40 The BLM Riots
30:00 34 of 37 cities with Fed Bank locations have riots
31:00 Opportunity Zone
33:00 Disaster Capitalism (Google search "The Shock Doctrine book)
33:45 San Fransisco ; expected 49% of businesses to fail
37:40 Technocracy ideology vs. Humand as sovereign individuals with freedom from divine authority
40:25 Space Force
41:00 Chinese Social Credit System
48:15 (Book) Solari Report - The State of our Currencies

About the Film, Planet Lockdown:

All the other interviews and clips:

very good

thank you

interviews missing...

The "Prince Micheal of Lichtenstein" interview is gone. We should probably back these up.


I have always appreciated Catherine Fitts' information.

Another good 2nd witness to this interview...

This one is depressing, but shows where the "unseen technocrats" of the transhumanist agenda wants all this to go:

Alison McDowell is an independent researcher who writes about the intersection of technology and predatory philanthropy at

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