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BOOK John Coleman : Apocalypse Waiting To Happen

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BOOK John Coleman : Apocalypse Waiting To Happen

Hi Guys, anyone here can point me to this book in PDF : >
John Coleman : Apocalypse Waiting To Happen: The Plagues That Threaten Us All
or worst case I buy it in paper form

ok, just for fun check this, CIA seems to start reading this type of literature too :)

Thank you very much
/this is my first post here on forum, sorry if I missed something and did some error..I try to correct it.

epub for " Apocalypse Waiting To Happen "

not the pdf of it but this website share its epub file version ,
just in case , it's link here : >

thank you angel, but I dont

thank you angel, but I dont want "APOCALYPSE HAPPENS by Lori Handeland" I was looking for DR JOHN COLEMAN - APOCALYPSE WAITING TO HAPPEN

welcome, friend. I can't

welcome, friend. I can't remember if I saw this request before. Anyway, I have checked and I don't think it exists in downloadable format. Dr. John Coleman is going to look topic via a Christian filter of the Apocalypse which did not make me want to read the book:

There are tonnes of great plague and virus books available now, in part due to the coronavirus crisis. has a lot of great ones

Apocalypse Waiting to Happen - John Coleman

Does anyone have this book. On Amazon the kindle version is out of stock - which seems extremely strange to me !
Seached everywhere and can find no pdf/epub etc version available.
Happy to Easter to you all


Don't misinterpret that CIA page.

People seem to share those links without understanding what they are sharing.

They published what they found at the Abbottabad compound, that's all.

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