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Brainstorming - Who controls what we think?

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Brainstorming - Who controls what we think?

Trying to put together a list of all the groups in the world that are controlling what we think, and what their agendas are. This is the cause of Hypernormalisation - we don't know what's really true because there are so many sources of biased information.

Here's what I've got so far - all suggestions welcome.

  • Rupert Murdoch - Fox, half the US/UK/OZ papers, etc. Basically in favour of who he personally likes politically, to further his business aims, and his investments.
  • British Colonialist Historians - Rhodes and those before him, the narrative of "civilising" other countries as a cover for plundering their resources.
  • The Vatican - I don't even know what their agenda is, probably just concentrating wealth and power in Rome.
  • Governments, obviously.
  • The FDA - Big Ag and Big Pharma, Big Sugar. Anyone willing to pay the FDA to say their patented food/medicine product is safe and the competitors are dangerous. All the sectors of the food industry getting together to make the "food pyramid" etc
  • The Scientific "Peer Review" system of journals, controlling info mostly for profit probably with eugenics agendas behind.
  • Russia undermining Western ideology, through academia and social media
  • The CIA
Your beloved friends, family, associates, girlfriends and habits

This is the more tangible and easily understandable, although more difficult to accept and contemplate on the personal level.
Ever heard of the stereotype of the dumb attractive woman, who'se only opportunity to live a decent life is to find a rich husband?
Before they get there though, there is A LOT of peer pressure to attend celebratory meetings, with cake AND alcohol, often UNDERAGE.
How does that help with their probabilities of living a decent life, even remaining only somewhat attractive, all things considered?
There's Phillipinos out there, even pre-teens I reckon, who cam out of their own free will, with their parents encouraging them...
So that there could be a chance, that they, or maybe even just her (or him?) could afford even just a little bit of food, if attractive.


I think that family and friends affect it a lot - but they are just repeating narratives fed to them by the groups I’m looking for.

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