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Can anyone save this video?

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Can anyone save this video?

I'm trying to save the video on this page from web.archive:

Please let me know how, if you figure it out.

I actually found it on youtube

but it would be really good to know how for the future

At least one way

Inspect the page with your browsers web developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I).
Keep expanding the <div's which while hovered over still highlight the video.
Eventually you'll find an <iframe within the <div class="media_embeded"

<iframe allowfullscreen="" src="//" data-ruffle-polyfilled="" id="fitvid34242" allow="autoplay 'self'; fullscreen 'self'" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Copy the url portion and add https: before it.

Now open the new link into your browser:

Inspect this new page and you'll find:

<video x-webkit-airplay="allow" src="/web/20140609211852oe_/

Copy this address and add before it:

After you visit this new page you can now right click on the video and save as:

Also please note: some of these following pages will look as if they're frozen (may take 30-60 seconds to load, just be patient).

l33t h4ck3r!!!

Thanks man, that's genius.

The file is better quality than what I found mirrored on youtube, I really appreciate this.


No worries bud. Happy to help.

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